Scam letter(s) from Augustine Arthur to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello how are you doing ? well my name is Lovia from OKC. you just gave me your email address on OKC and i am just trying this to see if it works. i want you to write me back when you get this message. i am looking forward to read from you soon ..
Letter 2
Yes i do have gmail. it will be very easy and faster for us to chat on hangout. can we do that ?
Letter 3
Thank you for the message. i am glad to know more about you. i am very sorry to hear about the lost of your girlfriend . you sound so interesting . anyway i am living in America in the state of Washington in a City called Longview...
Well i was born over here but my father was from Africa and he to have a home over there and most of my family are living in Africa. i do visit them from time to time as well .. anyway do you know Ghana ? there is where my home is .i will be flying there real soon to visit my family .. i want you to tell me more about your self. what do you really want in the woman that you are looking for ?
I hope to read from you soon ..
Letter 4

I am glad to read from you again . to be honest with you i am living in Ghana now .. I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique Man who is affectionate, Handsome, with a shapely figure, sincere, easygoing, with interests and characteristics similar to mine...someone who wants a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship...not just a few dates. Are you that special Man? I am looking for someone who has a great sense of humor and big heart, is curious about new things that would like to share new experiences or old habits. I am looking for someone who believes that a true intimate partner looks out for the other and vice versa. While navigating life together, we are caring and concerned for each other's well-being because we make each other so happy and we love each other very much. Looking for a serious long term relationship with someone who posesses strong character and is goal-oriented. He must love the Lord with all of his heart,then I know he will love me with all his heart. If you enjoy a good book, walks , watch what you put into your "temple"....just love praising God, can dance even a little..... But I also want to be in a relationship where I can totally trust the other person and not dwell on how the relationship is NOT working... As far as an ideal partner, i dont have a type....charisma, humor and charm come in many packages..I care about honesty, integrity & sincerity u know the basics....Those who know its impossible to walk a righteous path and do right by everybody,.....but at least still try(emphasis on strong effort)....i am attracted to overtly passionate mature people who are totally comfortable in their own skin,..who know who they are(the good and the bad)and recognize their flaws, yet are unashamed (and not afraid to show) of the quirky, sometimes contradictory, eccentric aspects of their personality that define their individuality.....When u are genuine and sincere, people may not always love u.....but they usually respect u (at least thats been my experience).....I am interested in forming a positive, healthy and enjoyable friendship with a quality person(s).
With regards to a relationships, i now want more from life than family and friends can offer. Meaning i would like to meet the type of MAN that really would enjoy sensually charged chemistry, laughter and uncomplicated real time meet and greets....Someone who is highly affectionate, passionate, loving, considerate and is happy with hisself just the way he is today right now. While i too am highly passionate i am not interested in just mere *** alone, Additionally, I believe in and would like to continue learning to create and savor the simple pleasures in life, such as womanhood and learning mor about myself as an individual...appreciating those often brief and fleeting moments of beauty & perfection (and not so perfect) for what they are...nothing more nothing less.
Lets communicate, I promise i will be a lady and warm(with a bit of excitability at times as i am very high spirited and a bit humorous).
I will approach u with hope, and an open dialogue to include a positive and productive goal with a geniune concern for the future of a healty relationship(friend or otherwise).
how is the weather over there new and what is the time there now i am looking forward to read from you soon ..
Letter 5
Good morning ,
Thank you for the message. well i am doing good this morning . thank you for asking. and also thank you for the message . i feel very happy when i read message from you . anyway how is the weather over there now and what is the time over there now ? well i understand that you will be writing more to me later today . i will be looking forward to read from you soon ...
Letter 6
I am glad to read from you again . anyway i understand everything that you have said .. anyway it is very hot over here and the weather is so hot at the moment .. i am going to shower now .. i am looking forward to read from you soon ..
Letter 7
I was having problem with my connection and because of that i could not write you back on time. i am very sorry for that . anyway thank you for the question . well i am living in Accra over here in Ghana and it dont rain over here always . sometimes we don't get the rain on time. it is always hot over here in Ghana .
Anyway what are your plans for today ? can you delete your profile from the site ? i will be very happy if you can do that because i have already removed my profile from the site alright ..
Letter 8
I will be cleaning the house and do some washing as well .. that is the things which i will be doing today ..anyway after doing that i will take my shower and get some rest as well..
Letter 9
Good morning my sweet Dear,
how are you doing today ? how is the weather over there ? well i hope that everything is going well with you . what will you be doing today ?
Letter 10
You never upset me. sometimes. the connection get very bad and it makes me to find it hard to connect with you. that is the reason why sometimes i dont write you back on time .. anyway how are you doing today ?
Letter 11
You never upset me. sometimes. the connection get very bad and it makes me to find it hard to connect with you. that is the reason why sometimes i dont write you back on time .. anyway how are you doing today ?
Letter 12
I am sorry to hear about your problem. anyway is your internet working now ? are you alright ? what are you doing today ? i will be looking forward to read from you soon ..
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