Scam Letter(s) from Galina Lebed to Gigio (Italy)

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Letter 1

Hey. my name is Galya, I live in Ukraine. About myself I can say that I am quite a creative person. My work is connected with the creation of beautiful clothes, and my hobby is painting) In future, if you'd be interested, I'll show you my pictures and dress made by me. Also I am very cheerful, positive and active girl) I love to start every morning with a smile. I am looking for a man who could understand me, appreciate and love and have treated me with dignity) Instead, I would try to be gentle, loving and appreciating his girlfriend. I take search for a life partner very seriously, and I think the relationship is very important.

Letter 2

You wrote to me and it's so cool)Thank you for the wonderful photo)) I can not wait to learn more about you. This expectation illuminates me inside. Something inside me tells me that you are a special man and I think my misgivings have not let me down. But let me tell you a little about myself. I am 26 years old and I live in Pokotilovka. I live with my mother. I do not have brothers and sisters. I went to learn to be a designer but life was such that I was working as a seamstress. If you're interested, I'll show you later pictures of things that I sewed myself. Also I have a hobby. I draw with a pencil. I think I do pretty well. I also take a good care of my body. I like to be in shape and look after myself. I really want to be the most beautiful for my man. About myself I can say that I am loving, caring, patient and passionate woman. I really want to give all of myself to a decent man, and happy with it. I'm not enough with a man nearby. Maybe it is you?)Will be waiting,
Bye, Galya
P.S. My number +380 95 874 8335

Letter 3

I was waiting for your answer and now my mood is good above) you make me smile)my dear you just might call me to hear my voice))my dear I do not have skype. I have too little salary, and I can not afford to buy a smartphone. I only have an old phone, I answer your letters at work when there is free time. No, dear. Age is not an obstacle, because I'm looking for this man. I need a confident, mature and strong man standing on his feet. I'm tired of guys with the wind in my head and I want a serious relationship, so I'm pleased to continue our relationship head and I want a serious relationship, so I'm pleased to continue our relationship .my name is Galina Lebed) is my full name) I want you to tell me in budkyuschem yl and friend and lover and husband and family) In fact, I so much want to talk to you, but when I write to you all the thoughts fly out of my head, because I can not think any more about them. Only you are in the head. I represent you. What, in reality, what's your voice, your eyes shine like you have during that you about something passionately say your fragrance.. I'm so eager to talk to you and hear you, and even better to see but maybe I hurry the events? )) let me tell a little about myself) I'm brown-haired woman with long hair and green the way, they say that people with green eyes can sincerely and purely love. I think this is about me. As I said, I try to keep my body in shape and I think it's wonderful. I have no bad habits . I also love to cook) Tell me what is your favorite dish? It would be great to wake up and prepare breakfast sometime in the future for you) And now I only dream about this.. Can not stop thinking about are completely in my head and it is so beautiful)
Now I have to run to work, but I want to get back to read your message and talk to you again

Letter 4

hello) you're absolutely right, my dear. I'm ready for our meeting because I felt a special closeness between us, and I feel that you are special), I believe that in order to change the world must first naschat change to the better. zodiac sign Cancer I) thank you for the compliments, my dear) me so it's nice), I also very much want you to hear my dear)You know, I do not really understand how to write the letter and what is right to speak, but I feel like I'm having the wings and can fly while writing your message), I like it, this feeling arises from the correspondence with you) You are delicious!) I am so excited to receive your posts and I mentally like I'm close to you), I think you and I have a spiritual connection, something that connects us at a distance, and it makes my life brighter and a little more joyful) hope also pleasing you with my messages) What do you at the moment? How are your days? What do you dream about? Tell me please more about your dreams and thoughts ..I want to be closer to you. For example, my day starts with a smile) I think the positive mood in the morning is very important) Although more positive attitude makes the loved one next to which you wake up) Then I'm going to have breakfast and go to work. I like my job because it is linked with the work, but unfortunately I do not earn much money. But it does not matter, because the money is not important), I believe that the most important thing in life is love and the people who surround you) Today I'm in a lyrical mood) I hope my message was not too long and have not tired you) I really want to quickly write to you)
So far, I need to go) Take care of yourself)

Letter 5

my favorite) how am happy because now we feel the same to each other) I have so much love and I'm so afraid that you do not love me but now tvy admitted to me and I'm really happy and I'm ready to fly from happiness) Thanks you for such great photos), they are very pleased with me))
I am very bad from what are you crying and toskuesh. it is not necessary, my dear. I so much want to be near you right now. you are so sincere and so Horsham. you are very dear to me and I want to fill your home comfort of the smell of coffee in the morning and delicious food. you do not want to missed. I do not want you to be alone. Now, with you. you know, I feel a special bond between us, if we are familiar with for many years. and I beg you not to be afraid to love me because I'm drowning in your soul every day silneee and I like it. I'm so attached to you during this time and I'm sad because I can not hug you right now. All your letters are from the heart. you are real. in our time is a rarity. you are special to me and I appreciate it and I'm afraid to lose you. you rich vnutrennimy world and you are so dear to me. I have no need of wealth and luxury. I need a simple life with your loved one. for me the most valuable thing is love. For me Vaden age. I very much want to be with you in sickness and old age, and in the difficulties. the main thing that we overcame together. Let me come to you because I am burning with love for you and you need me very much. I miss you and I want to give you all my warmth and affection all my love and tenderness only to you and make you happy and fill your house atmosphere of family happiness. let me be with you. I pray thee
can not wait for your reply

Letter 6

Thank you my dear that said) but I'm writing to you about where I live. you probably know that there was a recent war, and now the crisis. I have very little income and all my money goes on food and maintenance of the apartment. I'm a disaster. I do not have money even for a smartphone. you in my last letter written about that girl you ask for money cheat and do it for gain. you know that the most offensive? I actually live in the country after the war. Now we have a crisis in the country, and if we choose to see it took me to do pasport and visa, but I have no such money. To be honest I earn $ 50 a month and all the money goes on food and paying for my apartment. and if we decide to meet I would not have money for visa and passport. mails can not replace real meetings and real touch, a smile and a look in his eyes, but it is too serious step. I do not have that kind of money and no way to come to you. for me to come I need a passport and money for small expenses such as bus or taxi. I just do not know where I get the money. I during our communication understood how much you are dear to me, and now my heart breaks for you and I want to be a good wife to you. I understand that asking a large sum. I learned how much it will cost me $ 350 a passport and a ticket for you 550 aieea?ia. e aeca 330 aieea?ia. . it's too expensive for me. this is a big obstacle for my appearance in your life. and to be honest I cried last night because I did not know how to tell you about it. because I love you so much and I always dream of you. even when I saw you I fell in love on the photo, in the future when we talked, I saw that you are romantic and clever and interesting interlocutor, and you are able to show their feelings. this is a very important quality for me. I love you so much and I really want to be close to you as soon as possible. I want to give you all of myself, my body and my soul. I want to wake you with a kiss and a smile in the morning, prepare breakfast for you, walk with you, to hear your beautiful voice, at night to give all of myself without reserve and to surprise in bed. I really want a family with you. and I hurt so much because it is a large sum, and my hands are shaking as I write this letter because I am afraid that you refuse to help me and I can not find anywhere that kind of money. Please do not break my heart. I want to be with you so much. last night I did not sleep well because I always dream of you. on your lips, on your hot breath on my neck and on your strong hands on my body .. I want to quickly realize all these dreams and fantasies. Please tell me what you feel about me the same thing! You do love me too? I need you. I do not know how to live without you. I do not need your money. but without your help, I can not come. I really love you and I hurt. I understand that you are already frustrated before. I too was deceived many times by people but I hope that you believe me and want us to be together. I love you very sillno .. I hope you do not leave me out of me you're the greatest value, and all I can wish is to meet you as soon as possible.
I hope that for you meeting with me as more important than money. Believe me, you will forget about the waste when we meet. and I will make you happy every day.
in the hope your answer
only yours

Letter 7

Hey. my name is Galya, I live in Ukraine. About myself I can say that I am quite a creative person. My work is connected with the creation of beautiful clothes, and my hobby is painting) In future, if you'd be interested, I'll show you my pictures and dress made by me. Also I am very cheerful, positive and active girl) I love to start every morning
with a smile. I am looking for a man who could understand me, appreciate and love and have treated me with dignity) Instead, I would try to be gentle, loving and appreciating his girlfriend. I take search for a life partner very seriously, and I think the relationship is very important.

Letter 8

The fact is that I received a letter from the mail delivery service stating that you did not get my letter from the first of August. So I send it to you again. something is wrong?
P.S. What do you think about my last letter? I am waiting for your reply

Letter 9

thanks for the message, my sweet) I'm so glad you wrote to me. very sorry for your situation. but I do not need your money. I am interested in a serious relationship and I want to know you better. we approach each other, and I was looking for you all my life .. of course I very much want to meet you but I understand that now the problem situation and I'll wait for our meeting as it takes my love) I am very pleased that we have met and are now able to communicate), I feel like we become closer to each message more and become more intimate), you're so sweet my dear)) I feel Hello my dear) I only your and my heart belongs only to you) from you such charm and such an attraction) I think that you're special and such a great man like you, I have never known. I dream to carry with you all the time and if we can meet in real life will come true my dream) I think that there is nothing better for me than to hear your voice and see your charming eyes. them your love will be visible to me and the greatest gift for me. my dear, I very much want to meet you and I can not wait for this. I understand your fears of meeting. but I'm serious about the relationship with you, and I for what you do not disappoint or hurt you. I want that you and I have a strong relationship and a lot of pleasant moments that we will remember the evening with a smile) i so want to make you happy! .. My dear, I do not want you to lose and you are very dear to me. I believe that you are incredible and you the greatest wealth for me. I am very grateful to you for sincerity and for the fact that you came in my life. you are so dear to me and I believe that the time spent communicating with you the most priceless. you are so beautiful! your soul is so pure. you are the most wonderful man! I very much want to be with you. I dream of your touch and your voice in real life. I very much hope that we will be able to see in real life soon because my heart belongs to you and I can not be away from you. I'm so sad. I so much want to be with you. I'm incredibly strongly attached to you, and I feel a strong attraction. I want to be with you and can not wait for our meeting, my love.

Letter 10

my dear, I'm sorry that you have not written for so long. I had huge problems with the work and this month I do not get paid at all. I do not know what to do. and so I got very little money. and now they will not be at all. I'm so worried . Now I really have nothing to pay for housing and food. I'm in trouble. I've missed you all this time, and so wanted to speak but could not. and now I tell you this news. my darling you are the only person who I can ask for help. do not leave me in this difficult situation. I am begging you.

Letter 11

my love. thank you for support. I do not know what to do and I'm so grateful to you that you will try to help me. I have all hope for you. I was with my mother now, just in a desperate situation. The fact that now the company where I work is going through bankruptcy and are reducing at work. this month, I do not get paid. and in the future I may even fire.
: 56A Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company
New York, USA

: 57D Account with Institution:
Kyiv, Ukraine

59 Beneficiary Customer: / 2620390127234 Lebed 'Galina

My Lovely, for Western Union: my full name is Lebed Galina
And my home address is Ukraine, Kharkov region, 62458, Pokotilovka city, Pionerskaya str., 9

you edinchtvenny man who I now can ask for help and I very much hope that this month my mother and how we can hold out. I will try to find a job Novo. but now find a new job in my city and in the country is very difficult. I just do not know what to do. thank you for your understanding and assistance. I love you

Letter 12

my love is that you ?? how do you feel? I'm so worried! how do you so sick? O my dear .. Thank you my dear for your help. I was able to take quite a bit of money. but we do this with my mother barely enough for food. so if you can even send a little bit, I'll be very grateful to you. I want to quickly priehatk you to rest in your hands and to feel your love. and I want to find a job in your country if you will help me to come to you. I can not find a job in my country. Now I have a hard time in life. I feel so bad right now without you my love. I miss you so much.

Letter 13

my love, I beg you, help me. we have absolutely no money left to live. I tried to borrow a little bit but it does not work. I do not know what to do. dear, I beg you at least a little money on my meal came. I'm in big trouble. I so much bad, my dear. I do not know what to do now. we simply have nothing to eat. how are you getting on? I ask you to help me ...

Letter 14

I called to the bank and explained the situation to them. I was told that everywhere there is Money Gram and Western Union and that you can send funds like that and also they assured me that it is quickly and reliably and easily. also, Darling, you can use their online services without leaving home. for this you will need to visit the official website Money Gram or Western Union: or . There are step by step instructions that you can follow to make a translation.

Letter 15

my love I'm not asking for a large sum. I'm asking quite a bit so I had a little bit of food this month. I'm just no one else I can not ask for help. mgne tak bad. I beg you, help. You send me money as you can. when I find a new job, I'll pay you back. I'm just asking you to lend me some money. I beg. I was the second day almost without food ..



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