Letter(s) from Anastasia Chertkova to Richard (UK)

Letter 1

hehe dear) thankssss kisss you i missed you

Letter 2

Forget about me, my prince? I did not like the video for you. I miss where are you? What happened ? Kisssss

Letter 3

Thank you my sweet very glad to see your letter, I think of you often is the weather gets very cold, and also I do not have a warm jacket, maybe you warm me? Hehe very sad that you do not have with me. Really very cold and now there is no possibility to buy it (it's sad for a man to want to warm me in the future and it's you. Take care my prince

Letter 4

Oh my dear .... you seriously want to do this ???? You are my caring cat))) hehe I'll be glad to hear you my dear you by phone. You can certainly do it if he had been hoping for. I think about you and will be glad to meet in the future. But what do you want to send ??? Kisssd I love surprises and nice things to each other. If I have the opportunity I would also send a lot of love and kisses ... I'm glad you liked my video for you I'm going to do yet again
Take care of yourself. My mom promised to help me put on my winter but now it is also a problem. Ukraine is difficult now ((((

Letter 5

How are you my big Mr.)) I think of you often. Waiting for your letters and photos can be
Take care of yourself kissssssss

Letter 6

Thank you Thank you dear you are the best man. Today the weather is very snowy and become cold. But the beautiful weather. How are you today ? I often think about you. You're a man who makes me think of a good future. You are very cute, my kiss for you. Take care of yourself. I miss you. I will be glad to see the photos and videos as well. Kissssss

Letter 7

Brrrr so cold here. Sadly I do not have a camera phone with Android or iPhone at any moment will call you and see you and smile and chirp to each other. . It would be wonderful, and the practice of Russian and English ... Kissssss kissssssss dear. How was your day? And mood

Letter 8

Oh dear greetings. I love surprises even earlier, but it depends on you tauzhe. I do not want to claim that this or ask for a lot. I just like the surprises and little gifts. But I also love to give a lot. I want to give warmth and love for you. I'll apply for a job, they will execute. But they said that it is necessary for this time .... what gift should I choose? But I do not know, I really like the phone but I do not know whether it is possible or not. Tell me how you can choose, you tease me))))))))) kiss you dlch. My business is good, it will be pleased to receive a gift before we had to communicate better .... kissssss

Letter 9

Hello my dear thanks for the nice letter. I now have my friend'm visiting here a normal internet to answer. Which phone is better to choose. Tell me tell me please tell me. Suggest to me you're a smart man, I believe your choice. Luck version iPhone or Android maybe Samsung Note 4 or o Samsung s6? I want to has a good camera to take photos and videos for you to communicate ... I will wait for you to advise or may be something else ???? Kisses so I want to go back to try. They will draw up documents. It will take time but I am very happy that I could come back because it is very difficult financially here

Letter 10

Oh, thanks for the advice my dear is very pleased to be the Motorola Moto X is very cool. Or Samsung galaxy note 3 ??? If it is expensive, tell me please, I can not know ((so I can not add can be a lot of money. Take care of yourself, my dear kisssssss

Letter 11

My dear it's great but you know it is very difficult to choose the perfect size over the Internet. I want to go to the store with my mother, and to measure and try to dress to perfectly see it. My mother said that maybe will help me with the coat but it is not accurate. I just really want to have a phone to begin with and then decide on the coat my mother would not be able to help me a lot. Just want to talk to you comfortable and new photos. You can select any amount and send it if you wish. And go to the store and make a holiday I will be the happiest girl in which there is an excellent and intelligent and caring man like you. I want you to decided how to make a better gift. My eyes are burning because I think of you my prince. Cine want nothing to ask me just say .... kissssss

Letter 12

The gift will never be spoiled when it comes from the heart and from the heart. Do not worry everything will be fine ..... kisss

Letter 13

Hehe my dear and certainly not the only way. Even a nice massage to relax you. It is dream of a new phone. Do you realize my dream and I can not wait and can not wait for our meeting. It is very sad that this will be in January, but of course I'll wait, I want much because I will be able to see each other and communicate normally and make new photos ..... yes?)) Kissssss

Letter 14

Thank you my dear for a pleasant conversation. Soon the holidays, and it's very cool. I love the holidays and love to receive gifts, and also to give. I think about you often. You're a very good sweet and caring. What's th? How do you ? Yes am a romantic and I think you know my sweet. It is also important holidays for me. Thank you for your concern, I'll be glad to get very very very thy gift. And I will write a new video for Kiss kiss us. I'll wait for your letter or call again

Letter 15

My day to decorate you. But a very nice video. But the technique is very old it was hard to look terribly brakes. But Hehe I love them. How's your day?
Ready for Christmas and New Year? What you can see under the Christmas tree?)) Hehe kisss
Photos for you my friend

Letter 16

Hello my dear I really missed you and thought of you a lot of pleasure to receive your messages I'm sorry that did not respond quickly, my technique is very old now sometimes inhibits I hope that will soon change my course I want to be your secretary to make coffee for you and massage and pleasant kisses yes yes yes I want you with me at ease, and was in perfect condition ... I will do everything so that you feel good with me soon I love the holidays, these holidays are my best very nice and fun, and give each other gifts I would like to jump out of the box for you and shout hello dear this is a gift for you to give you many kisses as your day what are you doing today, I hope to hear from you soon my dear are the photos of the cafe with my girlfriend

Letter 17

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope Santa Clause is good to you. Love Anastasia

Letter 18

Hello my dear thanks for the nice letter you make my day smiling because I need you to save me a present for you of course. I still have not bought Polten, I found a good choice but my mother could not help me but there is nothing to hope everything will be fine. You can decide how it will be better, my dear. You're a man you must decide how you want. I want to send many many kisses sweet and have a great holiday today, I'm still waiting for me to arrange to work for you. Take care of yourself kiisssss

Letter 19

You can congratulate me, I buy a coat, I take the money and buy it because it is very cold right now. But my dream is now the phone. I do not want to require your gifts for Christmas or any other important for me that you simply was there but I think often on the phone, and I hope that we will be able to buy it together soon because I can do a lot of new pictures and videos for you and it will be very cool . Because I miss you and think often. I hope you understand. I can also borrow money on the phone a lot but I do not have enough vseravno kisssssssss my dear how are you today ?????

Letter 20

Okey my dear I miss you kisssssssssss happy new year

Letter 21

Yessss my dear happy new year. I miss you. I like your voice mmmm how are you? The weather here is very cold cold. I want you to warm me hehe

Letter 22

Ummm hello my man I think of you often do I need a man who hehe. How are your holidays have passed? What did you do. We had dinner with the family and a great conversation. But this year is not a lot of gifts. Well, nothing. I am glad that I have such a gift to a man like you. I miss you. What are your plans for this month? Kissssss

Letter 23

Hello my dear I am very glad to see your letter, you're the best man that gives me a smile and joy. I think about you a lot and I want to feel you near. What are other news ? I am waiting for your letter yet. Kiss my sweet man for you. This year, very few gifts so sad. But I'm glad that I have you. Take care of yourself

Letter 24

Hello my dear,
I think of you often, very glad to hear that voice, you are a man that I need a very cool and funny video cat haha cool I like but I had to play it in my girlfriend because very tormazit and not play, maybe when I will have a great phone I can look myself at home, and will be fine, thank you my dear you are the best), what's new? Kisss

Letter 25

Hello my dear, I very much think of you and miss you, I want to hear more often your voice because it is very beautiful and also very cool and beautiful pictures you sent to me, I love these places in the future I dream to visit a course as your day How is your mood What did you do today What's new I think of you please do not forget about me your princess

Letter 26

Hello Hello my dear how are you? I miss you and think often)) only my dreams with you my prince hehe good cat video))) I will also ask you to do me a massage hehe) what's new? What are you doing ? How is the weather ? Kisssssss

Letter 27

Hello my dear I am very glad to see your letter I am very glad to hear your voice thanks for that, but I'm lonely without you where you do not you forget about me I often think of you because you are a man that I need what you have new How is the weather there than you do have rather want to have a new phone and a Skype video with you it will be very cool to cool what you think about this Take care my prince will be waiting for your letter, I kiss kiss kiss

Letter 28

Hello my sweet man. Thanks for the nice letter and a beautiful photo. wow wow are you serious cook gift for Valentine's Day? I love it and I think it is now our holiday hehe))) most want to see you in skype my dear. I was missing you a lot. It has been a very difficult week. Work is currently not I try to recover and as I started practicing yoga. my mother to visit me to visit)) how are you? what's New? I want to hear from you soon

Letter 29

hello my dear how are you? do not forget about the little princess) I miss you) Happy Valentine day. take care of yourself, I think about you)) I want to see you on video chat and practice English and get to know each other still closer and better)) how is your day? what do you do? I was asked to photograph me today girlfriend for you this day, but I miss you) lonely when you do not hear from you kissss for you dear i miss you

Letter 30

Hello my sweet and dear man when see your letter very always happy. you're a man that I need a caring cheerful good, remember that you are the best and the only man my hehe. I want more Skype with you and video and practice and love) wow wow serious gift for me? hehe you make me blush? I thought you'd forget about the little princess. that for the present, if not a secret, my dear? Now that you're with him you do? leave there or give me? ...... if you wish, my dear, I just want to make our relationship and communion grow up and a good mood and then a lovely meeting you? take care of you waiting for the news. A kiss for you

Letter 31

Hello my dear are very pleased to receive your letter. not a lot of sad was passed many festivals New Year Christmas Valentine's Day but nothing not even get a nice gift (so feel lonely. I think you mean to give me a present phone and then communicate on Skype and video to get to know each other and then meeting in real life and have a great time ....... are you sure you wish to meet and have a great time? may just have someone else? you said to send Christmas something for me or Valentine day but then you change your mind)) I'm sure your favorite princess?) or someone else to get a gift?) will be punished) my dear, I'm kidding. you know that I will never request and not ask for anything), just you yourself said to me before but now I can see what that doubt) all right? I take care hope you will soon hear again)

Letter 32

My dear no problem you know that I would never ask or demand from you. I just want to love and relationships from a nice man like you. you yourself just said that you want to do it. in fact, I have a half of the money after my birthday but I still do not have enough to buy a lot not telefon.poloviny. I do not know how best to do. just really want to go 1 step closer to each other and have fun on Skype and chat. take care my prince kiss for you

Letter 33

hello my dear very sad that I could not hear you properly because it is a problem with my old phone now I'm not normally one to hear, I'll try to pass it in for repair but it's worth the money, I will ask for help to my mother. how are you? I really miss you will be sad if I can not hear you (((((take care of yourself

Letter 34

hello my dear when you said that you will not make a gift for me that I have the money put aside to use for clothes to buy shoes and jacket and now I'm going to ask my mother to help me when she has a salary. very sad that we can not talk to our meeting by phone. Yes of course I want to meet with you. I think it will be fine in April but of course I can later say what day is convenient to hold a great time but it is so sad that my old phone I think is better to throw out, and I will wait for my mother to help me buy a new one

Letter 35

Hello dear, I really miss you and sad not to have a conversation with you. I do not want nothing to claim from you only if you wish it, my dear just remember that you are a man that I like and I want to keep the relationship with you to have a pleasant attitude and become closer to each other. if you just wish you could do that, I do not want you to think that I demand something from you or ask) just want my man to always love me and care. Yes, it will be easier and easier for the old coordinates you can view the history of a message or I'll write it full name Viktoria Bogdan / Ukraine - Kharkov
Remember that I need you like a man) I want to see each other and keep in touch and meeting) take care of yourself I have a good mood kiss will wait for the news to you

Letter 36

Hey dead where are you ?????? I miss you

Letter 37

Hello my dear prince, I very much missed you Yes I did buy a phone for myself and I am very happy because it was my little dream, and you have helped me in this even when I did not ask Thank you very much for this, but I'm sorry that I can not answer very quickly because I'm in the hospital I became very ill, and here there is no Internet to respond quickly but I think of you and remember about you I do not want you to think I forgot you, I really remember, I really miss you but now in a hospital and I need a treatment I expect when my mother to come and help me financially because it is worth the money it's not very serious, but treatment is necessary in order to feel fine I ask my friend Victoria that she sent to you this letter I will be buying a new simkarty from can give you a phone number and you can call me without any problems because I really miss and want to talk to you, remember that I am always thinking of you and very grateful to you because you are a man that I need, and who cares about me just now a little difficult period after you and I spoke often Well, I'll try to send a message to you more and more my friend Victoria helps me in this way you What's new What do you do now How your work and study How's your Russian language I want to hear a lot of you Take care self kiss you

Letter 38

Hello my dear are very happy to receive your letter, I'm sorry it did not answer right away because there is a problem with the internet in the hospital I'm still here and it's very sad, I think of you often but I currently need help I can only hope for you, I thought that after both made a gift I will spend at home online and we'll do a video chat with you, but I got to the hospital it's sad but I always think of you and I wish that our meeting occurred I have a lot of different good places to show, rather come to you . I really miss but now I'm in this for the sick and need finance to cure me, it's angina. It takes a lot of injections and expensive drug. But my mother is now can not help me financially so sad I do not know what I should do .. (((I wish our meeting soon. Take care of yourself. Kiss

Letter 39

Hello my dear. Thank you that you wish to help the TV is very caring and kind. Sorry for not being quick answer because I can not answer quickly I'm still in the hospital. How do you ? I miss you very much. What kind of application in the Ukraine? The kiss here is my new number very happy for you, I will hear you because I really miss

Letter 40

Hello my dear, I of course I would be happy to meet with you to spend great time, but I'm still in the hospital. I look forward to when I can help to buy medicines and injections. I just do not have the opportunity right now I'm all money added to your phone. So sad and lonely you can call me but I am not always able to answer because I'm in the hospital. Take care my cat kiss you

Letter 41

My dear, I ask my girlfriend to write you from my words because there is no WiFi really sad and I feel so lonely. Just my mom right now does not work and hard to help me. I want to hear your voice cute. Take care of your Anastasia your love

Letter 42

Will take cute I'm still in the hospital, I told you and when we can expect still talk on the phone to hear your voice. My mother could not help me financially to make shots. So I'm still going through the course of treatment and extended. How do you ? How are you feeling ?

Letter 43

Oh dear, I do not want to demand from you or request. I'm very shy of it. You're a man who I like and who I want to meet and walk. It is not too much of 7000 Ukrainian hryvnia procedure to make quick vyzdaravlenie. I want to have to go out and walk. I am thinking of you dear. Take care of yourself.

Letter 44

Oh dear you serious? I just do not want you to think that I have something to ask or demand from you. But if these procedures do I have to let go of because it accelerated procedure cute and new technologies. Yes, I would also like to be there on the day of birth

Letter 45

Oh dear, I have a very small part of my mother gave me but it's not even half of that amount. I have 1500 hryvnia. It is necessary that it was 7000 UAH. This is not a big amount but on May's mother is now out of work (

Letter 46

Honey, I do not ask to pay if you can not. I'm in the hospital there are procedures I can not leave the hospital until I have passed by procedure

Letter 47

Hello my dear I'm sorry I'm in the hospital, and often there is no internet here. Oh gifts are you serious? Thank you for the compliments, I think about you a lot. I'm sorry that it happened, I do not blame the disease come to me herself. Thank you for the congratulations you really want to convey through whom the gifts for me? What is it if not a secret baby? Take care of yourself, I think of you my cat

Letter 48

Very cute bored here. But I often think about why you do not get through to me? I give you my new phone card. I have now in the city just my cousin

Letter 49

Excellent perfumes and this for me? You're sure cute?)

Letter 50

Honey, I answer you earlier that there can only visit family and friends and also to undergo a medical Kamis need for them. Now the city is only my cousin who helps me and visits. So sad and lonely here. Where are you now ? I'm not here just a simple Wi fi internet it is very weak and slow from the phone. But I will try to download and install the Skype login cute want to see you

Letter 51

How cute? If visiting is prohibited here. Then there is no need to leave or the next time we will be able to personally meet cute

Letter 52

The hospital is 25 km from the Kharkov works here my mother's friend. Which treats patients. Still waiting to take medication. I'm still crazy girl with whom you are talking on the phone just when you hear me once again realize that I'm still sick, and my voice is not perfect. On my part, but there are no windows in the hospital window. But I feel bored when sick

Letter 53

nice if you need some kind of any help in Kharkov you ask me I'll try to help you in any situation

Letter 54

Haha you are very cute and funny, I am pleased to hear it))) What are your plans for today?

Letter 55

Hehe McDonald is sometimes useful for the soul haha))) near a metro station are you?

Letter 56

Oh dear you're so caring and I think of you often and a lot.
Sorry there are often off the Internet, and light and also very slow internet can not always quick to answer but in my heart I always think of you dear. You're cute when leaving back home? Do You like Ukraine ? How do you spend time ?
Take care of yourself
Thank you for your kind compliments and care for me, I'm so glad that I did not ask you, and you're ready to do it himself. Lovely if you so desire, and you want to help I'm sorry but I can never request or require
Take care dear

Letter 57

Oh dear greetings. What you restart liked the most? I would like to try it with you. There are so lonely and sad. Maybe you're sick and come to lie next haha? Honey, I do not want to demand or ask something from you. Only if you want you can send. I will certainly be pleased, I think about you a lot dear. A kiss for you.

Letter 58

Hello my dear! How are you ? Thank you for the beautiful letter and for me the word. It's so nice to hear when I'm sick and lonely. I'm glad that you do not forget about me, and I hope we will soon also meet when we can. I see here a lot of romantic movies and think only of you dear but the condition is still not good. I want to tickle each other and play different games. You're the man I need. I want to again and again to hear your voice when I can. Take care of yourself waiting for your reply soon

Letter 59

Hello my dear how are you today, I have not heard from writing for a long time, you I really missed and I thought for you will be glad to hear your voice when you can own feeling is still very good but I hope that will soon be fine Yes my dear If you wish to send you you can do it at Victoria you very caring kind have a great day

Letter 60

Hello my dear. Yes, I got it thanks to it's very nice of you. What do you care about me and love. I think about you a lot. Later, I'll go and write your therapy. Take care of yourself, my dear

Letter 61

Hello my dear sweet man Yes I have received your letter just had problems with the internet after a thunderstorm and lightning and rain, I am very pleased to see your new photos Yes, you look too serious but it is very good I think of you often, and thank you for your help in the treatment soon I'll have the full amount and begin therapy is still lacking a little bit to complete the procedure that I'm still waiting but the feeling I have is better, I think of you like your week that you have a new take care of yourself will be glad to hear your voice tweet chick

Letter 62

Hello my dear feel I have a little easier but still need to do the procedure How do I really miss you and think of you I'm sorry there is not always a good internet connection, but I try to answer you because I think of you every day what you have new The How do you do your mood Take care Kisses

Letter 63

Yes dear I lost my old card and another number. Sorry I can't fast answer. How are you ?