Letter(s) from Jannia to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Nothing happens by chance in this life – this is my motto.

And now I'm not by chance sent this letter to you and you by chance had read it. I'll tell you not much about myself, and I believe that you will answer me and we'll have a new page of our history!

I'm a hard worker and 3 year ago, I have own photo studio. I work as a model and photographer! I have good work, a big house, a good car....I have everything, but at the same time there is nothing because I don't have my love....

I want to spend all my free time with man, who will be love me and whos will love I: long evenings, weekends, holidays...every day and every minute.....

I don't care where it would be and how because the main thing that my love will be near!

I'll be the most loving, the most passionate, the most considerate, most caring woman in the world for my man!
I promise to make him the happiest, most desired, the most necessary in the entire universe – if he will love me!

I don't ask much...just be honest with me...I'm waiting for you...

Sincerely, Jennia

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter, I am very pleased.
I would love to continue the acquaintance. I hope you would not mind. I think we can find a lot of common Interests. I would love to get to know you much better.
Some details about myself. I'm a serious person. I am decent, honest, kind, loyal, romantic, sincere, very sexy and passionate. To me, love should be perfect, passionate, more important than anything else in life. I need to be able to give and receive lots of physical affection when I'm with the person I love.
I'm not homebody. I need to go out to lively places and meet new people. Meeting new people is very fascinating. We can learn many new things.
My interests are diverse. I'm in for fitness, biking, hiking . I'm fond of movies, nature, reading, cooking. How do you like to spend your free time? What do you like doing in your free time?
The most important thing is my passion for photography. I love to take pictures. But I also like to pose for the camera as a model. I like to pose nude in a natural setting. I have a lot of pictures. Sexiest I send to you. I hope you like it.
I like you. I find you very attractive and sexy. Send me your erotic photo. I'll wait.
You've been very nice.
Hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward to your reply. Hugs and kisses . Your little minx.

Letter 3

Hello Michael. Thank you for your letter. I'm sorry that I long to respond to your letter. I was busy . A lot of work. There was a lot of orders in my photo studio. Lots of girls willing to do a photo shoot. But I also take pictures and various activities, such as weddings. But most of all I like to photograph nature. I dream of their own exhibition. I also often take part in photo contests. I even won prizes. How long have you been doing photo art ?? I am in the business for three years has successfully.
Thank you for your erotic photos. It was hot. Very sexy !!! I even toyed my pussy.
I'm not a virgin. The first sexual experience I've had in 20 years. I was then a student. He was my teacher.
But The best love affairs are those we never had.
Is it possible for you to organize our meeting? Is it possible for you to come Ukraine? We'd spend a lot of hot and passionate nights. I adore sexual experiments. You have had many sexual partners ?? I love experienced men. Young guys are not giving me sexual satisfaction. I love older men. Who know how to use his dick 100%. When I talk about sex makes me hot. Inside me, all alight. I already want you.... I have an opening you can fill. Want to give me an australian kiss? It's like french kissing, but you're going down under. I want your flesh rocket in my hot pocket....
I need to be able to give and receive lots of physical affection when I'm with the person I love.
Hope to hear back from you and I hope you have a great day!

Letter 4

If I can to say how much Love!!! My love more the sky. And I love only one man and this my Michael. I thinking of you all time , day and night. When I awake up in morning the first that I do I thinking of you, my lovemy Love My Michael you and the best man for me and I needn't in other men. I want to be with you and only with you. I want awake with you and asleep with you. I want have a breakfast, lunch and dinner with you and cook it for you. I want take care of you. I want to touch your hair. I want sing with you. I want have a business with you. I want have kisses and hugs with you. I WANT YOU!!!! Many people say that the love doesn't happen without suffering. But I am sure, our love-it very beautiful, fine feeling. That moment when we will be together will soon come. I very much wait it. We will be together and we will be the happiest enamoured on the earth. I am happy already now because I know that for 10 000 km I have a man and which loves me on the present. Whatever, I want this to be with you, my Michael. I will be with you and never regret about it all my life. I never forsake you! I promise. Because you are my a big LOVE. I love you, my sun, my life, my love. Kiss and hug. Your Jennia.

Letter 5

I am very pleased.
If our dreams and fantasies are identical, we in future will be able to bring them to real. But this takes time and the most important thing is mutual understanding. Do you agree? I think that my proposal sounds very tempting)) But what you really love nature, I believe you. This is the place where you like to escape from the madding crowd and immerse themselves in their dreams and fantasies. Here you feel like a real, in harmony with nature. I understand you very well. Sometimes I want to run away from this world - from the greed, pettiness, treachery, the rules and liabilities imposed on us by society. Yes, only in the bosom of nature, we can be free and independent. At least for a while))
In my country, too, there is a beautiful places. For example - Crimea and the Carpathian Mountains. One of my favorite places is the Crimea ( the Carpathians, I have not yet visited). I went to the Crimea several times and I liked this place very much.
The Crimea is the peninsula in the Black Sea. Along the coast there are many health resorts and beaches, bays and picturesque mountains. In the Crimea there are many attractions and places for excursions -Yalta`s zoo and large botanical garden, splendid palaces as Lastochkino Gnezdo and Vorontsov Palace and beautiful cascades. I take a camera and take pictures of everything that interests me - the sights of a city, old churches and castles, views of mountains, lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests; different kinds of trees, flowers and plants, animals and birds. Later, perhaps years later, they will be reminded by the photos of the happy time I have had. I even reached the summit of Mount Ai-Petri :)). Albeit with the help of the cable car and minibus taxi )) The impressions is terrific. It can only be felt. I even has left the lock on the memory to come back (there exists a sign). Do you believe in superstitions? Because of the present situation in the country, I not know when I will go there again. I hope the situation will be resolved in the near future. If "the brotherly neighboring country" , when their are not asked to, there will be less to go into our country. Then in my country will come a peace and order. I very much love my Homeland...

Letter 6

Why do you write so few? I look forward to a more descriptive letter.
The greatest dream of my life is to go to the Europe and see most of its countries, cities and sights. It's always interesting to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food, to listen to different musical rhythms.
If we are fond of traveling, we see and learn a lot of things that we can never see or learn at home, though we may read about them in books and newspapers, and see pictures of them on TV. The best way to study geography is to travel, and the best way to get to know and understand people is to meet them in their own homes.
You're very kind. I tried hard very much. It is very difficult to translate texts. I hope you will appreciate it. Did not leave my letter as a unanswered.
PS: "Search a beautiful heart, not a beautiful face, because beautiful things won't last forever, but a golden heart does and will prosper you and add value to yourself." I do not know whose it is words, but someone said very correctly and beautifully.

Letter 7

When I was 18, I first has opened for itself masturbation. I could do this several times a day, I caressed myself fingers, cucumbers, shower ... Once in school history class, I felt very excited, I presented as a teacher, a man of about 40, have stroked my pussy, and she immediately wet. I really wanted to be a bad student, would like to narrow my pussy entered a strong man ... I felt were wet panties and could not sit still. I asked to go out, went to the toilet and, finally surrendered my hobby.
Thrusting my fingers under my skirt in wet panties, I began stroking sex lips. I did not want to finish immediately and I slowly stroked myself, trying not to moan, but I turned it bad ... Suddenly I heard someone rustling outside the door. I forgot to close it! There's someone stood, probably someone from of senior pupils, I saw in a crack his eyes, and then, as he stroked his penis, looking at me.
I felt like a real whore, so excited me that I continued to caress my pussy, but now I'm shoved fingers into it. I could only fit two pussy was so narrow ...
I unbuttoned the shirt and bra lifted him to see my breasts, my juices flowing is already on his feet, I realized that I longer bear it, and I finished with the moaning, trembling all over. It was so good!
I would call an observer, but he was already gone.
I put on my pants and went back to class.
That's the story.

Letter 8

Once a time I went to school, was about 8: 04. The street was still dark, there was a fog and the moon shone. I did not want to go to school because I had to clean 13 room (office of our class teacher). But this was also a plus, because I'm not the only one on duty and with my classmate Sasha. On the lessons I kept catching a strange look at me Sasha. After school, Sasha and I took the key from the staff of 13 the office and went to leave. As soon as I came, Sasha quickly pulled the keys out of the keyhole and closed the door from the inside with a key. I turned quickly, and Sasha put the keys on the desk, walked over to me and kissed me on the lips. I did not expect this and broke the kiss. I asked him: - What are you doing ?! He replied: - I want you .. I was scared these words, speaking to be honest. On began to undress me. I resisted, but Sasha was stronger than I thought. He literally tore my panties, quickly undressed , leaned on my desk and put his penis in my pussycat. I screamed, but Sasha just pulled me to the desk and began to move quietly, picking up the pace. The pain was instant and I was pleased. Sasha began to fuck me deeper, faster and faster typing tempo. In the end, he pulled out his penis and finished right on his back. Then he put his friend in the ass and I began again quietly move the dial, the slackening pace. I was hurt and I cried. Sasha told me: "Does it hurt? Well, nothing, get used to it!" And went even deeper. Then he pulled out of my dick, I turned to him and finished right on the chest. After that we got dressed, clean and went home together. After this incident, we often fucked in school ..

Letter 9

Why do you write me a few ?? I think you have to tell a lot about your life and about your amorous adventures. I guess you had many women. Tell me about your women. I have not so much sexual experience as you. Share experiences with me. Tell me what your favorite sexual positions. Did you experience a threesome ?? I always dreamed about a threesome. Sex with a girl I had. I really liked it. To enhance sexual sensation, we have used a vibrator. I also love role-playing games. At this meeting we can all to translate into reality.
Christmas is coming. What are your plans for Christmas ?? Did you go somewhere to relax ?? I am the Christmas holidays I want to go to the Carpathian mountains. I want to go skiing and tobogganing. If you want, you can join me. We will spend unforgettable holidays together. Translate into reality all your erotic fantasies. It will be great, I promise. You will not regret. Come. I promise to be a good girl and fulfill all your desires and whims.
If your letters will deleted, you simply contact the site's administration. They will help you solve the problem. Eliminate errors.
Waiting for your letter. My pussy wants you. Hugs and kisses. Your naughty girl.

Letter 10

Hello Michael
How are you? This evening, after work, I'm going to do a photo shoot. I want to give you a Christmas surprise. Photoshoot will do my girlfriend. She works as a photographer. She too has its own studio. She is a master of his craft :)) I hope that the photos turn out great. So expect a surprise for Christmas :))
I will write about his family. I was brought up by my grandmother and mother. My father left the family when I was a little girl. He took no part in my upbringing. He just disappeared from our lives. A more, I have not seen him. In childhood, I did not have his father's attention. So I carefully choose a man for the future relationship. I do not want to get married 10 times :)) I want one once and for all life :)) I want my future child was living in a complete family, surrounded by attention, care and love. I hope you are faithful and loyal man :))
Many years ago, my family lived in Dagestan. But when that country started the war, we moved to live in Ukraine. My grandmother is missing for homeland. But my home to become Ukraine. Where I grew up, finished school, university. There I spent my childhood and youth. But I'm ready for a change in life. I'm ready to move to another country for the sake of a loved one. Start over again.
How was your childhood? I hope you have not forgotten :)) Write me more about your family. Hugs and kisses .

Letter 11

I've had sex with several men at once.
One day after the club I was a little intoxicated. It was midnight, and I stood near the limo out of it came a well-groomed man in a suit and with a pleasant smell, I began to be excited. He invited me to sit in the car, I sat up and saw three more of the same men. They offered me a drink, I did not give up after drinking a glass of champagne, I asked for more I do not pour because I already give. They ordered the driver to go to the a country house. I knew that that they would fucking me like a whore, but I dreamed about it! I wanted to fuck me in the car, but they were patient! Arriving, I asked what would I was taken into the bathroom one of them had me put on a bath and made me cunnilingus I have understood that the night would be fun. He went out, I took a shower, found an enema "cleanse the inside" opening the door I saw the clothes there were thongs, T-shirt and short skirt which emphasize my flat tummy and boobs! I went into the room it was a big room with a comfortable sofa and a couple of chairs and a huge plasma. They included porn. I began to massage the clitoris. They came to me and slowly began to undress and slightly torn shirt to release the boobs and themselves stripped completely. One of them began to knead my breasts the other teeth pulled off my thong and began to lick my pussy. I wriggled with pleasure. Then they left me to please and I knelt began to suck all four. They started around me and I started to suck each in turn. One lay on the sofa and sat down, I said to him. I got approached him and planted it was quite a bit hurt and continued to suck the other two. I forgot about the pain of pleasure that gave me a member of this great man, and the members of those whom I sucked, I enjoyed no less. And the fourth at this time began to lubricate my anal I just said, "Come to me gently," I continued to suck. He walked slowly, and slowly began to slowly pick up speed as he began to move freely, he stopped this magnificent fuck. Those two men whom I sucked lay their eggs so touched and lubricate again my hole, I tried to sit on the ass these two handsome. It was painful but the pleasure was stronger and I have continued to impose themselves on their members. Another came into my pussy and began to fuck my last mouth. I liked when I so had in all holes. I felt otvyaznoy whore and I loved it !!! This orgy lasted two hours. It all ended in most porn films I've seen, they obkonchalsya my face and mouth. I swallowed everything as usual fell exhausted to sleep. In the morning I woke up the next cunnilingus was very nice but I was aching all over the body and at the same time it asks for more. And I again otimeli each in turn. I always dreamed of such a sex !!!

Letter 12

How are you?

It was amazing what a real man turned on such simple girl attention!

I am very serious on this site and do not play games I really want to meet a real man who will be able to get all my big heart and can be a tiger tamer in bed... mmm haha I'm a little mouse that is able to brighten up the boring evenings, to give affection tenderness, care the most sexy and brutal man. Waiting for hunter, who will be able to catch me and tame; and in General I love se x, can't be done. Cheerful, calm, kind, sometimes harmful but not a bitch. True to her choice and require; because faithfulness in relations is very important.

Used to do ballroom dancing and now fitness. Maybe you don't mind a professional portfolio, we can do it together is even possible in an intimate setting so it will be more interesting. You did something similar or more exciting email me. In the near future I plan to purchase a car; and are you a car enthusiast? maybe you can help me in choosing a car? Love romance which unfortunately is not enough nowadays. Are you ready to come to me to Ukraine and get me or stay with me and build a strong family?

Waiting for your answer!

Letter 13

Hello, Michael. I showed you a photo of my favorites ??
This is my favorite little creatures !! Cat - Ryzhik, the dog - Jessica. I can not imagine life without them. They gladden my lonely evenings. When I'm sad and lonely, they pick up my mood. They are always greeted me up from job. Do you have pets? I know that the British people love pets.
You asked me about sex. No, I had 3 months there was no sex. I do not have a steady partner. I've forgotten how to do it :)). I hope when you come, you remind me all the charm of this process :)). When you come to Ukraine? I really want to see you.
I have a new idea !!! When you come, we will make an erotic photo session with the animals. How do you like the idea of ??? I think it would be great !!! Provocative and very sexy. All people are like animals. Especially in sex. What do you think? What animal do you identify with me? Tigress?? pussycat?? Waiting for your option :)) Kisses. Your a naughty girl.

Letter 14

Hello my lover !!
I decided to imagine our sex.
Imagine that I am sitting on an easy chair with my eyes closed, I was not worried about anything, and does not interrupt my train of thought, the atmosphere is full tranquility, I relaxed, I feel good. I is dressed a short skirt and blouse, my naked legs and touch the floor. Next to me is you :)) you are sitting around my legs and begin gently caressing them with hand. You're nice to feel my heat, you spend moving up and down, slowly, slowly.

Sometimes you touch face to my legs ... then slowly hand goes higher and higher ... you get up quietly and hot kiss me in the neck, you are absolutely confident in movements. You bend me, and your right hand start to unbutton my blouse. Then you caress my chest ... ironed, squeeze, you is madly pleasant. My breath you crazy, you're more indulging passion to take off my blouse and my touch denser to my body, you feel the beat of my heart, breathing.

You unbutton his jeans, you shoot Jeans, penetrate hand under my panties and caress me there your playful fingers. I have the patience comes to an end, I am feeling more and more lose the mind and cease to feel the real world. It remains only a sense of desire, even some animal feeling. You pull off the rest of my clothes, I take too much with you and we count with a our bodies in a comfortable position. You go in my pussy.... slowly at first gently, but then move to a more rapid and profound movement ...

Jitteriness pleasure fills our bodies, do you like both hands caress my body, kissing my neck, chest, ear bite :)) After a while, I am feeling the approach of the volcano ... it's a rich orgasm that spilled on my belly, if you just do not have time to stick. After experiencing great pleasure, my body weakens, I need to rest and of course to hug you, realizing that it is not just sex, but something much more, it's not easy to describe. After 10 minutes, we will continue :)) But that's another story:))
I hope you liked it:)) I'm waiting for your option :))

Letter 15

How are you? Thank you for not forgetting me. How were the holidays? I guess you have had a lot of work. But I think that you have found a time for the New Year night.
With whom and where are you to celebrate New Year?
In Ukraine celebrate New Year fun. But I think a lot of the traditions we have similar and identical. Only we celebrate Christmas on January 7 and not 25 December like you. Our Santa Claus is called the Father Frost. He comes to visit with his granddaughter Snow Maiden. They bring in the New Year's Eve the presents under the tree and delight kids and adults.
All young and old people are with pleasure and an anticipation of magic, wonderful changes in a life approach of New Year waiting. In Ukraine each holiday is marked by all country, is unforgettable and unusual. But the New Year is simply out of competition. It is the most grandiose on the scale, the most cheerful on force of emotions, the most beautiful on volume of preparation and the most nourishing by quantity and quality of the prepared dishes.
Besides, still it is possible to name New Year the longest because any Ukraine holiday has no such quantity of days off, as New Year. Those who has enough means, can go even abroad, time allows. But the majority of Ukrainians is adored by own traditional new year, and all its attributes: Tangerines, New Year tree, salads olives and shuba, a very beautiful cake, fragrant tea, the river of champagne , exotic fruit, arrays of gifts and sweets, the Father Frost with a Snow Maiden, a peal of bells on TV and the noisy companies of friends and relatives, or silent family happiness, a bath under a twist of fate.
The most remarkable that New Year in Ukraine is a holiday of children and adults. Gifts are given to everybody; interesting actions are organized for all. In general the whole country is happy.
I met the New Year with friends. We rented a small cottage in outside the city. We were 20 people. Two hours before the New Year, it began to snow. It was the best gift that nature could do!! Snow improve our mood. We were happy as children :)) We danced, had fun, lit sparklers. On the second day we played in the snow, sledding, launched fireworks. It is a pity that the holidays come to an end and have to go back to work. I kept thinking about you. I hope that the next New Year we will spend together.

Letter 16

Hello my dear Michael.

How is your day? Perhaps you woke up today thinking about me, right?) I imagine you lying in your bed, still sleepy and so sweet and in your head there are thoughts about me)

I also have a dream about us. Morning thoughts. What I thought when I woke up. Want to know?)

You and I are here together. Here is kind of deserted, but not for us. Here we are, our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our world with color images, with warm moonlight live clear sea, flying among the birds of freedom and happiness. Deep in this sea, we merge our souls together, watching each other's eyes. Our cohesive sense generates absorbs all the misfortunes of virtue. With this mighty force we will walk with you in a true flight to the stars who do not know how to lie, to hurt, and to kill. Flying our love and boundless passion. In flight, what pleases us.

We will look for a real life, and fight for our happiness, for our sense, for our dreams and for our world.

Mmmm.....these thoughts were with me in this morning. What do you think? Maybe you want to continue with my thoughts? I want to hear it.
Waiting for your answer. Every day I wait your letter. Honey, you do remember me?


Letter 17

Hi Michael. You wanted to see Snow Maiden - the granddaughter of Father Frost. The photo shows :)) We have arranged New Year's costume party. All the girls were dressed in costumes Snow Maidens :)) Half-naked Snow Maidens :)) And the boys were dressed in costumes Grandfather Frost. We played the game, who lost to, had to fulfill every wish of the winner. Wishes were different, some even sexual. I have a lot of pictures, and even filmed. The photo shows our entertainment. At the party was all - striptease, blowjob, and even group sex. It is a pity that you were not with us. You love it :))

Letter 18

At 12:00 the main Santa Claus began to distribute gifts. To get gift, each "Snow Maiden" sucking dick Grandfather Frost at a time. I smeared his cock with whipped cream. I sucked so much that he finished right in my mouth. The gift I have worked in full :)) We went to sleep in the morning, several people in one bed. Arranged group sex. The most memorable is when one of the girls licked my clitoris, and three at the same time the boy stuck his penis in my pussy, ass and mouth. I had frantic orgasm. I am writing this to you and I have all the lights inside the memory. Come soon to me. I will invite friends and we will repeat all that was at a party :))

Letter 19

Today in the morning I woke up very early - at 4 am. It was too early for me. My computer was turned on. So I decided to check my mailbox, but it was empty. I looked on your previous letter.. Looked at your profile. And then I fell asleep again. But I guess after seeing your letter and your profile you stayed in my mind... And I started to dream, and I saw an interesting dream))
Like if we are running along the beach, happy and laughing)) And you are trying to catch me. But I am running so fast. But finally to catch me and we fall on soft sand))) We laugh like kids. But then it turnes into sometimes more passionate and romantic. I lay on my back, and sun is shining on my face. You gently caress me cheek with your hand, then you caress my neck and my breast... I close my eyes and enjoy.. You start to kiss me. Gently and slowly. But then you continue more faster and passionately. I reply you with my hot kisses.... You start to undress me - actually there is not much to undress, I am in my swimsuit))) And at this moment alarm clock wakes me up!!! That was such a failure!!! (((
I will try to see this dream again tonight, hehehe)))
It was so sunny and pleasant... that i did not want to wake up (
I send you my sunny kisses