Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend John!!! this is Irina. You the first man which I to write the letter. I very much to worry. I to be sorry if I shall do mistakes in my letter. I to want to speak you, me 29 years. I to not have children, I not to be married. I to have higher education. I know two languages English and Russian. I to have growth of 167 centimeters and weight of 56 kgs. I to have a sports constitution. I to have dark hair and dark eyes. I to live with my parents in small city in Russia. I to want to find special the man, for serious relations. It is very important for me, what the man to love and respect me!!!! The man should be clever fair and courageous, the man should be my friend. I hope that we shall continue to write each other letters. I to send you my photo. I to want to learn about you and about your life. I to want to see your new photos. yours Irina.
Letter 2

Hi my friend John!!! How to pass your day? Today I could finish my work more likely what to go to write to you the letter. Today I to think of you much. It is very pleasant for me to learn new about you. Last night I to speak with my parents about you. My mum to ask me why I to come back with my work later than usually. I to tell to my parents about you. I to speak my mum, that I to find the friend. I to speak my mum, that you to live in other country. My mum to tell to me that I the adult woman and should make of the decision itself. Mum to tell to me, she it to want what I to be happy. My parents always to wish me of good luck. I to thank my parents. My mum to speak you hi. my parents very much to like each other. They to live together 33 years. My parents very modest people. I to want to have the same strong and reliable relations with the future husband, as at my parents. I to ask the god, what it he to send me such the man which will love and respect me. I hope that you! not against, that I to tell to my parents about you. Today I shall tell to you about my hobbies. I already to speak you, that 2-3 times a week I to go to sports a hall. Employment by sports to deliver to me it is a lot of pleasure. I to want what my body to be harmonous and beautiful. Very much frequently I to go to theatre. My parents very much to love theatre. Mine the daddy very much frequently to invite me and my mum in theatre. Last time we with parents to go on ballet " Bird's jack ". You to love theatrical representations? In the summer I to like to lay on sand under the sun at the river, I very much to like to float. On work when I to have not many free time, I to read books. I very much to like to read novels about love. I to like to read books. Now I cannot find a free time for reading books. Recently our firm to have it is a lot of orders. I should work much. When I to study at university, I frequently to go to campaigns. I with friends to go to a wood. I very m! much to like the nature. There we plant fires and to sing songs. I to not go to a campaign some years. In the days off I to do make cleaning in the house. My mum is very tasty to prepare. I very much to like to prepare. When I to be small, I to look as to prepare my mum. My mum has learned me to prepare many tasty dishes. My parents to speak me that I am very tasty to prepare. I very much to like to prepare for friend meat with mushrooms and a potato. Mine the daddy very much to love this dish. I not is a lot of meat. I to like to eat vegetables and fruit. Mine the daddy very much to love meat, it he frequently to ask me, what I to prepare it him for fried meat with various garnishes. I to have not many girlfriends. I have very good girlfriend. I think that in a life there can not be many true friends. I think that the true friend can to be only one. A name of my girlfriend Katya. She it very modest and kind woman. Today at us again very hot weather. The temperature about 32 degrees is higher a zero. Today I to not be at home after my work. Now ! I shall go in shop and to buy not a lot of meal home. I should prepare for a supper for my parents. Today I to want to prepare for salad from vegetables and a fried potato with a fish. Today I shall finish my letter. I to want to receive it is more than letters from you. Tomorrow I shall write to you again. Your Irina.
Letter 3

My lovely John. How you? how has passed your day? today I had a problem with my box. I want, what you to write to me on the new address( In the rest I'm fine. today in the street the first sunny day for this week. In the morning I have opened eyes and have seen the solar beams getting in my open window. I love sunny days, it raises my mood.yesterday at night I long time laid in my bed and could not fall asleep. I thought about our the first meeting and my trip. I thought that we know each other short time and about that that I yet did not see you face to face. It very much excites me. I am nervous before our meeting a dear, several months ago I hated all men, I thought, that I never can trust men. I had very strong not healing wound in my heart. I thought, that my life has stopped. I did not represent, that in my life the beloved can appear. I was afraid and hated all men. I very hardly and difficultly experienced treachery. but in one day I have reflected on my life. I have understood, that if I shall continue to hate and deny men, I cannot be happy. I cannot meet my favourite only thing the man, I cannot create happy family. I already spoke you, that my last life passed boringly and not interestingly. I am very tired from mine the last life.I many times consulted with my mum and Katya. my mum to be very unfortunate, when saw my tears. I very much frequently to cry when went to bed. all my familiar which do not know full details of my life, think, that I very strong and independent woman.they think, that I have stone heart. Only my parents and Katya knew as my life was unfortunate. I never showing on work or in other places my weaknesses. but when I remained alone with myself I cried many times. Inside I very gentle and vulnerable woman. I was very easy for offending a word. I always dreamed to have the beloved who could protect and love me. I want to have the beloved to whom I can trust all my secrets. I want to divide with him my successes and problems. I want to ask him advice if I have problems. I want to give to him all my love and caress. now I have you and all my life has I again feel the eighteen-year girl. I again want to have fun. I want to love and be loved. now my life is meaningful. you have completely turned my life. I am grateful to you for it. In my heart burns small fire of hope and love. I hope, that we together can kindle huge and not dying away fire in our hearts. I think, if two persons are loved sincerely each other by them can create strong and happy loved, now my heart is completely open for you. my words go from my heart. I have told to you very intimate things. It is very important for me. now I have tears on gases. I am sorry for it. I pay with happiness. I am happy, that I have you!!!! today I cannot answer your questions. now I want to leave from the Internetcafe because I have tears on a moss eyes. I do not want, that people would see my tears. I once again am sorry!!! yours for ever kiss for you.
Letter 4

My dear John.I am sorry for my yesterday's tears.yesterday in the Internetcafe I have begun to cry, when wrote the letter. I could not constrain the emotions. I hope, you understand me. for me very important that you would understand all my letters. now we can learn about each other, only through our letters. my loved, your letters are very important for me. I hope what be fast we can together and we can prove sincerity of our feelings face to face. I very much wait our meeting. this meeting will be the most important event in my life. I hope, for you our meeting the same is very important. every day I start to worry because of our meeting more and more. I hope, at our the first meeting you will not be disappointed in me? I hope, that your feelings will not die away. I think of that day when I can nestle on you, and feel palpation of your heart. I many times represented our first seconds together. I represented, as I to leave the plane and to search for you my eyes. I shall run to you towards and I shall be pressed to you very strongly. It will be the most disturbing moment for me. my dear, today I bought for you a gift. now I shall not tell what gift I bought for you. I want to make a surprise for you. I hope, you will love my surprise.lessons of the English language pass very well. these lessons help me to improve my english. It is very important for me, that my english would become very good to our meeting. my teacher has told to me, that I can do my english perfect on 100 when I shall live and talk among people which talk only in english. I agree with my teacher. when we shall together I can improve my english completely. I hope, you can help me with english. I cannot still find a free time on my work what to go to collect all papers for mine visa. I very much I am nervous because of it. I spoke my chief, that I should collect papers for visa as soon as possible. my chief has told to me as soon as my working day will be less occupied, I can leave with my work what to collect papers for visa. I hope this week to have time to collect all papers. last night after the Internetcafe I have come home and long time laid in a hot bath. I thought of you. I represented as we together to spend time. I want to be near to you all time. I want to learn all you. I want to learn all your habits and custom. I want to do you massage. there are such things which we can see only at our meeting. I have many love and caress in my heart. I dream of the first supper at candles. slow music will sound, you will invite me on slow dance. I shall feel your breath. Your hand will hold me for a waist. my heart will jump out of a ******. I shall whisper to you on an ear tender words. I frequently close eyes and I present it. I have many romantic feelings at this time.I do not want to come only in the USA. I want to come to you. I want to see you. I want to learn you and your habits. I want to be together with you. I like your last photo. It is very a pity to me, but I can write my letters only. I cannot use other services the Internet.My dear John, today I shall finish my letter. I should carry out some work of a house. It will be fast in the street darkly. I want to have time to come home during light time. my parents speak you hi. a hot kiss for you!!! only your Irina. " I need you " on russian " Ti nugen mne ".
Letter 5

My loved John!!! how are you? than you did made today? I'm fine. yesterday I could not write to you. I was engaged in my visa. I collected many papers for mine visa. my dear, I ask you to give to me the exact information on you. I should know your exact home address, phone, your name and a surname. I want, that you would write to me the invitation. I should have your invitation. this invitation is written in the any form. I shall write to you an example of the invitation at the end of my letter. today I want to discuss date of our meeting more precisely. my vacation will begin on september, 28. I can arrive to you on october, 1. I can remain at you till october, 28. It is date it is good for you? Your opinion? I very much worry before our meeting. I the first time shall fly in such the far country. I ask the god, that it he would help us. I think, you will help me more likely to get used to new conditions. I am calmed by that I shall be near to you. I shall feel like more confident in new conditions together with you. this meeting will be very special for me. this most important event in my life. I till now cannot believe, that I can soon see you. recently I very much frequently present as we shall spend together ours time. I am very happy, that I can learn you more close. I hope, that you will not be disappointed in can see as far as my feelings sincerely to could find a key to my heart for short time.I very much am afraid to receive again a wound in my heart. I hope, that you will be cautious with my heart. at me very gentle vulnerable heart. I cannot endure again such intimate dear, I am happy, that I to find you. I want to carry out all my life together with you. I shall do make by that happy the man all over the world. I want to give to you all my love caress and tenderness. I do not know why, I so well trust you. I think, that it is destiny, that we to meet each other. I think, that we were created each other . today solar warm day.the sun all the day long shines. today I have woken up in 6 o'clock in the morning because of solar beams falling on my person. today all the day long at me good mood. all my ideas are connected to mum speaks me, that I began to look better. I have told to it her, that you to do make my life happy. my parents are very happy, that I have met you.mum thanks you, that you to do make me happy. You have reserved my have given me hope and confidence. my life was empty without you. now I want to love and be pleased lives. tonight I should help to my mum to prepare various to preserve vegetables.the daddy very much likes to eat mine in the winter to preserve of vegetables. You to preserve vegetables?probably in your country people do not do make it?In my house there is no A/C. I should open a window, that fresh air would get in a room. I love your photos. Your photo with a giraffe is very I shall finish my kiss for you.yours for ever Irina.
example of the invitation for me.
I the citizen USA, invite Irina Isakovu to myself on a visit from october, 1 till october, 28.
She it will live in my house.
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