Letter(s) from Merry Joy Lacazza to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

I am simple girl, have a kid already he was 4 years old, i dont have father already died last 2008 only mother i have now ,we are 3 siblings,

Letter 2

I am studying now, i need financial for my study and with my son, i will do everything what makes you happy, but finance me for my study, or help me even small amount for my study...

Letter 3

Yes hello, good morning too dear john, thanks for liking my pictures... Yes you will see everything soon, or you see vedios from me or we make vedio chats...

Letter 4

Actually i need money gor my financial in school

Letter 5

Actually i want to have a relationship in life, to love me and accept me, then help me my needs, i will do everything to make you happy, but help me my financial of my study, even small amount a week or a month...
Is that okay for you??
I am single mother need to grow up my kid and finish study...
I hope you help me and we understand each other...
I will send every pictures or either vedio you start sending me

Letter 6

I hope too to be your woman...

Letter 7

I hope i will be you right woman....and be with you soon...love me, accept me and my kid, qnd always here for me always

Letter 8

Its okay for you dont give me a kids, i have one already but, the question is, that is oksy for you i have a kid already?

Letter 9

My full name is Merry Joy Lacaza live in Poblacion, Bayugan City, Agusan Del Sur Philippines.... How about your address?

Letter 10

I hope it will be soon dear john... You love me and my kid, and we love you too

Letter 11

Its depend upon you, how much is you like to send me, its okay, ..yes you can send me through that my name and address

Letter 12

If you have more, you send me, even 50$ or 70$ or ethier 100$ is that okay for me dear

Letter 13

I already do, what you like, do too what i need, so that we understand each other

Letter 14

I hope you are happy that what i send.... You see me fully or we make vedio call soon if you true to me