Letter(s) from Anastasia Galcinya to JB (USA)

Letter 1

Hello John! Thanks for the answer! My name is Anastasiya. I'm 29 years old. I'm a honest and loyal person. But my life like night sky without stars! I don't have love in my life! I went on match.com only for a serious relationship. I think we can learn each other from our letters, and it's very romantic. I had relationship on the Internet, but it's not fun. Because everyone wanted my naked photos. I think those men didn't have serious intentions. I stopped talking to them. If you don't have serious intentions and it's game for you. I don't see any reason to continue our talk. If you do not have serious intentions - Good luck in your search!!! I don't have time for games! John, I'm looking only serious relationship and true love! John, if you have good intentions, I hope to hear from you soon. Take care. Anastasiya.

Letter 2

John how there was your day? I had good day! I have returned from Chaykovskiy. I have told to my mum about my trip to you. John, my mum all over again had tears in her eyes! But then she has told to me that will miss very much. I have told to her, that we necessarily shall arrive to visit her. Can we do it John??? My mum very much worries, but she has told that she is very happy for us with you. My mum has approved my step. She has told that together with you I shall be happy. John, for me it was very important to know her opinion. I was very much pleased with her reaction to my news. John, you very much like my mum. She responds about you very well. Mum speaks "Hello" for you!!! John when I have returned Chaykovskiy, I at once have gone to library to write to you the letter. It was pleasant to me to imagine, how we shall look together film of horrors or other films. These are sweet dreams. I have written down the information which you have specified in the letter. I also wish to know your phone number which always to be together with you. Write to me your phone number. I hope that I can find an opportunity to call to you. I very much would like to hear your voice! My full name: Anastasiya Galciyna. Also it is pleasant to me to think, that you can arrive to Russia. I would be glad to meet you. But I also think, that I need to learn, that is required for a trip to you. I am glad, that we can soon speak about love looking an eye in the face. I LOVE YOU JOHN!!! I am happy, that soon we shall together! Tomorrow I shall learn what I will need for my trip to you. I send you millions air kisses! I want that my kisses have warmed you at this night! I very soon can warm you every night! I cannot wait to read through your letter Yours and only yours Anastasiya.