Scam Letter(s) from Nil A. Duffy to Pete (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi! How're you?
I'm writing this e-mail to start a conversation with youthat hopefully will last!
I'm an interesting and frank girl.
Youwill get lots of my pretty pics!
Truly yours, Nil!

Letter 2

Hello, my new friend.
Thank you for what you are able to find time to write to me. Frankly, I'm a bit worried and thought you do not answer. But now I see your letter, and the smile on my face. Previously, I was never familiar with online dating. Therefore, our acquaintance for me - this is the first Internet chat. I thought long and did not dare to answer you.
Let me tell you a little about myself. As you already know, my name is Nil. I was born on 10 August 1987. I am now 29 years old. My height is 175 cm, my weight - 58 kg. I was born and lived his whole life in the country of Georgia. I think you I heard about Georgia. My country has a long history. And if you do something wondering what I ask. I'll be happy to talk about it later. I live in the city of Gori. I do not know if you heard about this city. My city is located 100 kilometers Tbilisi. Tbilisi is the capital of my country. I live here with my dad and mom. I have no sisters or brothers. I've lived here all my life. I really like my city. I believe that my beautiful city. I love to walk the streets of my city. I want to tell you a little about my parents.
I thought you might be interested to hear it. My dad called Vano. It works truck driver. Pope carries food products stores of our city. Of course, I can not tell you about my beloved mother. My mother Lika, is a physician-therapist. The work of my mother is very responsible and difficult, since from my mom depends on people's health in many ways.
I love and respect my parents. As a child, I, like all children attended school. It was there that I began to learn English. I finished the 11th grade with honors, received the medal for academic excellence. After school, I went to university, specialty "Accounting". University, it is a very exciting time in each person's life. At the university, I learned a lot of friends, I have mastered the skills of my work. I also continued to study a foreign language.
Of course right now when I am writing to you in my hands a book, and there I see some words. But I hope that in the future I will be able to remember everything taught and will be writing without any books for you. I tried hard learn, because my parents raised me, and I could not disappoint them. After studying at the university I had to find a job because I wanted independence from my parents. It turns out that it is very difficult to find work for young people in our city. First, I had to work the seller in grocery store. But recently opened not a big organization for the sale of household appliances, where I now work as an accountant. I like my job very much. I try to fulfill all that I charge at work. My friend, you likely think of it, why am I writing to you, because I'm good in life? My life is not the Chief of happiness - I do not have love! I'm looking for someone who could truly love and respect me. I want to find a man who can trust in everything. I want to find the man with whom I can share the joy and sorrow. I want to find my soul mate, the piece, which I so much is missing! My friend, maybe it was you? Please tell me a story about himself. Do you work? How is your life? What do you like to do? I am very interested to know you. I would be very pleased to hear the story of your life and that you are busy than now. Please answer me as soon as you can. I hope that we can get to know each other better and our communication will continue. I look forward to your new letter to me.
Your new friend, Nil.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Pete!
I'm looking forward to your letter. Thank you for what you did not leave without attention to my story. I nice to know you closer. How is your day today? What do you do? How is your weather? I think that all fine and your day runs rich. I think that now in your head a lot of questions. And one of the questions which I have received your e-mail.
Now I would like to tell you about it. Recently I received a love Internet e-mail from an unknown destination to me. In this letter, he spoke of the love between people. In the list of e-mail recipients, I saw your address. I have long thought before you write. I really have no any relation to spam, just my heart prompted to write to you, and now I do not regret it. My friend Pete, I think you might be interested to know just about what I like to do in your free time than I take a great interest in life. My interests are mainly focused on the study of culture, architecture and folk life. I like painting, theater and everything that is connected with the art. I like to listen to classical music. You know, when I was little, I read a lot of history books about my country. I always liked to learn cultural values European and Asian countries, as well as all countries in the world. I believe that we need to know the history that surrounds our world. Most important thing is that we live in a time of peace. In every country complied with the cultural rules and Georgia is not an exception. I want you to know my other hobbies. I love to play sports.
I believe that the movement - that's life! I like to run in the mornings. I try to go to the gym, because every girl needs to maintain a good figure. In the summer, I like to ride a bike, swim, play volleyball and sunbathing in the sun. In the summer, I am very I love to meet the dawn and see the sunset on the river. Perhaps in the future we will be able to meet a dawn together, my dear friend Pete?
In the winter, I skate. Winter in my country is not so cold and almost no snow. But in my town has an indoor ice rink where possible year-round skating. I always wanted to come down from the mountains to ski, but it's just a dream, which may in the future become a reality!
I like to read books. I especially like love novels and detective stories. I love listening to music. special I prefer, of course, give classical music - Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like some electronic and pop music too. I have never traveled outside my country, so one of the most cherished dreams in life is a journey. I would like to look at the culture and people of another country. I am very interested to know you. I think that we will find a common language. All my friends say that I am a cheerful girl. I really am an active lifestyle. I like Meet and get to know new people. I love the cheerful company. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to chat with friends, since I have a lot of work. I am very quiet, romantic and intelligent girl. In my heart, I sensual and tender. Sometimes, I like to walk alone, in a city park. I look at people's faces, I see a lot of emotions. Someone enjoys life, one's life is broken and there is no better chance to go back. But people continue to live. I'm sick to look at the sad faces.
If I had the opportunity, I would have presented every human happiness and smile. I always wanted to see next to me was a man, who will be able to truly love me. I'm looking for true love. You're looking for love, too, Pete? I think we're a lot alike. In relationships I value trust, understanding and of course the love for each other. I want a man with whom I I will always understand me, never hurt and loved. I only want a serious relationship. I do not want any games. I think you are looking for a serious relationship too, Pete? I look forward to your new letter to me.
Your friend, Nil.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Pete!
Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I'm insanely happy that you did not leave me no attention. I am pleased that we continue to communicate and get to know each other better. Today's weather is very good. I smile on my face. I do not know why, but now I smile more often. I like to communicate with you Pete. Today, I would like to talk to you about the relationship between man and woman. All of us, when we feel love, but not always, the feelings that we experience real. Someone loves for the benefit of whom it attracts monetary wealth. Very few people in this world like the real thing. Do you agree with me? I would like to build a relationship without deceit and distrust. I believe that it is 2 main components. But a lot of women in our country, try to use a woman just for sex and personal goals.
The woman in this country has become a slave, which is 24 hours a day, must work and take care of the family. Men do little. I do not want to live with a man who does not respect me. When I was 26 years old, I met a man named Valera. First, our relations have been developing very well. We walked in the park, watching the sunrise and sunset accompanied. I thought I found a man who will love me forever. But after 3 months of our relationship, I learned that Valera wanted to use me only for sex and personal needs. I learned that Valera argued with friends that can drag me to bed after 3 months of our relationship. I am very glad that she had learned these details before he came into my confidence. I immediately stopped the relationship with that person. I will never allow me to use. I want to find true love, without deceit and provocation. I want a man to love me, not as a sexual object and as a girl, for which you want to live! I hope that you are just such a man. My friend, please tell me about your past relationships? What do you expect from our relationship? I want you to learn more and develop our relations. I look forward to your answer.
Your friend Nil.



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