Scam letter(s) from Natalia Sazhina to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Friend !
John How are you doing ? I hope you are fine . I am very pleased that you became interested in me, and we learn more about each other.
You know , I'm fairly educated woman with a sense of humor , my friends find me attractive , but the men in my country see me as just a pretty face and a nice body ... but I need another ... I want to find someone who will care about me and love me this way I am , but not like a doll ... You have a lot of experience of meetings over the Internet? I think that you might be interested to know more about me . I'll tell you about it. My height 169, weight 52 kg. I appreciate in people kindness , sincerity , honesty and good attitude towards others. I love the cleanliness and comfort of the house , my house is always clean , I do not like when things are scattered and not cleaned the house. I also love to cook , I like to treat my preparations for their loved ones, it gives me more pleasure when trying my dishes . John You like to cook? Tell me what you like to eat? I like stick to a healthy nutrition ! I love to fish, fresh vegetables and do not eat sweets ! also, I love seafood, steamed food, rice, fruit, various soups! but do not eat fried or fast food!
I like a man who is sincere , kind , and honest with me . Who would love me and I love him . I'm looking for a man who can give and receive love; who is strong faithful and loyal, who is passionate, who likes romantic things like receiving flowers or other little gifts unexpectedly; who likes beautiful dinners at home, or occasionally in a good restaurant; who likes to hold hands while taking a walk. I'm serious about finding this kind of man for a long lasting relationship or marriage.
John Tell me what did you do today ? I hope that my letters deliver a lot of joy to you and warm your heart . I 'll be waiting for your letter . I 'll wait for your letter with impatience.
Your friend Natalya
Letter 2
Hello John!
I am very Happy that you answered me. , I would like to find out more about you.
I think that i speak good this language - I taught it in school and then five years at the university and as further study at home . I hope you can understand what i write you . Ok.. A little about me - My Full name is Natalya .
I am 32 years old, my birthday on May 30 1983 year. I've never married , and I have no children .
I live in Russia! I rent an apartment in the city of Kirov (Kirov region) . My mother also lives here! But she lives in her own apartment!
.. I think that long distance will not stop our acquaintance . After all, we live in the modern world and not in the Stone Age )and if we have the desire then any distance can be overcome!
I graduated from University as an accountant - I work in the tax police. I like my job - I believe that work should bring pleasure!
I want to say why I decided to meet a man through Internet. Several times I got acquainted with the men in my city , but it did not work out , we parted in a week after met. I couldn't understand, didn't see the desire to develop relations! and this led to the collapse of relations already at the initial stage! And then my best friend told me to find happiness with the help of the Internet. So I decided to try it, that's why I wrote to you . I saw your profile on the site, I think we're right for each other . I hope you think the same! Anyway we will see in future! I want to ask you - what are you looking for on dating site? As for me I look for serious intentions , no games or pen pals .
Ask me what you're interested , I 'll try to answer you .
With this letter I send you my photos , I hope you will like them, I also hope that you will send to me photos. It would be very nice to see them .
I would like to ask you what kind of girls do you like? What should she be able to ? is it important for you her point of view! What should be her character?
I hope that you will write to me!
So now i finish my mail.. Wish to you good day!
Your new friend Natalya
p.s. i send to you pics of my city! and my home!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend ! John How are you? How was your day? All that today was bad in my day - immediately disappeared , leaving only good after I got your letter . I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and wrote me .
I want to tell you about my family. I want to tell you about how I was raised , and who raised me . I was raised by my grandmother and mother . Mother's name Kseniya - she is 54 years old , grandmother Evgeniya - she is 76 years old. My grandmother lives in the village. About the father I did not know my mother and grandmother did not speak about it . So I do not know and not ask.
my grandmother is very kind . I have lived with her in village every summer and I loved it. We are walked , went swimming and went to the woods to pick berries!
I want to explain to you why I can not find the man of my dreams in my country. Here men , but many drink or beat their wives.
But others are already married! So I decided to meet you. You like to drink ? A smoking ? I do not drink or smoke , only on occasions I let drink a little wine. I do not mind , what would the man was drinking , but not much and not often. John I want to say right away that I do not like to scream and fight. I like to enjoy life and I want that to my beloved was always happy and never sad . And I'm going to do for the sake of it. I'm ready to kiss him constantly , if it makes him happy. I wish that we had enjoyed with him our love , passion and tenderness. I think I know how to deal with the conflicts! and this is a big plus in a relationship!
I hope that the pictures today I am sending you like. I am waiting for your letter. I look forward to .......
your Natalya
p.s. you look so great!!! really thank you for your nice pics!!!
Letter 4

hello , my friend ! How are you? John , What's your mood?
What did you do today ? I hope that all you want , everything turned out.
John I want to know , how do you like to relax ? Do you love to go on nature or maybe forester? Camping?
What songs do you like? What kind of movies ?
Theatre? What else do you like?
from a hobby I distinguish reading and cooking! My grandmother taught me cook many of the dishes , and I 'm sure you would have liked my dishes . you know I have never been abroad ! I was once in the Russian resort city Sochi, we went with my friend. We wanted to go to Italy , but a friend having problems with passport and we went to Sochi on the sea. I loved it.
How cool breeze envelops the body like cool water gives freshness and delight. Lacks only one thing . Man which can all be enjoyed .
You would go with me there John if there was such a chance? ? I THINK WE ARE WITH YOU WOULD NEVER forget SUCH A TRIP . HOW DO YOU THINK ?
I send you pictures ..
And so I send you greetings from my mom and my friends . I 'll be waiting for your photos and letters . They are my joy each day. I am happy that I met you . With you, I can discuss all that I want.
I am waiting for your letter .
Your Natalya.
p.s. thank you for your nice pic - you looking great!
Letter 5
did you leave me?!
Letter 6
Hello my dear John ! ! Your letter again brings joy and happiness to me. I'm glad you did not forget about me and wrote me . I was waiting for your letter .
John we communicate is not the first day , and I feel our summit, where we will meet soon. I've found out about you. And i can tell you that i really liked you.
John i have no secrets from you. I can talk to you about what I want. An you too! Be sure!
I do not know why, but I think you know what I mean . I do not like lies , I do not like people who lie . I brought up from childhood , not to lie. My grandmother says that to lie is necessary to have a very good memory , that would not get confused. Lol!
But I think that it is better not to lie. a lie always comes out!
John i do not know what is waiting for us at the top of the mountain. Maybe happiness , love, passion , tenderness , and maybe disappointed. I do not know. But I hope that the only joy and good emotions!
Arrived yesterday my grandmother . She said that I should certainly send you greetings from her .
John I hope you're not tired of my mails and questions. I want to know more about you , more and more I like you and I'm glad I met you. I already told you that.
I 'll wait for your letter ...
forward , and I believe that I will get it soon !
Letter 7
Hello dear John ! ! Your letter as a ray of sunshine warms my heart and lifts my spirits .
Want ask you a question - Do You like me ? What do you like about me ? Or maybe someting you don't like? I want to ask you very important issue for us . I want to ask you about your past relationships with other girls. If it hurts to think about it , then forget and don't tell me. I will not ask you about it. But I'd really like to know! John I will tell you about me . I met with some guys, but all they want just ***, for the purpose tell his friends that he made love to me . I do not want that. And i don't interested in it!! I want to love and be loved, sincere and gentle.
At university I have a guy that I really liked . He liked me too . But his parents had to leave city and and we broke up! because he had no opinion! . His father was a military and they went to another part of the country and he did not write and did not wrote anything about him . he is just lost! Then I had a guy who , after learning that his daughter loves the rich man , just left me a year later he married the daughter of a rich man . He loves money and more he did not need . Then there were others, but many were drinking , others just wanted to have *** , and I decided to wait for my truly man. Now I deal only with you , and I like you. I can not touch you , but I can feel you from your letter . Can you tell me more about your relationship ? John , You're walking around at night? I would like to walk down the street , hold your hand and talk under the night stars. Here are my new photos. I look forward to your letter . My mother , grandmother give you huge greetings . I send you my kisses and I hope they give you a sense of tenderness and affection !
Your gentle and sincere Natalya
Letter 8
Hello my beautiful John ! ! John I do not know why, but I feel the warmth in my heart when I receive your letter. I am glad to learn more about you.
I hope you had a good day . It was a good ? Or difficult? Today When I came to work , I had to do a lot of things. But for some reason I did everything fast! as if inspired by a new sense ! !
I was thinking about you . I thought about how will be our first meeting , if we lived in the same city ? And what would have been the first kiss ? What do you think ? John I do not know what it was, but I think that's not bad? My feelings! I think about what i I would love to kiss you .
At least once . Today, I saw a young man and woman who walked , holding one another's hands. I would also like to walk down the street and hold your hand . To feel you. John I do not know how to explain what's going on with me, but I had not known you . And it seemed to me that I have everything . But now I realize that I was missing . I miss your warm words , lack of understanding , a man with whom you can talk about everything and I 'm glad I met you . As if you opened a new world for me. John I am sending you a kiss. If you look at the sky then you will see a bright light in the sky , a bright star. I bring you greetings from this star. I already miss you , without your letter and I hope that I will get your reply soon .
Yours and only your loving and gentle Natalya!
Letter 9
Hello my dear and gentle man John!! John I am pleased to receive your letter. I'm glad that we're familiar with you and become so close to each another.
John How's your relatives? What they say about me? What do they think about you and me? Do you think they will be happy if we'll be together? They will not mind? I do not know your country and the people. I only know you, and I really like you.
John My mother, my friend and grandmother keep telling me that I gave you their congratulations and good luck for each day. I'm sending you their greetings now. John! John You wanna be my man?
I want to be your girlfriend, and I want to feel your love, your passion, your smile, your tenderness, and your joy. John Great distance between us. But I think that for us it will not be a big problem. And we'll be together. I'm almost certain you exactly the one I want to be together. I'm wondering how your loved ones will be taken to our relationship with you. What will they think? I miss you and wait for your answers.
Yours and yours alone sincere and gentle Natalya....
Letter 10
John Good day ! ! How was your day? ? I hope your day was perfect, and you're feeling better . I want to be with you, and I dream that would be our luck has been with us forever. Every day I 'm waiting for your letter as a ray of sunshine in the morning. . I do not know what 's happening to me , but I feel it's for the better. I feel my heart pounding as I want to hug you right now, snuggle up to you. Feel the warmth of your kiss , the sweetness , tenderness . I WANT TO FEEL IT ALL ! ! ! I think about how I be with you, even for a few seconds. And I do not know how to do it , John if I had wings I would have flown to you to kiss you . John I have never met a man like you. In my heart is , something that changes my life. I feel that love . I'm not sure because I do not know what kind of feeling , John and what do you feel ? ? John Tell me. What's changed in your life after I met you .
I'm not entirely sure , and so I think that we need to know each other better. Even better . .
My mother, grandmother and friend give you their greetings . I am waiting for your letters . John I hope that you will write to me soon. John , Tell me about your feelings. I really want to know , I'm waiting .......
Letter 11
Hello my dear and gentle man John!!
John I miss you and I wait for your letter, I am happy to receive your letter. I would be very upset if you had not written to me.
John All my friends and family say that I became very different.
And I want to thank you for making me happy. Thank you dear for that. When I read your heartfelt letter, I feel fine during the day and I see a beautiful dreams. John I have been thinking a lot about our meeting. What do you think about this?
How did this happen? What do we do? I think about it constantly. Of all my dream to me like one. In this dream, I get off the plane and see you. I do not know what it looks like the airport, because I never flew, but I'm sure that I know you when I get off the plane. We are running towards each other, I see the flowers in your hands. I'm getting closer, and you give them to me. I'm in your arms, we enjoy our kisses. You take me in your arms, and we are continuing to kiss.
John I really want to FEEL YOUR KISSES!! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR LIPS, THE MOST SWEET AND GENTLE!! We go to your house, and there we prepare a lovely dinner for two of us . I prepare a light meal, we dine by candlelight under the slow music and talk about everything.
Then we are in one piece in the dance, we dance and walk slowly in a bedroom.
There we go to bed and undress each other. Our love, our passion, our desire to become one, and we will burn up in love, and enjoy the passion and tenderness. It's so beautiful!!
John what Do you think, how will we meet? What do we do? I really want to know your opinion. I'll look forward to your letter, and I hope that you will tell me about your desires.
I WANT TO BE WITH YOU!! I love you!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Natalya....
Letter 12
Hello my sweet and gentle man John!
I do not know how to describe what is happening. I told you about it. I came to work in the morning , and my boss told me that I had a vacation! It is only once a year, and that time has come now!! I can't contain my joy! Yesterday we talk with my mother about you. I told her that I can not live without you, and I want to see you. Mom was happy for me. I'm glad that I met a man of my dreams. I asked her what should I do. She said that I should go to you and not to suffer. I immediately went to my friend and said that I would go to you. I will be with you. I do not want to wait. I WANT YOU TO!!! I love you John!!!! When I read your letters when at work, when I go just down the street when I go to bed and when I sleep. I always think of you and I want to be with you forever. My dream is that our happiness has been with us forever. I do not need nothing. Nothing but your love. I want to kiss you, to feel your kisses, enjoy our passion and love. I just want to hold your hand and walk down the street, so we were together. For me this is the most important!!! I want to wake up in your arms, I want to wake up from your kiss, I want to see your happy eyes. I want to meet you at home, Make you a massage, cooking wonderful meals and enjoy our love!! I want to lie on a beach near you, that the sun was shining you're with me. And I could kiss you. I WANT YOU TO!!! I WILL DO EVERYTHING TO OUR HAPPINESS WAS WITH US FOREVER!!! I WANT TO BE WITH YOU! John I will do everything that we'll be happy. Why would I not worth it, I'll do anything to be with you. To all the things we're dreaming, it became a reality. Soon, our dreams will become reality. We'll be together.
Tomorrow I'm going to a travel agency and find out all the possible ways - how I can come to you. I know that the travel agency requires certain information to the flight line, tell me dear , your address and the closest airport to you, in that I would be arriving. This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop route and to establish all cost trip. I LOVE YOU!! John I will be with you. With you forever. I promise you, I will do everything in my power. and tomorrow I will inform you all that I know.
Yours and yours alone be fond and gentle Natalya...
Letter 13
Hi, my sun! John I am very glad to get your letter. Dear I went to a travel agency, to find out all the information about the trip for you. My friend works there and she said that she will deal with trip to you! She has been working in this industry for many years and I trust her!
I was explained that to go you I need a tourist visa, it is makes within five working days! Then i will have to undergo a medical examination, I have to conclude with them the contract, in accordance with the contract they offer me their services. There are: Visa, it will cost about 160 dollars, buying 2 tickets for me - it will cost about 900 dollars, life insurance ( about 160 dollars), it is procedure is required in order to easily get a visa, medical examination, they buy a train ticket to Moscow and from there I'm going fly to you! It's all part of their services, nor me nor you do not have to worry about documents and tickets, all for me to do my friend in the travel agency. I think it is the best option, it does not cause any problems, it is very convenient. All this will cost around 1220 dollars, I just want to pay the money. Honey, I feel a little uncomfortable. because I have to turn to you for help.
I have always considered myself an independent person who he can solve all problems. but I want to suggest you split the cost of a trip in half! then I'll pay 600 dollars and I ask you to help me with 600 dollars! I think it will be fair for both of us! Honey if you agree with me, then write, What do you think about it, my dear, you must understand that it is for me to be the best solution, I think I need to prepare my trip through a travel agency, it is the most convenient way, I do not want to look for other way, I think this is the best an option for me and for you. I think it would be fair for both of us! I love you very much, you are my sunshine, I really need you. waiting for your message my dear. my kisses and hugs!
Your Natalya
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