Scam letter(s) from Yana to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
HI, Michael,
So did you like my last photo? how are you doing today? are you interested in further correpsondence? Y.
Letter 2
Hi there,
I was very happy to receive your letter. It is interesting and I totally support you in your desire to change your profession. I read that pizza delivery is the 5th most dangerous job in the world..) going into photography and movies is definitely a step forward.
As for me I still haven't decided what I am going to do with my life. I am doing my last year at college, and not really sure what to do next. I live in a small town and there's really nothing much to do. I study to be an accountant, I guess I can find the job sooner or later, but I don't know if this is what I really want to do.
I would like to go into modelling but I am just an average girls. I don't know about Uk, but here many girls look pretty and dress like they are going to a party everyday.
If we ever meet I will definitely pose you )
I don't have too many photos, but I will definitely keep on sending you what I've got. Hope you come over and we have a real photo session. I haven't done any **** photos, but I haven't been offered either ) I guess I'll be just waiting for a real master to film me.
I can't answer all your questions in one letter, so keep on asking me what really interests you.
With love,
Letter 3
Hello Mike,
it is getting to late today, so i don't have much time to reply, but i will defintelly write ot you tomorrow.
glad that you wrote to me,
Letter 4

Hi, Michael,
you sent me so many flirts... just tell the truth, were you practicing on my profile or you really want to correspond with me?
I would really want it to be the second one.
I joined this site a few weeks ago, hoping to find a good man from a normal country. things in ukraine has got really weird lately, and i don't know what's going to happen next.
I really want to have children, and i want them to live in a normal country.
but don't think that i will jump on anyone. finding the right person is a really hard task. if you are with the wrong one, you going to suffer for the rest of you life, so i want to make the right choice.
the only way not to make a mistake is to learn the person as good as it only possible. hope we'll have a chance to do that.
waiting for your letter,
Letter 5
Hello Mike, Love is like an ocean, two people can be on different continents, but the passion and the love is still washes on our shores. When the passion and love is strong, the waves of the accident on our shore, to wash away the dark clouds of loneliness that claw on us. When love is secure, he gently cascades on our shores, reassuring us, causing us to feel needed and loved. Regardless of distance love still links the two together and makes the distance is less.
You are stunning, beautiful, sensual, **** man. I know, outer beauty is not as important as inner beauty, but it is great to combine these two sides!
I feel your warm rays, your amazing eyes pierced my soul and whispered in my heart, they said .. «Hold me gently on his hands, kissing me gently and passionately, and never let me go».
I can't explain my feelings, but it's as if I was struck by a bolt of lightning, and I want to be hit again. I feel something special, like being wrapped in a favorite blanket?.
I believe in love from the first glance and I believe in intuition, six sense, fate, destiny, karma, the feelings of the heart.
It seems that the people who appear in our way of life are not accidental, they may not, when to meet us and leave a trail. The trail, which can be small and not noticed, but this can be deep enough to stay forever.
Life is too short and we must be together, to breathe the breath of each other, so that our hearts beat together, look into each other's eyes, to live, to be happy and be so deeply in love.
I think, when you meet your soul mate, that your heart is singing, that you know, deep down, she is one. I think you can see it in her eyes, and she sees it in my eyes.
Yes, I'm very interested in you, I know we can learn about each other letters and communication, maybe even have feelings, but the two must meet to know that there is a real and true connection hearts.
If you want to come over here, I would have been impressed and very happy to be your guide. To show you the amazing sights and beauty of my country. It would also be great to learn more about each other, see character, manners and, above all, to see if there is chemistry, communication heart and soul.
I can't promise to love, but I can promise a most memorable visit and memories that will make you smile throughout life.
I was rich, and was poor so the money is not important for me, happiness and love is all that matters. Money can't buy true happiness or love.
A little about me, I am very, very open, romantic, gentle, respectful, with a sense of humor, calm, well-educated, purposeful, confident, kind, patient, thoughtful, spontaneous, passionate and **** girl. I am very open, and I'm speaking from my heart and say that I believe and mean. I write poems, it is one of the ways I Express my feelings and emotions.
I have many interests, some extreme sports, skydiving, rock climbing, diving, rafting, Canoeing, skiing, sledding, paintball, laser shooting, archery, AB-sailing, climbing, hunting, racing motorcycle, fishing, camping, Hiking, mountain Biking, to name a few.I have played many sports in my life .. Rugby, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, table tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, Golf, water Polo, Baseball, Gridiron, squash, badminton and much more.
I recently took a course of massage, so I was very good at massage. Imagine, candle light, soft music, and warm fragrance oils, strong, talented gentle hands full body massage then take a hot bath with rose petals, candles, soft music and a glass of wine. You want to?
I lead an active lifestyle and do not like to sit back, because then I realize, as I'm lonely. I devote my life to my beloved. Life is too short to waste, and life for life.
I love to relax outdoors, and nature, especially the beach, sea, ocean, water. I played a lot of sports. In the summer I spend most weekends in my beach hut or on my boat. Spring and summer is my favorite time of year.
I love to travel, I travelled in most countries of the world, I love to learn new cultures, traditions, way of life, meeting new people. Now I want to see the whole world again, but with my soul mate. I have friends around the world.
I'm a good cook, I can cook dishes from around the world. I know how sewing (clothing) net, iron and maintain the house. I like a tidy and neat house.
I love movies, bands, concerts, art, Restaurants, dances, picnics, BBQ and enjoy life. I like Steven king's Novels.
I can't live without music in my life. I like most music and have a great musical collection.Some artists I like .. Pink, Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, AC / DC, Bon Jovi and many more.
Intim more than ***, it's mental, physical, spiritual and loving, he includes true feelings and emotions. This is when two people want to show their love for one another, where the supply is more important than to receive.
I think passion, romance, communication, honesty, understanding, respect, kindness, support, listening and hearing are the Foundation of good relations.
This poem is my hope for the future. One look One smile One touch One embrace One kiss One love Two people Two minds Two souls Two fates One road One journey One end of the Together. I hope that my letter telling you about me, my life, my character. I hope that my words touch your heart, that they make you feel warm. My heart is open, it is filled with love and tenderness to give and I just need someone to fill it with your love and tenderness. With love Yana!
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