Letter(s) from Diana Akosua to Johnny (USA)

Letter 1

hello my dear Johnny i greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ ,am so touched reading from you.your my type of man i have always dreamt of.i will be honest with you and be sincere cause am a real and serious christian and i love my dignity so much.am happy you too know am what your looking for i promise i wont ever disappoint you in anyway.
am glad to know you obey the bible and respect scriptural demands oh my GOD am so bless to have you and to know you.your a GOD SENT .coming to your questions, What is your college degree in?i have a decree in agronomy in Cameroon here.
Where do you live? Country? am in Cameroon my parents a settlers here but i lost my mum in Ukraine am from Ukraine but i left Ukrainian at 12 when i lost my mum my dad decided to do farming here in Cameroon City?am in the city of bamenda in Cameroon its a small city.
Do you like to dance?i love dancing especially in church .i love it during offering time.
well it good for a woman to be supportive in a relationship .i like to be hardworking and assist my husband to supply for the family.i believe can change every situation for good and make things better to them that trust in him.so i believe our case will be different.wow i love to do sport too i go to gyms at times.i will send you my old gym photos.
well i wish you well too and hope you be my end point of my search.
please read this 1 Corinthians 7:32-40.proverbs 31:10-31.Ephesian 5:21-33.please read those bible verses.
hope to hear from you soon,