Scam letter(s) from Lusine Mazmanyan to Walter (USA)

Letter 1
Walt I am very glad to receive your letter. Your letters are very necessary to me now. And I miss on you. In the last letters I asked you, you can help me or not? But you and have not told to me. I now should pay 482 dollars. As soon as I to pay this money, I can receive all the documents and already nothing will prevent to be to us together. At me hope now only on you. I any more do not know that to me to do. To me to sell I already nothing to borrow also too there is nobody. I have made all that was in my forces.
You to ask a copy of the passport. Now all my documents are in agency.
I cannot make a copy. And all other documents will give the passport to me, when I completely to pay for a trip. I do not know who such Pasha. And I what for to me with it to communicate? She will help me to pay for a trip?
I shall wait very strongly for your letter tomorrow. I hope that you to me to write and tell that to me to do. I hope that you will try to help me and we shall be together.
I love you and I wish to be with you.
Yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 2
Walt to me so it is sad that you to not write to me today. I so waited that you to write to me but you to not write. I do not know that to me to do.
Walt to me so it is bad from that that I to write to you this letter with tears on eyes. I to not want what ours with you dreams have remained and did not become a reality. I to want what all became good.
But I could not find other way out any more in my situation. I now could hope only on your help. I any more whom do not know who can help me. I love you and I wish to be only with you. I know that if I shall come to you that you and we shall be the happiest on light.
Walt I every day think only from you. I would want that all was good.
I as to hope that with you too all by way of. I to hope that you to write to me tomorrow and can tell to me your answer. I hope that you understand me.
Walt I love you and I probably cannot present any more my life without you.
I have passed so much and I to hope that this all not simply so. I will trust that all well and we shall be together.
I love you Walt!
I shall wait tomorrow for your letter and I to hope that you to answer
Your gentle and loving Elena.
Letter 3
Walt I am very glad to receive your letter. Thanks, that you to write to me. I yesterday weigh evening cried and long could not calm down.
To me it was bad, because I could not make and arrive all to you. Only today to me it became easier.
Walt that I could receive documents and arrive to you, I should pay to travel agency of 482 American dollars. As soon as I to pay, to me will give documents and already nothing will prevent our meeting. We should to try make it. I do not want, that all our diligence have appeared vain.
Here mine email the address - You to ask about itinerary from the travel agency. But I similar did not receive anything from agency. How it in general looks?
Walt I will learn all about what and how you can make and I will tell you. I do not know what to do. I want to cry and cry from what you and I can not be together. But now everything has changed. I'll do anything for what would be our happiness never ends. I'll be with you.
From this idea, both from happiness, to feel dizzy. I want to be with you forever. Only with you. And no I do not need.
Walt I do not know how to describe my feelings. But I'm happy. I've been in my dreams it represented. And there is not much and it's going to happen. I'll be in your arms, I can see you, be in your arms, I can cuddle up to you. I could kiss you. I can feel your kisses. We enjoy, and make love. What do you feel? Just imagine that all this will become a reality very soon.
Walt I want to say thank you. Thank you for that not to die in our dreams. For that help make this a reality. I'll find out. Everything and I will tell you. And soon we will be able to talk, hug, kiss, stroll along. Imagine how it will be cool! " I'm so happy. This does not describe in words.
I love you Walt!!!!!
Walt Will soon be together. I was not in vain to sell the room. I can not do everything wrong. I'll be with you. With BEST MAN IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!! Enough for me to be with you together. And I'll be the happiest woman. And I'll do anything, what would you be happy as well.
I love you Walt!
I love you Walt!
We'll be together soon.
Your loving and gentle Elena.
Letter 4

Walt I am very happy to receive your letter. I very strongly missed and waited for it. You to bring to me it is a lot of smile and happiness the letters. I very strongly love you and I wish to be only with you.
Walt I understand, that now you cannot help me. And we should wait.
It would be remarkable, if you could help me till September, 13th.
Here my exact address.
Nizhniy Novgorod region,
Borskiy area
Novoselovo 37
Walt I could learn as you can help me. To me have advised to take advantage of services Western Union. You heard about this company?
They are engaged in transfer of money worldwide. And to do they it it is very fast. I think that you can help me with their help. I shall tell to you all that could learn. For this purpose you should go to branch Western Union and there to fill the receipt. In it it is necessary to specify my full name:
First name - Elena
Last name - Mokrushina
Also it is necessary to specify the country of reception, the Russian Federation. Here where I can receive the address your help:
Country - Russia,
City - Nizhniy Novgorod,
Street - Ulyanova, 26/11.
Index - 603005.
And that I could receive your help, I should know your full name which you to specify in the receipt. Your post address and control number which to you will give. If I shall know all this, I without problems can receive your help. And I can arrive to you. I very much hope that at all of us it to turn out.
Walt I constantly think only of us and that fine life which waits for us when we shall be together. I know that we shall enjoy each minute which we shall lead in a place. I every night see dreams about you Walt and as we spend time together. We are very happy. Then I wake up and I understand that it was only a dream and to me to become not much sadly. To me it is sad that I cannot be right now with you, with my most loved men on all light. But I know what be fast we can together and all our dreams become real and from it I again have a smile on my person.
Walt all that now is necessary for me, it to be with you. To nestle on your body and to feel your heat and your kisses.
I love you Walt.
Yours and only yours Elena.
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