Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
It's Lisa from Okcupid. Sorry lost of email. Hope you got it now. My Pleasure,
Letter 2
Sure John i have no problem, Sure finally here. We can write more and also share more and also tell you about my offer and favor i need from you. The best reason why i'm here Okcupid searching and wanting to meet with a good and responsible older man. Guess we can get along now and i'm writing to you now about me in my next mail. And also be waiting for yours too.
Letter 3
Well John i'll do it very short and simple, I'm Lisa Hucks by name, single Mom with a daughter, Rose. In school. I'm half American half Canadian. Working as a business advertiser, and also planner. Well Dad is full American Mon also full Canadian, Ontario. I've once been in the State, California, West Covina which was where Dad was from. I went there with Dad when i was 17 and that is years back before he died. Well also there has been a lot of things which i never knew about my own family and after loosening Mom that's about a year and half now. Now i'm here in Germany for a court case which lawyer invited me to come so we get along with. I have been told my late father left few things behind in my name and which i should taking over now. Was told it's a plastic and mining company and with that there is a money in the bank which should be giving to me and also manage the company as the next of king. But with this i have to be married before i can take over this with whom i'm married too. And with the will my late father wrote i have to marry an American and that is why i'm online hoping and seriously searching to find a good and God fearing man who will understand me and also help me with this and as we marry so documents can be showed for approval. Well i'll end here and will be glad to read from your opinion and also if you're interested in doing this together with me. I'll be a happy person ever to read a positive reply from you. My Pleasure,
Letter 4

Ok i understand John. Write when back i'm here for you and also have to eat dinner now. You're invited, A salad and rice with fish. Well that is my problem but your profile says you're in US?
Letter 5
Hello again John, Good to read from you, Sorry i have been in the kitchen preparing dinner. Are you home now. Picture i'll send you few tomorrow i promise. And also are you really willing to help me with the case, The gold and the money in the bank? Are you ready to talk with our lawyer? I like to know John. I wait on your reply.
Letter 6
l am Grace l find you on okc l hope to hear from you Sooner l am From Ghana does the location bother you?
Letter 7
Can you get A mins online so that we can talk more phone ?
Letter 8
Can you get me 50 dollar to buy it here if you never MInd
Letter 9
Hi How Is Your Weekend Going ? I am Tesh by name and am new on here seeking to find a true friend ..Do you mind we getting to know each other..Hope to read back from you until then Kisses..
Letter 10
Hi Handsome ....
How Are You Doing ? I am Thereshina by name but can call me Tesh..I am 33yrs of age ,Fair In Complexion have light brown hair and Grey Eyes ..I am 5.6tall and i weigh about 128ibs ..I am Mixed Half Swiss and Half Brazilian..I Am a Nurse and also work with a Governmental Organization giving aid to street Orphans To Shelter And Educate cos they are our tomorrow .. I am single never married nor have kids but been in a relationshp which broke me apart for me to regain strength back from hurt almost 4yrs now that i am willing to give a chance out hoping to find a true friend who knows the worth of a true friend to build a better tomorrow with through honesty,loyalty,Trustworthy and a true listener ready to put away the past and embrace the new with a grace of joy and happiness.. I am blessed when I see my family & friends happy, I would rather give than to receive. I have a great sense of humor, I love Animals and I have a great passion for painting... I am an affectionate person & a hopeless romantic woman..I Like to listen to music,watch movies,cook,decorate the house and have a walk along the beach and if i am with the man of my life we share a happy cuddle on the couch And Hopefully share some good Fantasies together .. I am open-minded, caring, & I wish to welcome a man who is HONEST into my Life. I never give up on having someone to love & to be loved. I am not about what a person owns, as much as I cherish what they hold dear to their heart. My future ambitions are living like there is no tomorrow, and I so desire a companion to make my life complete. I may not be your first, but to be your last would be perfect .. I Look Forward To Read back from you so we give each other a chance to fulfill our thirst to life with a new leaf of growth and understanding and satisfying one another till the end of time ..Hope You had a great weekend And Sorry for the delay in reply had a meeting which i couldnt get to be online but i sure want to make time for us to build our interest until we talk the Lord Be With You .. Kisses Dear Friend
Letter 11
Hope to seeing some few more pictures of u John..
Letter 12

Hi Handsome....
Thank you for your time and reply to know you well within as i opened up myself to you as well and want you to know that i have been hurt and broken which had me be lonely for almost 4yrs now ..As i have putten the past behind to embrace the new ...I am not here to let you down or hurt anyone as i wouldnt want to pass through that no more and sorry for the bad luck we both have been through but in all better things come in time just with a clear mind and heart in fulfilling a prosperous life .. My Condolences ones again about your lost ..But this is life we will live through and get lost through a day to come..I am proud u havent looked at any or been in any relationship till now but how sure am i to knowing that u are all in for me so we can build this truly cos i am one man woman and i want to serve my partner with my all as i want him to with me so we enjoy a life time of a true passionate relationship ... As I Said in my previous mail age is just a number but what i desire most is the heart whats within that has that respect and adoration to serve the other with great attitude of fulfilling life together as a husband and wife..And sure want to have someone in my life who is much experiences and can turn me on and brighten our days to breathe with smile exploration and true affection for one another...I am so ready for us to try new fantasies and have the best of each other..I do not mind u cant give children but ones u can give me a hard dick to make me scream your name i just want to be happy in life ... I will like to know what do you see in me to want me and how do u want us to fulfill our hearts together to complete life as partners ?.Wish u a sound sleep until we talk tomorrow the Lord Bless You Through ..Kisses ...
Letter 13
I Love Yours as well cos it really teaches me something great to want to over flow with you my partner...I am so ready to make u much younger to make u feel like never before to know how a good woman serves a good husband ..You make me speechless but i just want each day to life be of our best and our devotion to fulfilling our plans as a whole cos i cant wait to feel all that u have for me ..I will share anything with you but to know how ready u are for me and how u will take care of and love me like never before and nothing do u have a worry about cos i will make each moment to life the best we both yearn for ..I wish ur day going good ..Am thinking about you and wish u we are together ..I want to have u deep within me .. Kisses
Letter 14
Hi Handsome.
Why will i be annoyed with you as u care for your friend ..You will have it all to yourself as u want ok ..It will be a great pleasure to have u feeling such but we sure share the best to life to fulfill our thirst to togetherness..So what u doing this weeken ?
Letter 15
I do Not Want To Be Hurt Either Cos All I need is that true man ready for me for us to let the past go and embrace the new had a busy start of the week and hope ur week is going good so to ask what more do you want to know of me cos i am open to accept you in my life ..I Want You And Am Serious about it ..
Letter 16
Wow so surprised to call me not serious cos i didnt send u pictures whiles u also could send me a few more but i am not sure sharing pictures makes one serious about a relationship but if that is how u call it fine ..I wish u safe trip and hope u really want a good woman and not just someone for fun and drama..
Letter 17
how are you doing there today it nice meeting you on here i will love to chat with you on hangout if you want to chat add me add me on hangout if you want me am a good honest caring woman????
Letter 18
hello, how are you and nice meeting you here Nicolina is my name single and looking fo a soul mate i am 38 years of age and hope you wll not mind if we get to know more about each other and see how the future is going to be with us here s my email we ca chat on hangout if you like
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