Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Didenko to Ventsislav (Bulgaria)

Letter 1
dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing today?
I am much excited to read your letter and know your thoughts!
yes, this evening we will meet on Skype and discuss more about where we will meet.
I do believe there can be something ****** than friendship between us.
you are a very nice and interesting man, you have all the qualities i was looking in the man. i really want that we meet to get to know each other better and make plans for the future. do you want the same?
Today we have a very beautiful day here. After very hot summer we finally started having perfect weather in September. it is very warm, but not hot, no wind, blue sky, just really great outside.
As soon as i finish work today i plan to go out with friends. Today we wanted to go to cinema, but them changed plans and decided to go to one shopping center. I actually do not need anything, will just go to do window shopping and give company to my friends. Today i finish not late, my main work was in the morning. I got a little tired already and wait for the evening with impatience.
I am also glad that when i have some free time in the afternoon and come to check my mail, your letter is already waiting for me. It means you are thinking of me and answering fast. i try to do always the same.
Just the coming weekend i am going to spend two days in the village, so i will not be able to write you. i hope you can wait for my letter until Monday, i will be thinking of you!
wish you to spend a wonderful weekend!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 2
dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing?
I was really happy to meet you on Skype yesterday and talk there more!
i will find out about what documents i need for the trip and when we talk on Friday we will discuss more. can you come to Skype on Friday evening?
Here it is middle of the day and i got a one hour break between lessons. this time is pretty enough for me to write you a letter and go to eat lunch. Firstly i wanted to write you as i was very impatient to see what you write me today. A little later i will go to school canteen, i usually have lunch there. food is good and cheap there, and i usually meet some colleague there to talk,t his way time flies faster and not boring.
This month we have a wonderful weather when it is not hot and not cold, it is so nice outside that this evening i have arranged to meet friends just to go for a walk. It is still getting dark late, so we can walk all evening and enjoy time. Usually we take some coffee or ice-cream and go to sit on a bench in park. here where i live parks are old and they have very big old trees growing there, so all is green and beautiful.
I do not have any other plans, all the rest of my time is occupied with work.
what are you doing there? i will be happy to hear from you soon and know more of your nice thoughts!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 3
dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing?
I am too very happy to read your letter and i can say definitely the same - that your letters always make me feel so happy and make my days brighter!
this evening i will be on Skype at 8 PM my time, maybe you can come too?
Here is is beginning of the day and i just arrived to work. I have a long working day ahead, so i though i come earlier today and write you before work starts and i get busy. it is very pleasant that you relied me so fast and your letter will definitely make me in good mood for all day!
Outside we have beautiful weather, it is pretty warm, sunny and no wind, seems like summer is going on and it is one of the most beautiful period of the year.
Today i woke up early and went jogging in the park, i really enjoyed the cool morning and no people around me. A little later when i returned home i found out that my parents left for work already and my mother left me breakfast in the kitchen. it is very nice of her as in the morning i rarely have time to cook. I usually like to cook dinner when i come home in the evening as i do not need to rush anywhere and can think of cooking something tasty.
so this is how my day is looking today. I hope there is something nice going from your side and i will be looking forward to receive your answer soon!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 4

dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing?
I am glad that you answer me quickly and sorry to hear about the problem that appeared to you this weekend and that ruined your plans!
when you feel nervous, just take a deep breath and tell yourself that after bad times there will always come good ones. and think of the trip you will take after your car will be mended.
Today we have a wonderful day here, it is sunny and warm, but not hot.
Just a perfect weather, i like to keep windows open and walk outside.
Today and tomorrow i have two very busy working days, then time seems to be more relaxing. still today i had one hour lunch break and went to a park with one colleague to have a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. There is so many people walking in the park today, despite the fact that it is Monday afternoon and everyone should be at work or at school. still i think people use every chance to stay in nice weather, before winter will come.
The weekend passed also very nice. Yesterday i spent a day at country house of my friend where we were making a nice barbecue. also i helped her with some work in the house and in the yard. she can come there only on the weekend, so it is also necessary to do some work there and not only relax. She has a beautiful house which is situated near a forest and there is no neighbors. it is a nice chance to spend at nature, go to swim and later in autumn after rain there is possible to pick up very big and tasty mushrooms. I like when she invites me there and i never refuse to go if i am free.
so as you can see, my time is going rather simple and now i am back to work routine.
how is all going from your side? i hope you have a nice day there and will tell me about it in next letter!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 5
How are you doing?
this is great to get your letter and i too will be waiting for Friday evening to talk by Skype!
thanks for the pictures, your rabbit is so cute! i actually thought it will look like this. do you allow her to jump in the room? because it seems that the box where she lives is too small.
Today is 1st of September, and this is a big holiday for everyone who starts the new school year. Today we got a real autumn weather. it was very cold in the morning, but became sunny and nice closer to afternoon.
Traditionally in the morning there gather teachers, children and parents near every school and there starts the holiday. The head of the school says speech, there is music, lots of flowers, then children spend a couple of hours at school and go home. No usual lessons for them on this day. Teachers usually get lots of flowers on this day and in early afternoon they are already free. as for me, i went to have lunch with colleagues and now i am going home after i send you my letters. I have some teachers among my friend, they are girls we were studying together at university. we have agreed to meet today and celebrate the holiday. firstly we wanted to go out to some cafe, but then thought that it will be too overcrowded and arranged to meet at home of one of my friends. Each of us will bring some meal, normally something sweet and we will have some coffee together.
I got so many flowers today that i do not know how i will bring them home. I will probably choose some to take home, the rest will leave in the classroom. Tomorrow already starts a normal working day, so i have to be at work by 8 AM, today i can not stay long at friends.
so this is all that is going on from my side now. How is all with you?
what are you doing today? got already any plans for the weekend?
I will send this now and wait for your soonest answer!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 6
hi Ventsislav!
How are you doing today?
I am feeling much excited to read your letter and know your thoughts!
when you set Skype, please let me know and we will arrange time to talk more.
i like fishing, but i have not being doing it for a long time. maybe one day we will go together)
Today is Tuesday and today is considered to be last hot day here.
Seems like from tomorrow it will get much colder and we will be moving into autumn.
Already in two days my work starts and as soon as this moment comes i feel how much i miss my vacation days already. I have both of my days free now.
Today i am finishing to can the apple jam for winter, as yesterday we brought many apples from the village. i believe i will be busy until the evening and need to go to sleep early. as tomorrow morning i need to be at work and help to do last preparations for the school year.
also tomorrow i will need to iron my clothes and get shoes ready. 1st of September is a big holiday here and i need to be all ready. I really like my free time, but i am also looking forward to start work as being home all the time is little bit boring.
Be sure that i still will be writing you letters every day, i will have Internet at school.
i wish you to have a wonderful day and will be waiting for your soonest reply!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 7
dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing?
I am excited to read your letter and continue our communication!
i am happy to know you and wish we get to know each other better.
i can send you one email today, and if you like us to talk more, we can arrange to talk by Skype on Monday morning.
Now here is late afternoon time. I am waiting for my parents to be back form work and together to go to village to visit my grandparents.
We often go there on the weekend to help then with work in the garden.
Right now is the season for apples, pears, plums, tomatoes, melons and watermelons. so we are going to pick all that up and can some fruits. Some will bring home and i will be canning them on Monday.
Mostly we make jam or juice, which we eat or drink in winter.
Weather started getting hot again and seems to be very nice tomorrow.
I hope i will have a chance to go to river, this seems to be last chance to swim in open water as from 1st of September i start work and also weather will be getting much colder.
so this weekend is last one i spend in village and can enjoy my time.
i am going in couple of hours, when my parents will be back home. for the moment i finished a few things at home and came to send you a letter.
I am happy the weekend is brightened with getting your letter, very pleasant for me to realize that you are thinking of me!
many hugs and kisses,
Letter 8
hello Ventsislav,
how are you doing?
your letter has really brightened my day and i hope that from today we will continue our communication and learn more about each other.
Internet dating is a new sphere for me, i never used it before. I started using it by advise of my friends who said it is enough for me to be single. My last relationship ended two years ago and i am not dating anyone now. Most of my friends are married or in relationship now. I am still single not because of high demands, but because i still could not find a serious man here.
I was born on August 22, year 1988. I live all my life in city Kupyansk, Kharkov region. I can speak fluent English as i am a teacher of English at college. I've been working for 5 years already and have good relationships with colleagues at work. i always replace them when they need, as well as i can take some days off if i need it. Generally my main vacation is in summer.
Talking about my family, i live with parents, they are nice people and i like living with them. However i would not mind relocating and living in another country in future. This is why i am ok about looking for a man abroad, i can easily move if necessary.
Concerning my free time, mostly i like doing sport and meeting friends. We are going out together, to bowling, to cafe, to cinema. I like jogging and swimming.
for us to communicate better i suggest we talk a while here, later we can arrange to talk by Skype if you like.
have a nice day!
yours sincerely,
Letter 9
dear Ventsislav!
How are you doing today?
I am feeling much happy and excited for reading the lovely letter from you today!
you are too very important for me and i am too looking forward being with you very much!
dear, now i send you the info of me as promised: my full name is Svetlana Didenko
home address is Ukraine, Kupyansk, Lermontov street, 8/3, postal code is 63700
also my ID card number is EM528257
please tell mw if any other info will be needed.
also this evening i am on Skype and looking forward to talk to you!
I am very happy to receive your letter after the weekend and it makes my mood really high! i feel very relaxed after the weekend and my first working day is brightened with getting your letter, i feel very happy.
I spent two days of the weekend in village at my grandparents'.
weather was perfectly warm, no wind and blue sky. it is definitely not warm enough for swimming in the river, but very goo for staying outside.
Most of the time i was working in the garden, picking up apples, cleaning grass and fallen leaves from the garden. i did all what had to be done and free time i spent with family, making barbecue, talking and just enjoying an evening outside. My grandmother is a perfect cook. most of all i like her pancakes, especially sweet ones. this time she was making then with apples and honey, very tasty ones.
I came back home yesterday evening, took a shower and went to sleep.
Today is back to work, so i almost had no time to do anything at home, will do a little this evening.
how is all going form your side? how has the week started for you?
i am waiting for your soonest reply and news from your side!
many hugs and kisses,
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