Letter(s) from Jodi Rogers to Eric (USA)

Letter 1

I am happy to read back from you.I ll say that i really love to know more about you,even though we have not met yet,i know that it is just a matter of time for us to know more about each other and to also arrange on how we can meet for coffee or go out to places,I an adventurist,i like seeing new places and meeting people,but its rather based on business and not pleasure. I am very spontaneous and am up for trying just about anything once.

I can see youve been through lots in your past relationship but I want you to know that everything in life happens for a reason and I dont want you to regret anything cos this life is a lesson the more we live the more we learn ..just keep your head straight and make sure you do anything to make yourself happy cos happiness is the key..Yes about online dating i think we really need to be very careful about the people we talk to cos not everyone on there are real .I have never been married and have no kids. I am a very active person. I like snow and water skiing, jet skiing, watching movies, golfing and basically anything outdoors. I love athletic events, whether it is college or pro; watching or participating. I also would like someone who is affectionate,cuddly and especially someone who makes me laugh.about my birthday I was born on March 2nd 1974 in Germany did my schooling in Germany before relocating back to the State that makes me have an accent

I am currently on a business trip to Southeast Asia Malaysia and should be back home next week and I'd like to meet you in person if you wish, I spend most of my life on tour, but I'm tired of having things done only in the absence of someone to call mine, as I already said the nature of my business involves a lot of travel sometimes but its actually my first time being here in Asia to be precise.

If we're supposed to be, even geography cannot keep us apart. I'm looking for someone to scan me my feet once again,

I want to know how it feels not to cry,

I want to know how it feels to be in love

I want to know how it feels to be happy

I want to know how it feels to be alive

If you can show me all this, then you are my man

There is a quote by a Lady Elizabeth Kubler Ross who said honesty and trust is the basis for a long-term relationship. Am ready to love, I believe with the chemistry between two people love will only flower.
You seem to have a few qualities I look for in a man. A person who is independent, enough care of himself and has a good heart for his home

our chemistry seems perfect I'm sure it would be that a dream came true earlier that we get to meet for real in person when I'm next week

I live for the most part a sad life in the aspect of relationship you know so confidence man and yet was betrayed by man, I believe that it is the love of my life, it was never an easy task to face. I have been dedicated to my work for years but I think it is time to overcome my grief and look for someone serious and real with great heart ready to start a new life and work emotional happiness together bring a smile to each faces again.

I'm definitely ready for it.

I am not interested in men who want to talk about the ladies in sex. I have lots of things to discover with the right man that will respect me for who I am and take every serious Communication without measuring the Distance. Here I have included a few photos and I hope that you will like.

I want you to know that I take all conversations between us seriously that I don't have time for games and wasting time, I would have preferred to meet in person when I'm at home next week if you want.

I decided to keep only the connection with you and no one else not that is the fundamental reason why I cancelled my profile on the dating site where we met, and I hope that you will do the same do the same thing, I don't want to have my feelings for more than a man.

I hope you understand how badly I have been in the past and how much I want happiness in my life.

This will tell you much more about me:

My childhood was pretty much like everyone else with the exception that none of my friends knew how or were allowed to drive, but I had the chance and experience.

I've been spoiled the only daughter of my parents. They let me do what ever I wish especially my mother. Although she can be naughty sometimes. We were very close, which is one of my great pleasures.

It has been a long journey to get to this place and I learned a lot from this trip and continue to grow as a person. You cannot ask for more than that of an average man.

I have a very strong character and moral values, and I know where my limits are. my ex boyfriend was a jerk. all he wanted from the relationship was my parents wealth whenever it would come with a financial problem or another. I have eat it him clothing. but it would not reimburse me with nothing but cheat on me with other girls.

There was damage to my heart and thought. and I want to start a new life.

I would like to ask you this question here. How long have you been on the dating site how many women have you spoken for until the there why you have not taken by one of the women out there, what your experience with this Internet dating scene, what do you do for a living love more about you

i guess this is my first time of writing a man on the internet and i hope i don't have to go too far before i meet my man,i hope to hear back from you soon..


Letter 2

Gone is tomorrow, today is here, achievements to be accomplished, nothing to fear. Get up and hit the world with a new zeal to grab it all in a go. A very Good Morning to you.

Yes I mention I'm a God fearing woman Oh yes,having the fear of God in life makes you accomplish everything you want in life I'm very spiritual and I pray to God and also make everyone around me happy tho I go to church once in a blue moon cos i believe in my instint and also that God is everywhere I attented Methodist church as well my parent were very devoted in church

well I have a german passport.I voted for Trup too in the past election .I dont do politics tho but I had to vote for trump in this past election cos i dont want Hilary to be the president

well i dont smoke and also drink whenever I'm stressed ..meaning i drink once in a blue moon, Words from my soul that cannot be contained, feelings that I have wanted so much to share with you today…this evening.

I just returned home from watching a movie. By myself. Realizing I left so much unsaid this afternoon. Remembering that I could still write to you like this.its night here

I walked around for fifteen minutes just listening to your music, A little travelin’ music - I do love the melody in that song as well as the words. Then I listened to weekend and I had tears in my eyes. I knew I would come home and write this letter to you.

You and I are forever, you know that? I want to share the rest of my life with you and I know you feel the same cos i see you as someone who really knows what hes looking for , Together we will decide the best way to do that.

the things you say and the way you express yourself makes me fly in a way I’ve never known before. Safely. Because of you I’m not afraid to be me cos I can see we have the same in common, to be the person I was always meant to be.thANKS for making me happy again and thanks for coming in my life ... You could not have given me a greater gift than if you had taken all your money and spent it all on me. The greatest gifts are these given from the heart.

I cant wait to be with you and together we have a happy life

I can see greater things coming our way


Letter 3

I hope this message find you well when ever you put on your computer. I am sorry I wasn't able to get back to you right away. I was kinda getting things done here , i want us to get on serious because that is what i am looking for you may go ahead and take off your profile that is an assurance and a statement of seriousness, you know i am looking for that kind of man will cherish just the two of us our togetherness and is ready to go through challenges no matter what it takes for his woman, i believe a relationship cannot survive if Trust and Great Communication is not set as the base of the relationship i believe trust and open communication and commitment is the Key to a solid unbreakable long lasting relationship by now i am sure you can tell the kind of lady i am and what exactly i am looking for in my ideal man. well I'm really sorry about you having a low sperm count but i want you to always be honest with me and i will be always honest with you too....you telling everything about you is making me to like you the more ,,,,I can see you want to have a happy home and i want to either...I still want to know you better. getting message from you, all the way seem like the next door. I'm glad you respond to my letter, what a funny and small world we live in? it so amazing to get message from a distance (thanks to internet. ) I want us to give what it takes to secure a good relationship foundation. getting to learn and know more about each other is very important to build trust, and confidence in each other even while we are far apart from each other by the distance. However, I also believe that knowing about a person’s past is definitely a must. Understanding why someone reacts a certain way to a situation can certainly help to alleviate misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and hard feelings. you see i believe All about someone can never be explain in a single email message, I think it should rather be gradually and slow, I am the kind of person that loves life and I do my best to help the people around me feel the same. I have an eclectic taste in both my reading material and music. i like listening to Christian rock/pop. I feel it is safe music for children to listen to. I am okay with any kind of music even rap/hip-hop and heavy metal, I can tolerate them if I have to, as long as it’s not blaring loud. I also have my tastes run more for oldies, classic rock and today’s rock but my CD collection has a bit of everything in it from classical to new-age.

Tell me more about yourself, what's your favorite food reasons why?

What do you think is the biggest mistake that women tend to make in relationships?

Do you think that women tend to be too macho or too sensitive?

What are the qualities of your ideal relationship?

Have you ever gone out with a lady who was a Challenge?

What's the most important thing that women don't understand about men that they should?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

If you had three wishes, what would they be in order of importance?
What is your most treasured possession and why?

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

What is the last book you read?

What is the one thing you would most like me to know about you?

What do you think is the most important value in a relationship?

What makes you laugh and what makes you cry?

I hope with your answers and mine this will make us know more about each other hope to hear from you soon. willing to know more about you personalities. I think I have to run now, and hoping to get something in my email from you when I log in again. please send me more pictures of you in the next email, tell me more about you I want to learn about you, and I promise to write you immediately I get your message. it might be our time to write good things about relationship.


Letter 4

Its really good to read from you again ..you are very funny I really know what I'm looking for and i need to ask question just to know you have all the things i'm looking for and also all the qualities ..I am Looking for someone to share the tender moments, to share the loving moments, to share the cruel hours in life, to share the whole life, to give everything to the other, to be true and faithful, honest and strong enough to hold the other when he seems to fall, just to give ones life for the other. I am looking for my life partner. I am always envious of people who've been tighter for ever and still can see love in their eyes... I want a friend, a support , a companion to explore life's mysteries

As far as what i am looking for well that would be an exceptional, committed, passionate,romantic,never ending love story. maybe this will explain it better....A commitment in a relationship to me simply means a promise made between two people to be together Forever and be devoted To Loving each Other. To be Loyal to each other.
A commitment to Love No other person, being totally devoted to each other, a promise to be Loyal and Truth full to each other in the relationship, a commitment, a devotion a dedication to something strong that becomes a part of someones Life, a part of someones?™s soul, body ...And mind.
To be honest with you i left a arguing fighting and loud relationship. i am a peaceful and simple man at this time. There was NO affection there. I like my household simply my bills simple my life simple. i want to enjoy my life. If fact this Saturday im going to a blues gig here in town.You want commitment you got it. devotion and a promise to be loyal and truthful you got it. There is no one else I have never had or will ever have a wondering eye. A commitment of a heart to stay true To a heart, a bond of togetherness ......Looking at what I have written so far someone would think that a commitment is something easy To do!!!! But the Truth is that commitment is far stronger that anything accept the power of Love. Because I would say that commitment and Love are ALMOST equals when it comes to the True human feelings!!! I would say a commitment would be the end chemistry of Love ...But with out commitment Love will not last

Love is that feelings of waves through the air that goes from head to heart. but Love has relationship with the eye contact and brain digestion. to create feelings at the first stage. then gradually develop into not letting go strong feelings, that's to my own best of understanding, But there are some professors who can define Love in a full book. when Love is in you. it start from the brain with less feelings and move into your belly or stomach, which ever way you call it, then you'll started feeling butterfly in you, thirsty and hunger will go off you, have you ever noticed all these? Love get easily into the whole body system but has one enemy, there is an enemy of Love in the body system everybody does have it. do you know you have Love enemy in your self? Take a guess baby. Love can feel a whole human thinking but has one difficult place to move into. this place is so strong and surrounded by fire wall. I am talking about the HEART. the heart is your Love enemy, the heart is so strong to a certain level that it does reject Love waves to pass through it that's why most people will say, they don't want to get hurt any more and the fire wall is what makes people have feelings of a very short time period, one of the cause is because we don't know how to get over our past emotional pains of emotional abuse, hurt, and been with the wrong person. another one is listening to wrong advice from Friends, that's why I used to say to my self that not all that appeared as friends are good. and its not everything that glamour means gold when the waves occupied every space in the body you started feeling Love but when it get to the heart you again have doubts. Love is so strong that it would break any wall gradually it will go to the heart firewall aspect that is when you feel something in you. like doubting its may be about the partner physical appearance, maybe the leg you will think its not good enough you know these feelings I'm talking about? I mean when Love waves touches the heart firewall the firewall will also re-act and Love will reverse a bit then you will feel like you don't Love that man or woman anymore, cos the heart firewall had cause damage to the Love waves, but with a lot of physical attentions and distance encouragement Love can overcome the firewall power depending on the level of endurance in you the more the waves goes around the heart firewall the less the firewall power this seems like water and fire. the higher the water the less the fire when the Love wave and the firewall are into battle, it also affect the brain feelings and thinking it depends on you and your level of endurance if you could have patient and have more endurance,, then in mean time and less. the Love will overcome the heart firewall and have the key to your heart and move inn. along side with those ones hanging around in your body every thing will move into your heart then you will have no resistance just like me and you are today I believe my Love is so powerful that's why I break into your heart. the heart will be the king of body from that moment on.

The summary is that the firewall is there and the waves try to penetrate and when it does Love is felt but when it is in battle then it depends on the strength of the Love and endurance BUT. let me tell you this you see the reason why most people still think or doubts is that,,, this firewall we are talking about, still in the body, no matter the rate of battle and conquered, it still hangs somewhere in the body that's why you have to let your heart has much endurance and firewall protector shell because its give and take between the Love and fire wall you know the Love was the one struggling to penetrate before, ! now it would be the turn of the fire wall to move in again so if the your partner encouragement is not enough in your heart, the firewall will take control again and that's what leads to many divorces these days. I hope this message will make you understand how I really feel and what I have for the lucky man of my life.


Letter 5

How lucky I am.seriously I cant stop thinking about you that i cant even sleep at all . what have you done to me honey.honey I want you to know I'm a woman of her words and I dont want you to think I'm taking you for granted .. I am falling and falling deeply in love with the prince charming in the world. I am not ashamed to say this. Infact, I am proud of you and I'm not going to let you go until you love me just the same.

I never understood anything about physics, geography or mathematics but I understand clearly the chemistry between us. This love is more than I can ever imagine and I'm proud to be in love with you.I was very excited about you telling you had me in your heart all day playing "THE LOST GET FOUND" I'm really sorry for not talking to you yesterday my love I have some challenges going on here and its really making me go crazy

This is the first time this is happening in my life. I'm in love and I just don't have the words to describe the way I feel. But I know that our hearts are in this, and our hearts clearly beats for each other. This I believe, is true love. I love you.I prayed before for us last night that this relationship should last till eternity in peace and harmony

Out of a billion people in the population, I've chosen one person to love, one person to cherish, one person to protect and one person to stand up for. I've chosen you not because you were a choice from many, but because you are one in a million. I love you.

I can not go on with my life, you show up in my mind with every memory, every place and every moment that we lived together. There is no better memory than seeing you laughing, enjoying life together. I cant wait to see your kisses and your hugs. I hope you can give me the opportunity of continuing experiencing them.honey please drop your number for verbal conversation

good morning my love

Letter 6

well you can keep your money to yourself ...I'm not here for games either