Scam letter(s) from Teona Aksu to Peter (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Peter! How are you? Thank you for such interesting and warm letter. I didn't have a private life here, in Georgia. I already wrote you that I wasn't lucky with men. My history is old, as the world, this history of the deceived love. When the man makes a declaration of love to the naive girl, and actually loves another. I thought, we approach each other but as bitterly I was mistaken! It secretly met my school friend, you represent? Earlier I thought that such history is possible only in love stories or women's magazines, but, alas, such occurs pretty often. Of course, that happened, made me more careful. Now I very selectively treat people and I won't throw the arms round a neck to the first comer. We have such saying: "All of us are clever backdating" but what to do? But now I any more such trustful, as earlier. Of course, to everything it is necessary to treat with gratitude, after all it is a certain experience which, probably, is necessary to us to move further. I heard about acquaintances on the Internet long ago, but long didn't decide to try something similar.
And here, at last, I came into the Internet cafe, it is near my house.
I only am able to use the e-mail, and to read news on the Internet. I am not present on social networks as time in the Internet cafe at me is limited. Honestly to admit, I didn't expect that so it will turn out, but you very much are pleasant to me. I receive many emotions from ours communication as it is unusual! I also want to ask for you phone number, I could try to call to you from public telephone booth.
As I have no mobile phone as its use in Georgia expensive and it isn't necessary to me. It is easy and interesting to communicate with you. I want to learn why you decided to get acquainted on the Internet? After all in the world there are a lot of good girls who can be met in reality. And why you wrote to me, after all I even not from your country? Perhaps, for today all. Write, I surely will answer you. Your sweet girl of Yagmur!
Letter 2
Hello my man on light Peter!!! I opened to you not only as the personality, but also as your future woman. I understood that I have to share with all of you emotions. You you are pleasant to me, and I see you as the man. I even it was raised after my letter. I long couldn't fall asleep, as I represented as we realize our dreams. Love, this happiness in our life.
I see that you liked mine thoughts! And you adequately reacted to my letter, it does ours the relations are even closer. My Love, you all is constant in my thoughts, I time I think of you. I love you and I want to be near you! I am glad that you liked my imaginations.
I want to do it with you in a bathroom, in kitchen, on to the washing machine, outdoors.
I hesitate of nothing, as you mine man. When I will arrive to you. As it will make us closer. I come to you, you meet me at the airport with flowers (a bouquet roses). I leave the plane, and you meet me, I embrace you and I kiss, you catch a smell of my spirits. I ask as at you I passed day... We go to you home, on the way we come for products by a dinner.
I make a magnificent dinner: fried chicken in the furnace with pineapple and nuts, still boiled potato, stewed in mushroom sauce.
Then we we light candles, and you open delightful wine, plays romantic music. We do up to a wine throat, and I serve up a dinner. We eat also we talk about everything, keeping the eyes glued, from each other.
After a dinner you invite me to slow dance. We dance not long, as feelings overflow both of us, you start kissing me gently and sensually. You caress to me a ******, I take off from you a suit and a shirt. Whole your strong ******, each centimeter of your body. I fall below also I take off from you trousers, I start caressing hands your body of love and pleasures. At this time I continue to kiss you passionately and sensually. Then I kneel and touch by lips, your body love, I see how it starts growing and becomes firm. I take on it language on all its length, and then I place it to myself in a mouth and I caress it there, yet I won't start feeling how it begins to pulse at me in a mouth, I stop when I feel how nectar gets to me to a mouth. We go to a bedroom, you undress me, we are completely *****.
I approach to a window I open it, on the street is already dark and anybody isn't present, fresh air blows in my hair. You approach behind and you start caressing me. At first then below you touch ******* fingers my petals of love, I feel heat which goes from you. You you enter into me behind and slowly and gently you begin movement there.
You you squeeze my ******* at yourself in hands. We start moving together in one rhythm in the beginning slowly, and then all quicker and quicker yet pleasure comes, I feel how your nectar fills me from within. We depart from a window, you lay down on a bed, I caress yours body, I kiss your body of love, then I sit down from above on you. You lie and you don't move, I start sliding softly back and forth, yet I will catch a movement rhythm. Having caught the necessary rhythm, I start moving quicker, you start caressing my ******* the strong hands, I feel it. Every minute I move on your body all quicker, passes still some seconds, and both of us experience huge pleasure, I fall flat-out on your ****** also I lie so some minutes, I don't come yet in itself.
Then we go to a shower, I your my strong body, and you wash mine the fragile. We go to a bedroom and we fall asleep in embraces of each other... These are mine dreams which I want to present to you. I very much want to arrive to you, so as I can't think of you any more! Also as the Internet connects us on to letters! I think that the plane can bring me to you. and all our dreams become reality! I love you! Also I look forward to hearing from you as it is possible it is rather. Yours forever love Yagmur!
Letter 3
Hello my Love Peter! I certainly with in pleasure I will be engaged with you in love as you will want! I now only I wait when it will be, I can't without you, and I want to feel your caresses on yourself, I want to feel as you kiss mine *******, and then ******* as you caress my petals of love, I want to feel your member in itself, I so dream of it. I want to lick your member and to mass him hands while you won't receive the pleasure to pour out the nectar to me in a mouth. I want to feel, how your member moves in me as he pulses in my hand, I want to feel taste of your nectar, it is also sweet, probably, as yours words. I want to test it with you, I see that you very skilled, the sensual and gentle man therefore I completely will trust, we will use any positions what you only will want. I I can't tempt myself with these dreams any more as I want you still it is more. I think that we should stop, such strong excitement at me was never. I didn't think at all that it it is possible to reach, using letters. I want to leave an intrigue of our relations to our meeting. I want to meet you as I don't want more to waste our precious time. I think that our relations became more strongly as I see that I am important to you. My Love, I want to learn information about travel to your country. Please, tell me yours full name, and home address. The closest airport to your house, and the city in which it to be. In my city there is a tourist agency which works for an extent of many years. At it there is a lot of advertizing on TV, and very good responses! I will go to office travel agency to learn information about travel to to you. I want to arrive to you that we could understand, what feelings we we test to each other. I will do you by the happiest person in this world. I am so glad that our relations don't stand still, and only develop. I am sure that we will be happy together. As we trust each other for 100!
We will create with you the strong union, so as we love each other.
Intimate photos are made for you, prove, that I am open for you! Also I love you above all. I with impatience I wait for your letter, as soon as possible. Your girlfriend of Yagmur!
Letter 4

Hi my dear and love Peter! Thanks a lot for your warm words to me. You are very dear person for me. I am ready to give for you all I wash life! You at all don't represent as I am glad that our hearts found each other. My thoughts only about you and about our future life together. I will give you all my heart. I want to be only with you. I love you! My dear, you know, today I decided to visit travel company to learn everything, about our meeting. I went to fine travel company which is respected by many people in our city. I addressed to the manager of firm and described all situation. I learned, what documents be required to me in order that I officially could take off to you. The manager reported that the departure to you will require the international passport, a tourist visa, insurance and medical examination, tickets. The most important for me at this stage to make the passport and the visa. I will buy tickets only after registration of these documents. Tickets for me as will be made out by firm in which I order the passport and the visa.
Preparation of the international passport takes about 1.5 - 2 weeks.
The cost of the passport makes 220 dollars. But with the visa everything is a little more difficult. The visa is made out approximately, as well as passport 1.5 - 2 of week. It is the most important document without which I won't be able to take off to you.
Visa cost, is specified as in dollars. Its cost makes 260 dollars as medical examination costs 85 dollars. And obligatory insurance upon accident of 75 dollars. When I learned that I will need 640 dollars, I wanted to begin to cry. All my dreams of our meeting at once collapsed. After all I have no such big money, my love. I don't know how me to be. As my salary makes 130 – 150 dollars a month. As soon as we began with you communication, I started saving money for our meeting and now I have 90 dollars. As you understand that I don't have 550 dollars to begin process of registration of my documents. I very strongly want to be with you! You the most expensive and darling for me! You're my life. You are air with which I breathe every day. I went down the street and thought only of you. I wanted to write you the letter quicker. Now I sit, and from my eyes there are tears. Grief and grief tears. I don't want to live without you. After all without your presence at my life now there is no sense! I still have only one hope, it is your help my love. I consider that money this absolutely minor in our life. The most important that we found each other and we are happy. We love, each other and there is more nothing more important in this life! But now to meet, this sum of money is necessary to us. My love, you are ready to help with our meeting, this sum of money? Our future depends on it. I am completely sure of you. I know that you will help with any situation. You never will throw me! You are my guardian angel who to me was sent by god. You're my life. Without you there is no sense to live! I want to feel heat of your lips, to embrace you and to feel your strong hands. I know that you are the kindest and honest person. I see how you worry, I see how you really want to be with me and it is very important for me. I found the only love in you. Now for me, day without you is a ****. And your letters for me this sun which visits me every day. I madly love you my dear! I am grateful to destiny, that it allowed us to meet. Please, answer me as soon as you will have opportunity. Million kisses for you! Your Yagmur! P.S. Please, tell me yours full name, and home address. The closest airport to your house, and the city in which it to be.
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