Scam letter(s) from Maria Martinez to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
happy to get a reply and nice to meet you.
How old are you? can you send me a pic?
Letter 2
you have a verry nice looking and i don't want you as a friend. i'm looking for a real man who can take care of me cos i need to be secured and loved. So i'll like to know if you are looking fpr the same thiing or not.
This are my pics.
I have little girl and here name is rose...
Letter 3
Yes phil this my skype number if you want we can chat on skype +13237433584
Letter 4

i'm so sorry phil..... but my came is not working and my phone is realy giving me problem. Maybe whene i change my phone i'll send it to you.ok?
Letter 5
i'll like too
How are you and what are you up too
I think you can have whatever youn want
I can relocate any time cos i'm tired of this loneliness
i want to be with someone that care love and care for me
Letter 6
i will arrive anytime as soon as i got money to get a ticket over here cos right now i dont have any money,have not even got my bills to pay
Letter 7
yes i will keep you in tourch but all the same we have to find a way on how to get my ticket so i can come over to you then will live happily ****
Letter 8
sweetie im sorry that have not replied you for two days, Have being busy trying to raise the $550 that i owe on my bills and the money to come to you because this loneliness is killing me and i really have great feelings for you so thats why i want our coming together to happen Please kindly reply me as you get this message.. Missing you
Letter 9
I can loan a $250 from my Aunt and kindly assist with the remaining $300 and You can send the $300 via Western Union. Cant wait to be with you my love.kisses
Letter 10
it a place where you can send money to any contry
Please can you give me your adress ? the complet adress where you live.
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