Letter(s) from Olga to Walt (USA)

Letter 1

As a matter of fact, I decided to write to you Walt ! My name is Olga, but I do not like it when they call me. Friends with Lelya name identities me! But usually, my name is Olya! Just Olya, you can also call me!

It should be said that, I dedicate a lot of time improving yourself. I mean, sports, reading books, yoga, I try to keep up with everything, but it does not always work. I love to cook since childhood because my mom cook, so I'll be a good wife (I did not allude to that, just a fact!)
I'm not very high, I think I feel like in the photo above his height, my height is 167 centimeters!)
Dark hair and blue eyes, in general, I am a typical Ukrainian girl!))

So, what else to tell you. Oh yeah, I live in Borovaya, is Ukraine. I am 29 years old!
Not far from my parents live, my own mother and my adoptive father ... dad died 6 years ago.

10 facts about me difficult nature:
1. I am a good person.
2. I typically fish zodiac sign (February 22my birthday!) kind and delicate, but sometimes I can be a fish-piranha!) If you hurt me)
3. It is very jealous and domineering in the relationship. I do not recognize other women close to my man. There I and therefore no longer needed ??). I am gentle and affectionate in a relationship like a cat.
4. With the new people always behave very modest and even a little trapped. But a group of friends ...
In general, restraint is definitely not about me ?? I always joke, I have fun and find a topic of conversation with everyone.
5. I'm very vulnerable and I dream to please everyone at heart. But common sense tells me that it is impossible ??.
And six....no!) The rest I'll tell you in my next letter!) I'm doing it on purpose so that you wrote to me!

I hope I'm not tired of my letter!

Tell me about yourself Walt, I'll wait for an answer with impatience. And I prefer to converse E-mail better that most of the time I am at work and can write answer to the letter!