Name: Deborah Willem
Age: 27
Name: Svetlana Mocretcova
Age: 25
Name: Tina Williams
Age: 26
Name: Karina Lykova
Age: 22
Name: Wendy Bartley
Age: 45
Name: Emilly Rodwell
Age: 44
Name: Natalia Shevcova
Age: 28
Name: Margaret Burcham
Age: 52
Name: Elizaveta Yatsyv
Age: 21
Name: Vladlena Bularova
Age: 26
Name: Kate Smith
Age: 28
Name: Jenny Elizabeth Hogan
Age: 36
Name: Nelli Sybil Solomons
Age: 35
Name: Alexandra Vdovina
Age: 30
Name: Jurnice Cole
Age: 35

Scam letter(s) from Suzzy Love to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Nice to read from you John...As i have told you from the dating site ...Am a single woman who is looking for a love a man who is caring loving and ready to spend the rest of his life with me ..I have no problem about age as it just a number to me ..what matter most is the love and happiness i will get from my partner ..Am the only daughter of my parents ..Lost my Dad few months ago that is why i came here for his burial ..We are done with his funeral but my father lawyer told me to wait ..As my father left me some inheritance that i have take before i leave here..
All am looking for is love if only you serious to love me and never cheat on me we can give it a try to see what will happen next from there..Hope to read from you again ...Suzzy ..
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