Scam Letter(s) from Alena to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hello John,

It was a big pleasure for me to meet you!
There are a lot of things that I want to change in my life...
and I look for a nice man to become my dearest person and my love for the end of my life. Nowadays so many people that met in Internet and that are happy togehter! Why do we have to stay lonely?

Its not very easy to find a good person with whom you would want to grow old. I think we must try all the ways to become happy and one day destiny will bring us to the right person.
Don't you agree? I don't want to wait for my happiness all my life) I prefer to act! And may be you're that man that will be my beloved, what do you think?

Just answer me soon if you find it interesting and we will talk more) Have a good day!

Sincerely, Aliona)

Letter 2

Hello, honey...ok, recover soon and write when you can)
Your Aliona)

Letter 3

Hello, my dear John...
How are you? Do you feel better now? I'm sorry about the heart attack.
Its very serious, I hope you have good doctors there. My darling, I wish I could come to you, but for me its not possible as I don't have such money.
I don't have passport and visa and my salary is 90$. Sorry(

Letter 4

Yes, honey, I would come to visit you and see you in person)
That would help us a lot in our relations and would show if we want to be together forever) But I don't have such money, sorry.

Letter 5

Hello, my dear John)
How are you? Do you feel better? I missed you!
Hope you had a nice weekend) My dear, I don't know what you can do...
I really don't have the money for such travel, and even for passport(
If I had I would come and if we love each other I would stay with you.
But that is too expensive(
Kiss you...

Letter 6

Hi, my darling John)
How are you? Honey, I didn't think anything bad about you))
I didn't write because it was dangerous to go to the Internet cafe.
Honey, thank you for being so nice and that you are ready to pay for the trip, but I don't have a bank account. Today I went to the bank to open it, and they told me that they don't work with bank accounts anymore. Sorry...they told me we can use western union or moneygram. Do you know about them?
And for the meeting on the Black sea, I don't mind it. But firstly I need to move to Kharkiv, because I can't go this dangerous road many times. When I will be in Kharkiv it will be easier.
Kiss you)

Letter 7

Hello, my dear John)
How are you? Honey, I prefer Aliona as its my real name)
So, I should call you Jack? As for me both names are nice)
Hope you were able to find western union or moneygram)
Of course its dangerous to go to Kharkiv, but here its also dangerous. So, I don't even have a choice...if you send the money I will go to Kharkiv and we will meet. There is no other way, unfortunately. Of course if I take a taxy to Kharkiv it would be more safe, but its very very expensive.
Well, the main now is to find the way to send the money so that we can plan our actions. I kiss you, honey)
Your Aliona



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