Scam letter(s) from Lutricia Saladdin to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
My Dear,
How are you doing including your family,i am happy to be your friend,i believe our friendship is going to yield things positive in our lives,My Names are Lutricia Cheriyan, i am 25 years old,am from Aleppo in Syrian, the daughter of late Mr. Chacko Cheriyan. My father and my elder brother Ouseph died at the age of 28 years and my father was about to enter his 50 and he died as one of the Syria soldiers 2 yeas ago by Syrian rebels i was lucky to escape death and ran to Lebanese refugee camp through the help of Bashar al-Assad soldiers. as for my Mother i didn't know much about her because she died long time ago when i was 6 years old as a result of stomach cancer,i am writing to you from Senegal West Africa,i have attached some of my pictures here,i will be happy to know more about you.
Yours Lutricia
Letter 2
My Dear
I am glad to read your mail and how are you,hope you are fine and i thank God to have you in my life,dear like i told you before am from Syria,i resided in Lebanese refugee camp that worth More than one million in population for 9 Months and i left there to Africa through one of NGO representative Non - Government Organization that visited the Syrians in Lebanese refugee camp in June 29, 2014. in June 29, 2014.i met this lady in person and approach her for help,luckily for me she was touched after telling her my experience in life,she promised me that she will help me out of the camp to another camp in Turkey near Syria,i told her no that i wouldn't like to be near my Country because i have noting that gives me happiness and joy after losing my Father and my Brother,is better i die here than to go back to my Country,she was more shocked and after she helped me to process my clearance from the camp and took me along to Senegal here. Though,life have not been easy for me,few weeks after our arrival, her husband started making advances at me, and i don't want to tell his wife because it might destroy their marriage. And i don't want to be held responsible for that. Her husband continued to force me but i refused, i told him it is not proper, that i cannot succumb to sleep with the husband of the woman that saved my life.When the husband saw that my faith was strong he was ashamed and my staying in his house was making him feel uncomfortable He had to lie to my madam that i was seducing him,my madam thought it was true and was mad at me. She called me all sort of names and asked me to leave her house, that she helped me and wanted to give me a new life, and now,i want to break her marriage. She gave me some money and asked me to find somewhere else to stay. Now, i am currently living with a widow with her 2 children in Senegal. She sells little items in street i told her everything about me and she had pathetic feelings for me. Though feeding is the major problem for us but i am a bit comfortable with the woman. She is nice to me. But i cannot continue like this,i want to leave Senegal if possible come to your country and start a new life in your country.Please if my condition touches your heart, help me out from this condition,feeding is a big problem for me,this is what i wanted to discuss with you,i really need your help,am in difficulty situation,no good water to drink well i hope in you and believe that God will continue helping me until the end of my life,i will be more than happy if God can use you to take me out of this situation to a better life where i can settle down and face my future,
Yours Lutricia
Here is my Number call 00 or +221707452851
Letter 3
Dear Friend
Thank you so much for the mail and all you said,ah sweetheart am sorry for the death of your girl friend please accept my condolence,one more thing please stop saying your too old for me, i Like you with the boltum of my heart and i know God made us to be together just a matter of time, i saw your pictures your a handsome and wonderful man, i like you and i want to tell you that am comfortable with your Age, Age them say is just a Number what matter is the Love we both share, i promise if we can be together i will take care of you because am A Nurse,am comfortable with your age as a matter of facts am happy to have you as A Friend, there is this saying You can talk with someone for years, everyday, and still, it won't mean as much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that person with your heart, you feel like you have known the person for forever.... connections are made with the heart, not the tongue. Moreover i just send you mail now that contain all about myself Please read it carefully my Number is there to call +221707452851 and if there is any way you can help me i will be so much happy and appreciate,eating has been a problem so if you an send me some thing to buy food that will last me for some days please sweetheart, i send you this Flower just to let you know that am happy to have you as a Friend.
Letter 4

My Love
this is another pictures and i want to inform you that Please try and call me with the Number that i gave to you and please i need you to send me some thing to buy food to eat, here is the pictures please call me on Phone i need to hear from you Kiss
Letter 5
How are you today? together with your health? Hope all is well with you? as for me here m fine just that i miss you so much, sweetheart i read the mail that you sent to me i was so over whelm because reading your mail brought back happiness and also give me hope when all hope has gone out from me, your a very wonderful Man, indeed and i promise that one day we will be together is a matter of time,is all depend on you when you intend want me to come, moreover as what you said about giving you address on how to send me some thing, here is the information Below First Name...Helen
Second Name....Saint
Address........365 Medina Express way Dakar Senegal My Love Please use that Name above to send it to me and the Lady will help me to receive it Please send it through Money gram Transfer system or RIA Transfer System but if Western Union is Near then send it through Western Union and send me the MTCN Number also i don't have Skype as you demand but i promise you to send me your Number i shall try to give you a miss call at least to hear your voice, Love you Kiss
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