Scam letter(s) from Uriah Mathys to Cristian (Argentina)

Letter 1
Darling Cristian We are so close to meeting each other that my body aches for need of wanting you to hold me. As you have writting i just have to say when i will be available,tomorrow 12th and 13th it is an holiday here in mali,i over heard it at work yesterday probably on wednesday which is 14th the list of the people that would be going for holiday will be release,as soon as i get to work on wednesday i will furnish you the details,but i am hopefull on wednesday i will be having my holiday,i want you in my life and can't wait for you to hold my heart,kiss me and make love to me, i love seeing your pictures and they turn me on as well as encourage me to want you all the more. I've told you my feels and opened my heart to you,the only way i can prove my love is by seeing you my be love Cristian,i know once were together our love and life will be perfect, Cristian as i read the lines that stated if i agree as we said in the mails before to let you pay my stay and come back ticket, and me to get in charge of the ticket from mali the country i reside now to Buenos Aires,those words are words of grace that sooth my heart,soul,it portrays you are a man of your words,i will give you data as soon as i get to work on wednesday when my holiday as being confirmed,and i go to the travel agent here for my airticket flight to you in Buenos Aires,we will walk it out my Love this week,making our meeting possible my belove Cristian.,i love you more and more with each day that passes,i sincerely Lookingforward in reading from you do have a blissful and blessed day.
Yours Loving Uriah
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