Letter(s) from Elmira Vaulina to Ralf (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Ralph!
all the while thinking to answer your letter or not ??? because I'm the most unlucky woman on this planet !!! you lost me a lot of time and effort !! you did all for our meeting, but I was not able to fly because the husband of my sister playing in the casino !! can I bring misfortune to all men who love me !! Now I'm afraid to hurt you again, because I love you !!! We had a lot of problems, but you continue to write and wait for my letter !! who am I to you?? explain to me? I tried several times to fly, but fate was against our meeting !!!! you're not disappointed in me? why?? I do not understand?? It may be because you love me with all your heart ??? I'm afraid to continue our relationship because I do not want to hurt you !! you have to understand this is not my fault, I love you very much !!! I will be happy to receive your letter !! but tell me, what kind of future awaits us? when I wrote that my sister's husband stole the money, you do not believe me !!! Do you think I'm lying to you ??? you no longer will I never trust ??? Now at every chance, I will be guilty before you! I lost your confidence ??? Love is trust and honesty! how we can continue our relationship if you do not believe me ??? you must know, I love you, but I need to know the answers to my questions! Your Elmira!