Scam Letter(s) from Fatos Kilic to Simon (UK)

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Letter 1

How are you doing?
I write to you with my personal email so write to me at any time.
I will be always glad to answer you.
I with pleasure will tell to you about me and about my life.
I send you my photo if it is pleasant to you, I will send to you more.
I'm from Georgia, I hope this is not a problem for us.
I also will be glad to see your photos

Letter 2

Hello again
I want to answer your questions in advance because you've got a lot of questions to me!
First of all my name is Fatos! Nice to meet you!
I am a single girl of 28 years old and I don't have any children.
What about my appearance?
Of course I am attaching my photo for your real impression.
My height is 5.5(170cm).
My weight is 110(51kg).
Concerning my character?
I am very tender and sensitive woman. It is very important for what a person has inside in his heart.
And it is more important for me than his appearance and things which surrounds him. Moral and ethical sides are above all. I am looking for a man for serious relation. I want to fall in love with a good man who is a like-minded person. Of course I want mutual feelings I want to feel love of a man and to give him my love. I want to spend a lot of free time together with my beloved.
We could spend time together both indoors and outdoors. We could go for picnics, play any games outside.
I work in a boutique of women clothes as a shop-assistant and I like my work a lot.
Oh yes, I've forgot to tell you that I am from Tbilisi. I like this city because it's capital of Georgia and a historical center of my country.
But unfortunately I don't like my country. Life here is very unstable and after long thoughts I made a decision to leave. I am going to live abroad and I am ready to work hard but not to stay in here.
I don't afraid of any hard work I'll go through anything I am sure.
First of all I have to visit foreign country as a tourist and I am going to travel there.
I know that I will be more protected abroad than in my own country.
I am looking for a man whom I can show all my feelings and emotions.
It's very strange for me that foreigners think that Georgian girls are cheaters in a majority. It hurts when I hear this. I am normal and common girl and I am very open, I don't lie and I hate liars.
I hope that you don't think badly about Georgian girls and I'll be waiting for your answer with impatience.
I hope you like my letter. But I have to go now because my time in Internet-cafe is finishing. I'll write you three times a week.
Have a nice day!

Letter 3

It was so nice from your side to write me an answer, you made me happy!
I want to share with you one personal detail from my life. You know, my entire close friends like to call me "Noun" instead of my given name Fatos.
"Noun" is translated to English as "Flower". It would be nice if you call me "Noun" too.
I am sure you are interested to know about my life in Georgia and I am going to tell you this.
I rent a small apartment for living as prices for rent are very high here.
But I like to surround myself with pleasant things.
I decorated my apartment very nice and I like the place where I live.
There is no phone at my apartment and I use cell phone but I can't do international calls. I started to live without parents very early when I was 19 years old. I decided to move to another city as I couldn't live with my parents anymore.
Unfortunately our relations are not very good and I can see my parents only when I'm invited.
Now I am 28 years old and I am ready for serious relation I want to have stable life with my own family and husband. I think it is pretty normal desire.
No one wants to be alone. But I know for sure that I don't want to have a man from my country they have disappointed me?
Your appearance is very attractive and I think you are a good person. I am interested why aren't you married?
Have you ever had serious relations?
Have you been fallen in love?
I have already told you that first I am going to visit your country as a tourist. I'll make a tourist visa and this could be a good opportunity for us to meet.
I don't want to stay in Georgia anymore. Life is horrible here and it is getting worse and worse every day. All strict sanctions to Georgia prevent to live common people their usual lives.
I don't see the end of problems which my country has now and I want to leave it.
Of course I want to tell you about my hobbies but I'll do it in my next e-mail as I have to go now. I am writing from internet-cafe and my time is almost over.
Unfortunately I don't have my own PC and I have to deal with Internet-cafe for writing e-mails to you.
Have a nice day!

Letter 4

Hello Simon
I perfectly understand your desire to communicate with me on-line. I want it very much too.
But I've told you before that for pity I don't have my own PC at home. I have to go to the Internet-cafe to write you and I cannot chat on-line with you here. I have very restricted time for using PC in Internet-cafe. I am going to write you regularly as I've told you before and of course I'll send you my photo in every e-mail.
I still continue to prepare for my travel to you country, I am doing all necessary document for visa and I should choose the hotel. Maybe you can advise me a hotel which is situated not far from your place of living. That will help our meeting in your country. Will you help me with choosing the hotel? What are names of the hotels which are not far from your apartment?
I want to ask you to send me more photos of you. I am really interested how you look like in your real life.
I've planned to go for a walk after I finish writing to you. I'd walk with you if you were here by my side. I like walking it is very nice way of spending time, moreover it is good for health. I've told that I lead healthy way of living.
I'll walk and then stop in a small cafe to drink cup of coffee.
I have neither car, nor driving license. Car is very expensive for me.
Walking is also good way of spending time with friends. But my friends have their own families and unfortunately we don't have possibility to meet often.
I don't want to bother my friends and I can only agree to meet them when they have free time.

Sometimes I have to go to a cinema alone as my friends are busy. I agree the family is the most important thing. I like my city very much. Especially it is very beautiful in spring when parks become green and flowers start to blossom. There are many parks and squares in here.
I am Christian by religion. Actually I believe in God in my heart and don't go to the Church very often.
I want to meet a real man who can be my soul-mate, who will love me and whom I'll love with all my heart. I want to spend free time with my future family, with my husband. I imagine how we go for picnics together far from noisy work and city. I am sure that soon I'll meet a man of my life!
Tell me about the city where you live. What kind is it? Do you like your city?

Letter 5

Why haven't you send me an answer? I was expecting for the reply. Are you going to reply me? I need your letters like air! I miss you badly here…
please read this and reply me

Letter 6

Here is my new photo for you attached, as I've promised before. You'll get my new photo in every letter.
My friend Ela like taking photo, she makes the best photos of me I ever seen. I am doing all the documents to get visa to your country as far as possible and to have a tour to you. I am choosing a hotel now where I'll stay there.
I'll inform you and send the name and address of hotel. After all I need for about a month to finish everything and get visa in my passport and I can fly to you.
I'll tell you about my parents. We don't have good relations. But I always think about them and send letters. My parents live with my younger brother. I know that my parents love him more than me. I've already get used to this thought. My parents wanted son very much and my mother tried for a long period to get pregnant. Now they are happy. It is not pleasant for me of course but I can't do anything.
Anyway I love my parents.
I am a teacher by my education. I started to work with children in kindergarten I liked my work but unfortunately I had to leave it. Salaries for teachers are small that it is not enough for normal living. I have no one here who helps me and I have to take care of myself alone. Even when I meet with a man I prefer to be independent. I am interested in a man but not his money. It is very important for me to have mutual feelings in relations. I am very devoted to my man and when I have relation with man I try to do everything that he feels comfortable and satisfied close to me. Not every man can appreciate this. I am not that kind of women who can have sex for one night. I need to know a man close, to have feeling and to understand his character. I met a man before who could easily have 2 women at same time, a wife and a lover. It is not my case of course. I can be only with one beloved man and I can't separate myself between two. My rule is only one beloved man in my life! I had relations with a man two years ago. The relations finished as I understood that a man preferred to spend time with his friends but not with me. He took me to the parties to show what a beautiful doll he had. It was very unpleasant feeling to me and I had to stop our relations. Let's stop talking about sex too because I am not ready yet to discuss such an intimate topic right now. I hope you understand me correct Moreover there are a lot of unknown people around me. I don't want that someone read my email to you by chance. I am sorry but I have to go now. My time is only 15 minutes today (I use boss computer)

Letter 7

Do you know how internet cafe works? It is a kind of premises where there are lot of computers. People can come here and use PC for payment. Dear, I want to know more about you! Could you tell me about your family?
You understand that it is very lonely here without you…
Especially it is very sad when I don't receive any letter from you
You letters are so kind and sensible that I begin to feel affection in my body when I read them I want to be close to you and your letters are a kind of your part. If I receive your answer soon my life will go on brighter and happier. We have to talk about some important things and I need your help here.
Hope to get your answer soon.

Letter 8

I think it is very good that we've had a chance to meet in this big world with the help of Internet.
I want to share with you my news. Actually there is nothing good has happened at my work today.
I had a client today who was not satisfied with the quality of clothes and she started to shout at me and even outraged me. I felt very uncomfortable but that woman didn't want to understand that I am common shop-assistant who wanted to help her to choose clothes and I am not the owner of that boutique.
Unfortunately people in Tbilisi think that if they have money they are allowed to do anything and to treat service staff without respect. Life here doesn't satisfy me anymore. I can't permit myself many things. I can't earn for a better apartment, can't make my dreams to come true. All that I can afford is to rent a small apartment. Prices in shops are high and salaries are too low. My salary is only 300 USD. Half of my salary is used for rent and 150 USD is left for living. For example milk costs 2 USD, it's impossible to live a whole month for 150 USD. That is why I want to leave here and go to a normal developed country where I'll have stable live. I am saving for my trip abroad for a long time already.
I am ready to work abroad from the first day I come to your country because I have to pay for my living. First time I'll come for acquaintance for sure with you and with your country.
I need to finish some paper arrangement for visa and then I'll be able to come to you. Approximately in a month I'll get the visa and I'll let you know at once. When I come first time to you country I'd like to choose the hotel which is situated not far from your apartment. It'll be very convenient and we are able to meet any time. I dream about happy life in stable country, about strong family and good husband. It is very hard to live alone without support from a close friend and family. I try to save money for my future now. I am sorry for writing you this; I just need someone to share my thoughts. I need someone who will say me warm words, I've had a hard day today and I think I need to relax.
I am going to take warm bath at home? I wonder if a man and a woman take a bath together is it very romantic? Would you like to join me at my bath? What do you think? Or maybe you'll tell me your other romantic dreams?

Have a nice day!

P.S. do you like this selfies?

Letter 9

I want to start my letter with apology for my previous e-mail. I wrote to you too many incorrect things.
I had no rights to fill your head with my bad news. I am really sorry. And I promise that I will never write you about my problems especially problems with money. It's only my problem and I have to solve it by myself. Everyone has bad days at his life and at this moment he wants to share with someone, with friends. I'd like to be your friend and I want to know more news from your life and to help you with any problems. With every your letter I understand that I want to meet you in reality and to know you more. I am sure that I'll come to your country as soon as I finish the procedure with my visa. I've told you before that I am in a process of making documents for visa and I'll have my visa on hands in a month. What do you think about our meeting at your country? Do you want it? I want to meet you very much. Where will we meet? Will it be comfortable for us together? Can we think about common happy future?
It is very important for me to find out your opinion about us. As you know the move to other country is a very serious step for everyone and I want to have more confidence. I'll tell you why I am going to leave Georgia. There is nothing and no one who holds me here. My friends have their own families and children and they don't have much time for me. Of course I love my friends and I'll miss them, but everyone has its own way. My parents don't care about my destiny and my place of living.
I can't earn enough money for living at my work in city. Moreover my work takes all my emotions and doesn't bring me happiness. You see now why I am not interested in staying at my country. The whole life in my country is unstable! I dream about new life at new country. I know when I come to your developed country I'll have many opportunity for work. And of course most important thing for me is to find a serious man for building strong family. You look like a kind and understanding man and I hope you clearly understand what I am writing about. I am sorry that I don't answer all your questions but here in Internet-cafe I don't have enough time for writing. Today I had only 15 minutes for my letter to you.
Please, don't take offence at me. As I've promised before I'll write you three times a week. I hope to get your letter with answers to my questions as soon as possible.
Have a nice day!

Letter 10

How are you today?
I want to share with you my personal feelings today. I am alone here and there is no one close to me. I don't have any close man. I am very disappointed with men in my country. The men in Georgia don't appreciate women; they only use women as beautiful dolls without interesting in feelings and qualities. After some period of communicating with you I realize that you are a different man. You are interested in my feelings and you care of what I say to you. I appreciate your attitude to me very much. I like to read and reread your nice letters to me. I feel that we have a lot of commons. I am doing a lot of work for getting visa to your country and it has turned out not easy. I have to prepare many documents. I am sure I'll do everything very soon. I like to imagine our first meeting. Do you think about it too? How will it go? I have feelings for you and I hope that you have feeling to me too. We have a lot of thing to discuss and to find out about one another. I think we'll have enough time to speak. I am interested in you and I like you a lot. I am so happy that there is such thing like internet where people can meet. And we can know each other better before we have possibility to meet. It is very important I think. After it we'll meet and we can do everything. We'll go for a walk along the streets or I'll cook you something tasty at home what you like. Maybe you want just to sit beside me in silence or we'll watch something interesting on TV. I'd like to do everything with you. I am sure that two people can understand their real feelings only when they are together and there is no distance between them. You've become my close friend and I am ready for another step of our relations. What do you think about this? Do you want to become closer? I want to see you and to look into your eyes, touch your hands and body.
I hate lie and I am always honest to you. You can trust me in any case. You look like a strong man and a person who I can rely on. You know my friend Ela, whose hobby is photo. She likes to make my photo and she says that she likes how my body is reflected on photos. I like to pose her and she likes to make my photo. We spend great time together walking and making photos.
> > photos. Our working places are situated not far from one another and sometimes we meet before or after work. Ela works as a shop-assistant too. Today she made two great photos of me and my passport. I'll send you them in the next e-mail. Today I also have a very important meeting with my travel agent concerning my visa.
I hope my agent has good news for me. In an hour I'll understand real posture about my visa.
P.S. When is your birthday? My birthday is at the 30 of November 1987.

Letter 11

I've been thinking a lot about us yesterday. I have so many feelings and they are so different.
My heart aches when I understand that you are far from me.
I wish I could lessen the distance between us. I know that I have to be patient and wait.
Perhaps, you will think that I am silly but I don't want to hold it all inside and I want to share my feelings with you.
I am emotional person and I want you to see my feelings.
Please, understand me. I want to share this with you. I think I am in love with you.
Of course, I have to see you in real life and talk to you to be sure.
But I have so many emotions about you and I miss you so much. I think about you all the time.
I get up with the thoughts about you and I go to bed thinking of you too.
I feel that I want to take care of you, I want to give you all my love.
Please, don't think I am weird. But this is what I feel about you.
And I want you to know this.
Life goes one. Nothing new happens. I go to work, do different things at home, meet my friends.
But any way I do something I think of you.
Please, tell me what you think and feel about me.
It is really very important for me and I need to know this.

Letter 12

I want to start that I got used a lot to you during our correspondence. I want to meet you very much. I asked you for help but you didn't believe me and refused me. It is so offensive. But I understand that it is very difficult to trust the person you have never seen.
I just want to tell you that sometimes it is necessary to trust people. There are many honest people in the world. And it was very offensive when you refused to help me.
But I have good news now. I have found money for my trip. I am going to come approximately in 1 week. I have sold my fur coat. I have already paid for visa and now all I need is to wait when I get it.
I have money for the ticket. They promised me it would be in approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. I do not know exact dates but I will let you know as soon as I know. I will get visa for 3 months. Are you happy to hear this? We will be able to meet but not only communicate through the letters. Perhaps, our relations will grow into something more closer.
Please, write me your thoughts. I want to know that you still want me to come to your place.
I will be waiting for your reply.

Letter 13

I have paid for visa. It is going to be ready approximately in 1 or 2 weeks.
Yes, I have money for the ticket. I shall not need your financial help to get to your country. I don't have exact information now. I only know that I am going to have a visa approximately in 1 or 2 weeks. I will let you know all the details about my coming in approximately in 1 or 2 weeks.
Are you happy to hear that? Would you like that to happen?
I’ve got up today with the thoughts about you and it is such a happiness to know that I have a close person in my life and I hope you feel the same about me. My friends are really very good people. Perhaps, their life is not really good and comfortable as you know the situation in Georgia, I already told you about this several times. Salaries are too small here. And many people have to save every lari to buy a washing machine or a fridge.
And my friends too have such difficulties. But I am proud of them. They overcome all the difficulties together and they still love each other. This is what I want too. I want to be together in joy and sorrows, to love each other even if the life is not really comfortable, help each other, understand each other.
I think that every person needs such a place where he/she feels comfortable and safe. Especially, it is important for a woman.
We now have to be strong. But I want to feel myself a little girl with the strong man near. I want to be weak sometimes and let someone take care of me.
Enjoy your day and think of me.

Letter 14

I had a bad day yesterday. I went to a book store.
I went there bought the book. It is a love story.
And every time I read it, I think of us.
We had the big rain outside today and it took me about two hours to get back home.
I decided not to use the public transport and just walked back home.
I still feel a little sad and lonely. And I wish you to be here right now. You would share wine with me and we would talk till morning... There is so much I want to tell you always and every day I start writing I lose all my thoughts. As my only thought is always about you.
You are such a dear and close person to me. And I feel a little sad as you are far from me. But soon, very soon, everything will be over at last and I will see you.
It is worse to wait and I am patient enough as I know the miracle is waiting for me – meeting with you.
Perhaps this letter is a little bit sad. But I just wanted to talk to you and to share my thoughts with you. Forgive me for being sad with you.



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