Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna Bogdanova to John (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello from Olga, dear John, this is nice to get your message. I can't wait to know you. You have met very positive woman with good sense of humor, so even don't think that you will be boring with me. If you are in my life you will get my kindness, tenderness, care and my good energy…I know what to do for this. I don't need much for this, just your love, which I need in my life. I'm serious about relations that want to have. Unfortunately I lost my husband and raise my children alone, I have 2 wonderful kids, a don and a daughter. I am 35 and have a work that give me pleasure, I am a teacher of English and I love to work with children. Kind, tender, serious, with good sense of humor and just sincere man, where are you? I'm here, look, I'm waiting for you… Are you such man? Write me about yourself and you can ask me any questions, Kisses Olga
Letter 2
Hello, my dear John, I am so glad to receive your letter and to know more and more about you. I am really serious in my search and it is really important for me to find my beloved person who will full my life with love and passion. Everything is hard in my life and I so hope that you will not be scared) I decided to find my beloved man and future husband here because it is not possible to find such man here in my place, why? Because all men here divide on 3 parts – 1. Married. 2. Military. 3. Single but don't want or can't take responsibility on me and my children. So I decided to try my luck here because I want to be happy and I want to make happy a good man and I want that my children will raise in a full family! I was born and raised and live still in Lugansk town, I don't know how to write, as it is still officially Ukraine but in reality we are not because of war that is still here. It is calm in my town but still not calm outside. I am 35 and I was married during 8 years and have wonderful children, son Nikita who is 6 years old and daughter Veronika who is just 3! My husband and dad were killed in July 2014 during war actions here. We needed to run to Russia to be save there and stayed some months. When we came back in October 2014 we began a new page in our life. It was hard but we survived! I am working as a teacher of English at school, I love my work and I was dreaming to be a teacher from my childhood. I don't have brothers or sisters, we live together with my mom who helped me to care about kids. I'm very independent woman, strong and responsible but I wish to find such man I can be weak, as I'm woman, I wish to feel this with him. I want to find man who wants to have family, children, who will take my children as his own, who will shows us his love and care. I am ready to give my love to him, to share my life with him, to be together in happiness and sorrow. What about you?
Why you are looking on the site? What do you like to see in your woman? Tell me about your dreams and plans on future. I will wait for your letter with great impatience. Have a nice day, from Olga.
Letter 3
My darling, my honey John, so nice to get your letter, how are you? How were your weekends? It is really hot days here, 35 in the afternoon in the shadow and it is really awful! I love summer but not such hot weather! I really have a terrible headache. Yesterday we were in a children’s park in the evening when it was a little bit cooler)))) We went there with my friend and her kids and with Nikita and Veronika they had much fun, eat ice-cream, rode on swings and also visited zoo. You know, we have so nice zoo, it is clean and animals are in a good look. Some years ago our zoo got a small lion and I saw it last year and he was like teenager, but yesterday he impressed me so much! He is really big and so nice! Two bears have a small bear and he was playing like a child. We liked to feed them and I see that they like when people come to them and they are so communicative)))
Camp is also a really nice place for children at school. It is much better then to stay at home or on the streets while their parents are at work. They come at 8 in the morning and go back home at 4 pm. They have breakfast, dinner and afternoon snack. This is for free. During the day we make many activities, play different games, and have like lessons of drawing, dancing, music and English.
My love, today as I told you on Saturday I was in the travel agency to check with all the things and price for everything that we will need to come to you my love.
Well, this time they gave me the price in US dollars.
1. International passports for me and children to get them in 7-10 days costs 480$
2. Additional documents that will be needed to get the passports and also visas, the documents are police report, medical documents for the medical insurance, documents from my work, documents that I am a single mother – all of them costs $150
3. Visas for me and children to get them in 1 days - $230
4. Bank account to prove my financial stability with 1000$ amount there.
5. Tickets to you from Rostov (this will be safe then to go from Kiev) - $2500 for me and my children.
So my honey, in all we will need 3360$ and plus $1000 for the bank account! Wow, this is really huge money that we will need to come to you
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