Scam letter(s) from Daria Kirichenko to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Michael I am Dasha-very nice, romantic and family oriented girl. I am looking for a right man for a serious relationship.
Letter 2
Good morning *** Michael ) thank you for the flirt!i am looking forward to you nice letter!
I am excited to get to know you more!
hugs and kisses
Letter 3
Wow so many questions)) but it is good the matter is why if you are so disappointed in dating sites you keep looking for a girl ??Sorry but i do not understand your logic. What is wrong with UK women? you might look for a women who lives closer to you.
Anyways, if you are here it is good and i am really happy to talk with you now, I am still a student and i am working as a model. I am living in the countryside as well, i like nature and outdoors a lot! Why are you looking for a photogenic girlfriend? are you going to use her for your work or it is just kind of hobby
You make me smile asking me what clothes and Knickers colour styles do i like to wear each day )) Does it bother you too much?))) ok my dear it is not a secret i like wearing white, black, red, blue, pink thongs. What about your preferences?
Letter 4

Hi my darling Michael!! Wow cool pics thank you ***))) Glad you sent me your nice letter!
You know my dear not a lot to tell you about my modelling work i am not a professional model and it is a work from time to time, if they offer me to take part in photosession i accept it! I woul dlike to be your model)) Why are you still single? Your profile says you are 55 and no kids. Were you married? What do you do for living darling?
So how is my romantic Michael doing this morning? How have you been? I hope you are having an enjoyable day? Not me although, I am all wrapped up with my house duties and my household chores, letters for you is probably the only pleasant thing to enjoy now in this life for me my darling !
Please stay healthy and happy and send me more of your cute letters honey!!!!
Thank you!
And please, do not forget your lonely Dasha)

Letter 5
Good morning dear **** Michael! It was so amazing to get your letter ***!
Hope all is well with you ? Do you enjoy your summer?
you say you have been doing lots of different work, and as i understand you do not have a current work now? Darling you are a hopless romantic and very adventures person and i really like and admire such men like you are! If you are dreaming to go to China and see these feathered Dinosaurs for yourself you ned at least to have a good sum for your travelling, it is not a cheap arrangement!
I am still a student my major is economics and i am working as a model as i have already told you.
I am living in Donbass area in the countryside! Yes i have a garden it is not a big one, i grow vegetables and fruits there! This year we have lots of tomatos and bell peppers and also seasoning!
i like nature, cook out, picnics, outdoors a lot! Why are you looking for a photogenic girlfriend? Are you still going to work as a photographer? Do not you give up on this idea?
As for my ex boyfriends, not much to say they do not worthy my time discussing them)) Lets forget about them, now i have you and we have to discus us and our future, and past is just a past! Life is going on and should move on too Michael.
Hope to hear from you sooner my special loving Romeo)
Tons of Kisses and hugs
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