Scam letter(s) from Lubov Romazanova to John (UK)

Letter 1
I must say that Irina has no bank account, so I asked you to send your help through Money Gram. This means that you can not send your help?
Letter 2
Dear John, I just got that from you the new letter! I am very glad that you trust me and made the right decision!!! I assure you that I will not let you down! Again, I will send you more information. Write me, then, when you send your help. I wish you a good day. I always think of you and I'll miss you. Your Lyubov full name: Irina Pochkalina
bank name: URALSIB
bank address: 125167, Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect, 44 bank
phone: +7 495 723 77 77
Letter 3
Hello my Darling John!!! Today I slept very well! I woke up with a smile on his face, because today I get your help. Last night, when I went to bed, I visited a lot of thinking about how we will spend time and what I'll be happy by the fact that my dream has come true and I'm with you! I thought a lot about what we do and how we are going to spend time. I imagine how you meet me at the airport and I'm running into your arms. I think that I can not hold back the tears of joy from the fact that I'm with you! After these thoughts I can not sleep on my face was a smile of joy and happiness!!! I am very happy that soon we will be together! Now I along with Irina, go to the bank. Then I'll go to an airport, to buy tickets, and today I'm going to go to the visa center to get my visa. I will write to you again when I come back into the room. I always think of you and I will miss you! With love, Lyubov
Letter 4

My Darling John, I am 20 times per hour open my mailbox, with a sinking heart to see on the monitor ruthless inscription: "In your mailbox no unread messages." You know what it is - waiting for letters? No, this is neither the incomparable sensations and experiences! Not one in a life long-awaited meeting, not one of the finest holiday expectation may not be compared with them. With trembling fingers, I check the mail. You write to me or not? I'm tired of waiting. I already squandered all the forces - spiritual and heart - to this expectation. Have pity, leave me a little power... so I can wait on and on. I'm just waiting for a letter from you! I want to see: "In your mailbox 1 unread message"... With love, Lyubov
Letter 5
Sorry! But in such compelling arguments I do not have the answers!!! I will write to you when I have 440 dollars to give you back. Goodbye!!!
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