Scam letter(s) from Anna Lobanova to Anthony (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my love Anthony!
For today's night I shed many tears.
My eyes still red and hurt from tears a little.
There is no mood and I now constantly think only that happened to me.
It is similar to a nightmare. I don't want to think of it, but I can't differently.
I still see faces of those robbers before eyes and to me it becomes terrible.
I to be afraid of everything and I have now still a state of shock.
I now write this letter to you and tears again drip from my eyes.
Maybe you will be able to send me your money through Western Union or MoneyGram systems?
For me now it is only option to receive your money.
So it will be better if you send me your money through these systems.
Here my information that you could send me your help:
name Anna
surname Lobanova
Address Western Union and MoneyGram:EVROSYTYBANK
Schiller St.7. Kaliningrad, Russia
I need 960 euros
Write me all information which will be required to me for receiving a money transfer.
I now need your help that I could come back home back.
I promise you that I to return you money at once as soon as I arrive to myself home.
So you won't lose any cent.
I will return you all expenses for a transfer, write me what sum I have to return to you.
I ask you to trust in me and to try the help to me today with money.
I now have nobody to hope except you.
I will be the whole day waiting for your letter tomorrow and I hope that you will help me.
Well, I to hurry to send you this letter. I hope that you receive my letter today and you will at once answer me.
I ask you to try the help to me, ok.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Your woman Anna.
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