Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ivanova to Oliver (Austria)

Letter 1
Hello Dear Oliver , its Natalya again!)))) You should understand, I am lonely and all my efforts to find the man of my life here in my town were in vain:( I am so frustrated about it:( And I wonder if you are lonely or not?? If yes and your heart aches of being lonely please please write me!!! May be we have a chance to be together and may be God has plans for us who knows... Nowadays *** is easy to find everywhere. I have joined the site looking for a nice man, which can stand as a man at my side and knows when and how to be a man. A man to whom I will give myself completely and he will give himself to me completely. A man with whom I will share my life . Are you him ? In spite of this bad experience I still believe in love and ready to trust a man again... I want to use letters just to get to know each other better and in the nearest future to start planning our meeting in real!!! If you feel the same about this may be you will answer me at this e-mail address and we will continue??? Age, appearance and financial status are not so important if you are kind, honest, family oriented, treat women with respect and have a good sense of humor. Please write and tell me a little about yourself sending your photos, as well! With best regards, Natalya
Letter 2
Hello My Dear Oliver!!!! Nice to meet you! It is pleasure for me to find your photos! Your are attractive man and it is interesting for me to know what is surrounding you)Please keep sending me your nice photos. Thank you very much for such wonderful words about me. It is especially pleasant to hear it from such a man as you))You know what women want to hear!I see that you are purposeful person and serious with yours intentions. Your letter gives birth to hopes, and I believe that they develop into something more... Happy to know that you are also interested in relations and we can know each other better now. I am sure that correspondence is the way to understand, if people are match and serious enough to develop the relations. I hope you would here yourself with me and I would tell my story. Please don't forget to answer my questions and read my letters, because I am here not for Copy and Paste letters! Do you understand me that I don't want to waste time?! I hope that you are serious enough, because it depends, if we would continue our communication or not!
OK??? SO, As you know that my name is Natalya, I am 25 years old (11.08.1990) Age is just a number. And it can not say anything about the person, so even don't think about it as about the problem!)Do you agree? IF you are also interested: my height is 5ft 9in (175 cm).
weighs 127 lbs (57 kg). any measurements are: 37-25-36 (94-64-91 cm).
*** size is 34C. I live in Primorsk\Zaporojie oblast, its Ukraine) Do you know my region? Do you like traveling? Active or just relaxing vocation? I am a waiter , but also love cooking and dream to become a good A Chef!)))
What kind of cuisine do you prefer? At my photo you can see, how I am practicing my skills in the restaurant , where are I am working) I am active woman, adore pets and other animals, very close with my mother and respect family traditions and values. I am honest, have sense of humor, love dresses and high heels, enjoy summer time , like swimming and dancing) I am searching for the relations based on honesty and sincerity, which mean a lot in serious relations, which I am looking for. I want my man to be my best friend with whom I can have fun. I want my man to be my passionate lover with whom we can spend hot nights. I want my man to be careful, who would not leave me in trouble and would keep me saved.
Can it be possible? I am not the woman, who can only receive, but I have a lot, what I can give to my the only one!!!!! Please write me back soon!
With regards,
Letter 3
Hello my Dear Oliver, I hope you were missing me also, like I did:) Frankly speaking, I couldn't imagine that our communication could attract me so much.
Oliver, I owe you for this wonderful feeling!
I am feeling much more better looking at your new photos!You have attracted me so much!!
I am so excited reading that you are travelling a lot! It is my great dream to see the world near my beloved man! I am fond of traveling! I appreciate that you answered my questions) It was interesting to know what you are looking for here)Thank you for your compliments! You words like Cupid arrows get straight to my heart) Age is just a number. And it can not say anything about the person, so even don't think about it as about the problem!) I like the Ukrainian traditional cuisine. I have not tried a lot of different ones in my life)) I cook wonderful! I still think that woman have to stay a woman even if she is at the kitchen. I will try not just for your stomach but for your eyes also) I am glad to know that you also like pets. Animals feel good people and I am sure that you are exactly such person! I don't have bad habits, I think that every women should even try to smoke or drink, they are future mothers and they could give harm for their babies. So I have one strong rule - I will never take cigarette in my hand!I want to have strong and healthy children, do you agree with me? To my mind each letter make us more closer and I want to tell you more and more about myself and of course glad to know better your thoughts and way of live. For each person family and close people take the first place, so it would be nice to hear your story. What kind of family you have and in what way you will create your own one? I love my family, but unfortunately we meet not so often:( My closest person is my mother, Olya.
My parents divorced many years ago and now have their own privet lives.
Mother is in Russia and father in Belarus. They left apartment for me , so I do my best to save it and keep paying for all services. As you see that I am self confident person, but without good man near I feel big emptiness in my heart. Our communication is filling it up and I feel not alone. Our communication mean a lot for me, and I value you opinion,Oliver. What is your attitude that I don't know English and use help of translators?
I hope it doesn't bother you too much, because when I see other couples, who met in the Internet and speak different languages , I understand that language and distance is not a barrier for real love. Do you agree, Oliver? With full heart:)
Your Natalya
Letter 4

Hello My Dear Oliver!!! You can't imagine, how I was looking for you letter. Our communication set fire in my heart and I wait for your letters with big excitement.
Even my employers say that I am very active and smile more last days.
Thank you so much that you give me inspiration and prove that we can create true and honest relations with the help of Internet. Our communication mean a lot for me and now I am sure that our achievements even more stronger then other couples have.
By the way, I like your new photos again! I like you more and more)) I like traveling, but I have never been abroad((( If you didn't know I will explain... Here in Ukraine we may have two passports first one is local Ukrainian passport with it you may travel inside of the country and the other passport you need to buy is for travelling abroad. It costs a lot of money for me so I cannot afford it at the moment so it will take time till I will be able to travel(( Thank you for telling me about your family. I belive that children are like their parents. So I can say that they are a good example for you!
The parent's education is very useful!It is wonderful that they are still together! I see that you are very close with them,too. I really appreciate it! It shows that you are family-oriented) Thank you for helping with English. Yes, I will be glad to help you with Russian or Ukrainian! Language is not a problem when you learn it for conversation with you lover. Feeling will help me with my studying! I am sure that we will not need translator's help to describe our feelings face to face with touches, hugs and.......
Oliver, I thank you for your understanding according using the agency.
I just don't have another way to communicate. I can not use Google Electronic translator or Write in Russian. For this thing I would need to have the Internet and computer,right?) Did you read that I don't have it? it is the only reason for me to be in touch to use help of agency Internet presented me hope that I can find close person and when I communicate with you, I feel much more better. The words which I tell you are very important and I value the meaning of them. I just want to say that it is not fleeting passion which appeared between us, I am really serious with my intentions. I want to live for man and for myself, I want to see the world, to share my new emotions with my the only one. I dream to sit in some park, hold your hand and just feel happy. Oliver, do you want to be happy too with me? There are a lot of problems which can face to us, but I am ready to overcome all of them. We should not lose hope, because when you are looking for something and do your best you will overcome difficulties. Relations are not easy process and everything happens, but when you fall in love, there is nothing better when your love is mutual and you don't care about other problems. Love is worth of being fight for.... Your faithfully Natalya.
Letter 5
Hello my Sweetheart Oliver!!!!
Thank you for more photos! I understand that you want to speak on phone, but it is difficult to imagine how it will be. Do you understand Russian, Ukrainian languages to make our phone conversation more longer then just "hi" and "How are you?"?
I have just working number now, because I crashed my own one couple weeks ago((( I can give you working number, but I can use it only being at work(( My phone is nokia 26 00, so I can't use any application now. My favorite thought of you is pretending that my pillow is you. I always say good night to you and hoping you can hear me. I think about you before I go to sleep and you are the first thing that pops in my head when I wake up in the morning. Yes, I have rather poor life to have gadgets now. We have war in Ukraine. I had no job for long time and my mother also had problems in Russian. She stopped helping me. I had start borrowing money, then selling my staff and things just to have money for food. Yes, everything was alright, I had good cloths and decent life. However everything changed... I try to start everything from the begging. It is very hard, but I am totally honest with you. Don't think that I lie writing you that I don't have own computer or Internet. It is truth...
unfortunately **** truth. I dream about after our first meeting and when we finally get a chance to be alone.That we are standing and holding hands and I am giving you soft romantic kisses and we both just melt together where we are standing.This is just one of many dreams and thoughts that I have about us.The rest I will share with you when we are together.What is one of your dreams that you have about us when you go to sleep?What are some of your plans for our first meeting?? I really want to make it possible, but how to save the connection? You know that I pay for the translation of our letters and it is rather expensive for my level of live((( I am here alone and need to pay for the apartment having no Internet at home, which would help me to refuse from the agency... What I can do? Can you help me not to lose each other?! Please don't disappear. I trust you and don't want to be hurt and be forgotten or lost! I need you, Dear Oliver! DO you need me too??? I will be dreaming of you all night tonight.Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear from you. Your Natalya
Letter 6
Oliver, I am so happy to continue with you, but due my financial situation I am not able to continue paying for the translation fees.
If you know, we have War and crises here and my salary is not enough for all expenses. You became my LIGHT during such dark time in Ukraine. I am here with you, because of LOVE and want continue so much! I feel uncomfortable to ask you for something, but only you can save our connection now. You see that the life is not so easy here . I live in small town and not in Kiev, so life level is more then depressive. I understand that you may have doubts about me, but I am real woman and I don't have another contacts with any man! But yes, I have problems. You shouldn't think that all people have good life. I earn just 5 usd per day working 10 hours! I had to sell telephone , computer , lots of good close , when the crises and war began. I had nothing to eat! I stayed without any work for long time, so I had to survive somehow. My mother also stopped helping me. I would be glad to relocate in Kiev or another city, but I don't have money for this. In Kiev, the rent of apartment costs about 300 usd per month, but they ask for 2 months ahead. It is not affordable for at all.I am not complaining, but you have to understand, how looks the life in small town near the war area! It is my truth, so you should decide to accept it or not. I don't need any penny for myself, I just want to keep our connection active, because I care about us a lot and want to MEET FOR SURE!!! We are real people with the same goal! It is the only way to be in touch for Now. Maybe you don't like or trust agency, but it is REALLY the only chance to be in contact for now. Can you trust me? I need you!Please answer, if you can help me? I wish, I could use Google translation, but it is impossible to do, if don't have own PC or smartphone. I want to meet, but without personal communication, it is impossible to discuss all the issues and arrangements. Can you assist me to refill the translation account? I have already spent about 100 usd for our communication, but don't have more to keep writing to you.
I don't want you to think that I am disappearing, because I don't like you. I like you a lot, but you have to know my situation. Can you help me?
It is possible to do by moneygram,all my information is here:
First Name - Natalia
Second Name -Ivanova
UKRAINE, 72100
City - Primorsk\Zaporojie oblast
Gogolya street 5 I don't want us to lose each other!
Lots of kisses,
Your Natalia.
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