Scam Letter(s) from Lola David to John (Brazil)

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Letter 1

How are you dear? it was a great talking to u xx

Letter 2

Hello John, to be honest i enjoyed talking to you yesterday. i am also new to this also.. Thank u for the pictures.. Here will go about myself, i live in Kent, England and i am from Luxembourg , Europe..I lost my parents 3years back and i have been on my own since then.. I am a loving woman and give everything in my relationship. my ex impregnated my best friend and since then i have been lonely and do miss cuddle up and romance lol..I am into Antiques business which i took from my Mum. currently in Nigeria to buy Antiques and i will be back to 3weeks.. I am sorry to hear about your late girl.. Brazil is one of my favourite country to visit...i want a man that is not too hurt and not too hard to trust,again and can give himself to a wife to be loved and taken care of in a way that will bring a joy of life..
I am a woman of integrity and a family provider. I think I am kind in heart and tender of soul. I am proud in the quality of what I do and responsible. I believe in taking care of my man and treating him as a king of all nation.I love going to the beach,dancing,swimming,playing games like golf,chess,card and pool,I am also looking for a very nice,honest,kind,god fearing man,trustful,faithful,loyal,caring and loving man that we are going to spend the rest of how life together..I am a well polished diamond. I don’t like to play games, no wasting anyone’s time, life is to short. Most woman today are all about self gratification and not concerned abouttomorrow.. That is shallow and leads to a very empty, unfulfilled life.If I should capture your heart you will have, my heart that offers that deep unconditional love we all desire. My boundless personality that will keep you laughing and loving. And my soul which you will have captured forever. I am one of a kind. If this is what you desire for the rest of your life, search no more. here are my pictures for u to download, i have also downloaded your pictures.. xx

Letter 3

Hi John, I like u since i have met u on facebook. Age does not bother me at all.. i look for inner beauty which is very important in a relationship... well, I have been hurt in the past but i am over my past.. if i captured your heart u will definitely have mine.. i will be glad and feel great to meet u also but it will be very sad to me if i am hurt for the second time . i want to trust u John.. My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever, intelligent, and reliable man. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect the man. I have to let you know aswell, that am an honest person as i have said, and i have to be honest with that, i don't have any boyfriend at present now and am not in any serious a great giver because I so much believes in the multiplied returns and that's why I doesn’t lack anything. I never speak negatively about people I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affairs.
. i can visit Brazil from here when i am done in the next 3weeks and show me a great company over there.. Would you embrace my heart and soul as you would your own.I don't let people in often, only when I feel that are of character and would not hurt me. I so want someone who would cherish me for all that I am and want to be in life.xx

Letter 4

Hi John, i will keep u update about my travel date and u dont have to book hotel for me , i will do that by myself because i dont want to be a liability to a man... Do you believe in moving in together before engagement or marriage? do u drive ? can u pick me up at the airport probably when i arrived at the airport? x

Letter 5

yes that is what i will be a pleasure to meet u John..what are your plans for today?

Letter 6

Yes i believe in sex before marriage.. I am begging to have special interest in u John xx

Letter 7

Do u also believe in sex before marriage? x

Letter 8

John, i have to go to the town and also go and look on my Antiques now. i will speak to u later.. i will miss u but i will not stop thinking of u. take good care of yourself xx

Letter 9

Hello John, how are u doing? i am not happy at the moment. x

Letter 10

I went to the bank to get my cheque cash here and they told me that they don't have any access to cash an international cheque here,until i get back to England and i do wanna get some foodstuff here, i don't know what to do right now and am only having a little Food that could only last me for a day,How i wish i know that i wont be able to get my check cashed down here,i wont have spent all my money in purchasing the goods.

Letter 11

Can you please help me with 200pounds ?? The only way you can help me is to go to the Moneygram . u can find Moneygram at the post office or Walmart.. Ok? xxx

Letter 12

Thats ok dear.. how was your day? hope i am not not been a liability to you dear? how much is it going to be in Dollars? x

Letter 13

Just search for Moneygram or western union around you in Brazil dear.. i will be here for you,,

Letter 14

The exchange rate will be 250dollars.. Do u know how to look for Moneygram or western union around you? can i send you my details u needed to send it to me? xx

Letter 15

Thinking of u..All the features of a man is not just what i seek in a man , the most important thing i seek is a man who has got a beautiful heart because the inner beauty of a man is like a pot of Gold , the external beauty of a man might fade away with time that is why i seek the inner one which is untouchable i hope you have that inner beauty which i see? Xx Lets communicate, I promise i will be a lady and warm(with a bit of excitability at times as i am very high spirited and a bit humorous).
I will approach u with hope, and an open dialog to include a positive and productive goal with a genuine concern for the future of a healthy ..cant wait to meet u in person John. Xx

Letter 16

These are my details to send it to me tomorrow... Name: Lola. David.....Country: Nigeria.... State: Lagos.... City: Akute.....Zipcode:23401...... will u beable to help me with the amount?



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