Letter(s) from Stephany Neilson to John (Brazil)

Letter 1


Thanks for ur mail.

I am so glad u did endeavor to mail back.
Well, as u know its pertinent to give a detailed introduction about me in this affair and moreover I am new to this online dating of a thing , if not for the fact that my close friend found her present fiancee on that dating site, after my break-up I decided to come on here to see if I would have same luck. As you know quite well that on here its normal to have myriads of interested men but its my choice to choose just one ,I hope when I get to know u better it will be safe to have u as my choice ,provided u will be capable of handling the kind of mild heart I have that needs tender care .

am a cool minded person , I love begin straight forward in my activities with people,infarct the reason my folks like me is just cos of my policy of being simple as I believe Greatness Lies In Simplicity how about u don't u think so ? am in the state now

Of course ! My back ground is necessary in this affair as I am glad to let u know that I am the only girl ,I am Stephania as u know am 32 years old a single mother ,Sad to say ,I lost my mum just of recent and could not withstand the agony before I left the US for London and some other countries ,am the only daughter of my parent,he has a company.I worked with my dad, my dad worked as a metal Architecture and beautifier, so i worked with him as his personal accountant when he was alive before he met his death in an accident.I am not married for once , but i have been into a long time relationship which laid me into hard times and it hurts me so dearly and i don't to be hurt by any man like that again..my last relationship lasted for 2 years and and some months am now back to the state am incalifornia now

I would also like u to tell me if u are currently in a relationship so I don't get in the mess again ?

I would also want to know how u intend to build this relationship to reality in the nearest future ?

I want u to tell me about your past love life if any ?

What was your may motive of join the Dating Site?

And how long have you been on the dating site ?

Do you live alone or stay with friends?

Have you hard any bad experess on online dating be for?

What are the qualities that you like in a woman if a woman is what you really need in your life?

Will you like to have more kids if you finally get a woman of your dream?

I want u to tell me if u are going to be patient with me till I come down to u considering the nature of my business ?

I want u to tell me if u will be able to furnish me with frequent replies to my mails to assure me of your love as u rightly know that it's not so easy to let loose LOVE to any tom dick and harry?

As a man , what's your opinion about double dating, is it justifiable as many men think myopically ?

Please I need answers that could tell your maturity,to these questions in your reply as they are necessary to my heart in terms of commitment in this relationship.

I like reading a lot , infarct meta physics novels especially by Tuesday Lob sang Ram-pa
I love cooking , playing squash and watching basket ball and talk shows like Oprah Winfrey talk show in the Harps Studio.

I hate lies, I hate dirty people , I don't like loquacious men ,I also don't like greediness cos I believe in giving and its only when u give u will take its a natural law of creation.
I like honest people, I like being down to earth, I love being truthful in all my deeds ,speech etc

My dear, I think I have been able to give u in details all u need to know about me and would love to read same in reciprocity to ensure a suitable ground for a start of this relationship.

I sincerely hope to read from u soonest , as I will stop here for now .


Letter 2

age is just a number how long have u been on dating site

Letter 3

ok try and read my first mail and reply

Letter 4

Dear ,

How are you doing?...Its such a wonderful day to read from you, I mean I was not expecting you to answer the questions so soon..lol I was hoping its gonna take few weeks before you answer it..lol just kidding..To answer my own questions back :
1..what do you like in a man ? Loving,Caring, Understanding easy going a man who is romantic a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved and also protect his family.
2..Are you a player or for real ?. I am real, and I have never for once been a player.
3..Are you single or divorced?. I am single and never been married.
4..Do you have kids ?. Yes i have a daughter , but I would love to have more someday, I love kids so much and I like to be around them, I see alot of them and they are lovely, I can't wait to have more with the man of my life. At least 2 or 3.. sure I would discuss that with that man someday, who knows if its you...we will see about it anyway.
5..What you do for a living?. I work as an Agric industrialist, and I love it.
6..Tell me about yourself ? blue eyes/Light brown hair 5"8 , non smoker/Non Drinker a single mother.
7..What you do for fun and in your free time? I love sports ,watching movies and going to the movies ,live music , I like to have fun I'm usually up for anything new and fun.
I wait to read from you real soon, and I hope I have answered my questions well and email me more of your pix .

Letter 5

Thanks so much for the message,
So lovely and much more nice to read from you at all time, you just know how to bring out the very best in me with cute lovely smiles on face while through your messages, thats show how much more sincere and honest you're.

I might have not meet with you in person but honestly i have known you deep down in my heart as someone who truly care and want the very in return such as - True Love, Honesty, Loyal, Respect, Been Passionate, Open heart Minded, Heart Warm and most of all true love from the heart that will lead to deep Emotional feelings for one another. am not saying am the best of all but i will make sure you have the best in life with lots of tender care with great sincerity to you at all time no matter what.

In my previous message i sent you, I will never for once hurt your feelings nor toy with your heart cos i do know how it feel deep in the soul to be toyed with, i will be so glad to have the same in return as well cos i have lost and miss deep emotional feelings all this year simply cos am really scared of getting hurt again since i left my Ex, am glad am over it now and do want to get along again with someone very special.. Soulmate i will spend the rest of my life with comes day and night in all conditions till end of time and life after Death. Do you really know your very lovely and sweet deep in the heart.. would be so glad and much more delighted to have you as my soul mate.. Yes i might not have meet with you in person but my heart keeps telling me your the One, have always listen to the paths of my heart which leads me to Glory.. I don't want to loose you to anyone out there please wait till am out here i beg of you. really want to know you much more better.

Whats your Date of birth, what place or destinations would you be so glad to have this lovely tour to? Hey tell me countries, cities and places you have visited all this while i know there must be right lol.

Your fav colors will be? let me guess from my heart!!! white, sky blue and , Ash hope am right lol?

I just want the very best for us in order to be very happy in life with so much joy and wonderful peace from the heart and soul, babe i just want wait to be with you in person and tell you how much more i do love you so deeply…

Yours True Love

Letter 6

Dearest ,

There are five basic emotions in life.

Love , guilt, shame, hatred and revenge.

I pray for the strength to feel and be able to hold unto the first , with you being the subject .I pray that my heart carries a part of you, I pray that our love to be strong enough to weather all storms, I praythat my prayer be answered ,and my answered prayers hold for eternity.

I pray for the sun to shine on whatever will bring us harmony. I pray for the sun to scotch all adversary schemes, so we would never be apart. I pray for strength , endurance and hope for us to make it through no matter how low. I pray for courage for us to be able to face ugly situations side by side, hand in hand.

I pray that our happiness that has lit up our lives will never darken..I pray for us to surpass all our dreams to the awe of onlookers . I pray for resilience,for us to shy away from deeds that would threaten what we have.

I pray most especially, against love gone sour, against situations whereby either of us would suddenly stop believing that eternal bliss cease to existin our companionship.

I pray that no matter the question, our answers would remain.

I love u.

Letter 7


It is nice to chat with you, how are you doing. I know it is hard to find a genuine man on the internet dating but am willing to give someone a chance to see if I might find a real caring, honest, trustworthy and real man.

I have been worried the past couple of days looking for a genuine man I can trust with my heart and share my life with. I came to California USA to take care of my dad's retirement money.

I'm in need of someone who will help me receive my dads retirement money.

Before my dad passed away, he received his retirement funds of $18.6 million us dollars in cash from his employer Patterson-UTI Drilling Oil Company... He kept the money in a trunk box in cash along with some of his contract document inside the box because he wanted to move the money out of California, the box was locked with code.

He took the box to a private shipping company in California to keep and the trunk box was covered as personal effects, valuables and important document which must not be opened.

No one knows that the box contains money, so it can not be stolen or robbed when shipping the box to you.

After depositing this box, my dad and I went for vacation at the Caribbean Island with hope that when we return from vacation, we will ask the courier company to ship the box but dad and I had a tragic car crash in the Island, dad passed away and I lost my hearing organs after the crash.

I'm looking for a trustworthy man who will be of help to receive the box for me and I will come over when my box get to you.

I have the necessary shipping paper needed on my box, there's no risk or trouble involve.

I am willing to offer you 15% of the money in my trunk box.

What is needed of you to receive the box is your name, delivery address and phone number.

I need your urgent reply and I hope I can trust you with this... As soon as I hear back from you with your information, I will email you the details you need on my box to get this done...

Letter 8

give me ur phone number dear let me call you now and i will be more then happy if you can help me dear so u can send for me

Letter 9

Hello there hope if u really want to help me out of this all u need is to contact the Security Company where my boxes are been deposited, then you will instruct them to have your fiance's deposited traveling luggage sent to you . While writing to them by email do not tell them that the boxes contain money, just give them my deposit details as below and give them delivery information, and inform them to have the boxes shipped to you with immediate effect this week
I.. 'm giving you this Information and trusting you as well , with the word you gave me i am believing you now..that i won't be disappointed and i don't want u to inform any body about this Here are my deposit details and the contact of the Security Company:

Sort/Clearance Code: GSC-O576-PLG45
Deposit Certificate #: GSC/576-45/MP56 33
Consignment: 405576
Consignment Description: 2 Traveling Boxes
Depositor: Miss Stephanie Neilson
Contact of Security Company.
Contact Person: Mr. David Neil (Custodian Manager)
Contact Email: uboxworldwide01@gmail.com

While contacting them by email you will ask them what the shipment fee would be. You give them the delivery address, so that they would be able to tell us the estimated cost for the shipment. please i want solicit your trust in this regards, you will assistant help with the fee to the security company and Once the boxes arrive there,once I get there, I will get it refund back to you I am counting on you with trust and I hope you will be of help.and i want u to make things faster as soon as u contact the security company please let me know I will wait to hear back from u and am ready to spend the rest of my life with u as far as u are honest to me please get back to me as soon as u contacted the company ok and i need ur full name home address and phone number so i can email them also and they will know you are from me i will also call you now so you can know am for real

Keep in touch

Letter 10

I love you is only eight letters and hardly enough to express how I feel about you. When I say those three words I am telling you that my whole world revolves about you my Darling You're the thought
that starts each morning,the conclusion to each day.I envision you in all that I do,and everything I say.You're the smile on my face,the sparkle in my eye.the warmth inside my heart,the fullness in my life.You're the dimple in my cheek,the constant tingle in my soul.
the voice that makes me weak,You're the one who shields the cold.You're all I've wanted,all that I need.You're all I dream of,You mean so much to me you mean alot to me and i hope you feel the same way for me also and this feeling is real and you wont let me down,

Load Of Love