Scam letter(s) from Roson Delgado to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello John, Joe are you? You're very much welcome and I also need to thank you for taken your time to write me, I'm one of the people that believes age is nothing but a number and secondly what really matter is what is inside of you to offer to the relationship or friendship so I don't believe in age. I appreciate the nice compliment and the congratulations lol but I'm currently in Mexico now because of my daughter who had a terrible car accident during her meeting up here with boyfriend who's from here.....Anyway, let me know if you would still like to stay in touch after reading this. Thank you
Letter 2
Thank you so much for your concern about my daughter and yes, she was badly injured because she has been in coma since the day of the incident....I got your gmail address and I'll add you on hangout for us to be able to chat and start to know each other better....mine is
Letter 3
Yes, I'm at the hospital now but I'll be returning to my Inn around 8pm....I'm just sitting here with her in private word....I'm not leaving her to talk to you and thanks for so being considerate
Letter 4

Thank you so much John for your concern and words of encouragement.....I really appreciate that....I got your email and I have just replied it
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