Scam letter(s) from Olga Vladimirovna Kravchenko to Ivan (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Ivan!
Thank you for your letter and photos! Happy to have such a friend like you and hope for more with time.
It is very exciting to learn somebody who is so far and unreachable at this second. Maybe like a forbidden fruit is sweet?)
So I am living in the East of Ukraine, yes, exactly where now all this terrible situation is going, but I try to be strong and enjoy all I have , even the life has changed much. My town calls Slavyansk,
My Birthday is on 9 of June, so I am Gemini sign of zodiac.
I am working as a dancer teacher, but for now I almost don't work because of the situation on the East. So I spend much time with organizations who help to people who are suffering much from war. But still spend much time on training and there are left many people who don't want to give up on dancing so I make some classes.
I wish to find a person to share happiness, as I am in my period when I need somebody only one to give love to. I have never been abroad, but the idea to make the borders of search seems good for me, so I decided to try throw the site, as I heard its very productive and popular nowadays.
So tell me more about your life, family and I will continue telling about me also!
Send you some more photos and hope to get more form you. Also send you a little video where I dance, one of my student made it and gave to me, so I can share little dynamic part of my life with you!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Ivan
Thank you for those letters! i am serious about you just dont have instant access to the internet, i am sorry dear! i dont think i am single of this two reasons, i just didnt find my man, that is all. Anna is 5 years old now, thank you for saying such words!
I think for knowing deeper each other, we need to share something what we like to do usually to raise mood, or just to relax. something special what we like to do when we are at home and want to enjoy. For example I like to spend time reading book, or watching a nice movie , having a cup of tea and some just baked cookies. And if it is cold weather outside, than good warm blanket is necessary. Would be perfect of course to have a good company under the blanket, who will hug and share warmness) we can try one day. Also when the weather is good, I like to walk outside enjoying fresh air, looking at birds, sky, nature or maybe going to picnic!
There are many things which I would like to try! for example make a little trip throw Europe with a good company, quite trip with tasting different dishes and seeing different places and different traditions. I have never played golf!It would be great to try! There actually so many things to do, but when you are alone, it is always not enough a good time for it.
I will wait for your letter and to hear more about your favorite things to do and dreams!
Letter 3
Hello, my wonderful Ivan
How happy I am every time to get your letter! Oh. this place is also beautiful, honey! I like both of them, and your home and hotel.
You are our man, so you decide where you want to take your girls. As for the age difference want to say form the beginning, that I see your young soul and you are very attractive to me. You are such a gentleman and so interesting that it means a lot and you can forget about our age difference as I don't see and don't feel it.
My honey, that is very nice that you suggested me to make all done with your agency, but i will have here many papers for my Anna to do and if I do all from agency next to me, they will care of everything from our home with all little details what is important for me as I travel with Anna at first and will need it. I will need to pay all myself and will have many costs our of agency for documents, so the best will be if you support me with costs ad i arrange all, beside hotel, hotel or place where we will stay is on you, I will just need address for visa where we will stay. but honey, I dont have bank account, I went to bank to open one, but they told that during the conflict in my area , new accounts cant be opening but they suggested me services which helps to send funds from different countries, it calls western union or money gram, do you know it and is it possible? they told me that I must give you just my full name for it, but I give you my full name, address, birth date and let me know if you need something else and i will give you. And write me also your full name, honey.
Full name: Olga Kravchenko Vladimirovna (name , surname, fathers name) they told me that fathers name will be also necessary for you to write in.
address: Ukraine, Slavyansk town, Koroleva street, 56, 84100
Birthdate: 09/06/1985
I checked the time which is good for our meeting, If we start now, than all can be done until 15 of June, so this will be perfect! I told Anna that we are going for some adventures and told all about you, she is very excited!maybe I can start teach her English , what do you think? But she is so cute and full of love and energy that when you meet i real you will understand each other even without language.
Honey, I checked the whole costs, for trip, for visas, doe documents, for transfer to Kiev, insurance and so on, for all this for both for June the price is 1700$.Let me know if you want to me explain the price in details and I will write.
so let me tell you a bit more about me and Anna. Anna loves to dance, loves to play with different toys, she likes animals, she likes nature , she likes sweets a lot and there is never a problem for her to find something to do. she loves to paint, to pencil and paper and some hours she is isolated with painting)
As for me, than I love to read books,I love just to lay and listen nice music like jazz and relax enjoying the fresh air around, like beautiful walks, to see new places, to try news things. I like both active and calm way of holidays. Also I like to cook a lot and hope that there will be a place where I can treat you with different delicious dishes and hope that you taste something new for yourself. Tell me what you like to do , my honey! I wish to know all!
I send you my kisses and hugs!
your Olya
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Ivan, my honey...after your letter I dont just from the happiness, I start to think that you are not sure about me,...first we panned to spend time three of us like a family in your home, later you decided to jump to another country and now you want to check if you like me and than plan a vacation...
I dont know if my intuition is right about what I feel, but you made me feel this way honey...
In any case, I was going to take my the only vacation in a year to meet you, and I live in a military are , as on the east of Ukraine is conflict with Russia, you didnt know, honey? And to go to another city in Ukraine to spend the only one vacation in a year with a man who is not sure about me as I see, this is not what I want, sorry, I must come back to work and I am a bit sad, so have nothing to add..
Letter 5
If you prefer to make an ultimatums like this, that let it be so.
but not with me.Hope you find your lady, you deserve happiness Good luck. Olya
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