Scam letter(s) from Alina Horbach to Michel (France)

Letter 1
A simple woman in search for her happiness is writing to you, my dear new friend, Michel!!! Hello! I believe your day became brighter and happier, like mine, and let no rains make this day less sunny! The sun is in our hearts, I really want to believe in this! Like everybody else, I want to be happy. I miss only my man and that's why I am here. I stopped waiting for something and decided to start my search by myself. Everything in our own hands! Do you agree? All love that I've been kee?ing in my heart all this time, needs to get free. I would like to take care about you, to share everything with you, days and nights, happy and sad moments. Because everything that we both will have, will our common achievement, right? We are in the beginning of our amazing journey, and I am so excited right now! And you?
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