Scam letter(s) from Melinda Cortez to John (USA)

Letter 1
Age is only a number, i am not young tell you honestly i am single mother with 4 kids, and i am a person who want a real one a special one to be with my life
Letter 2
Thank you and it is my pleasure to be with yoy soon, i send you an email if i am not on this site just message me on my email...I am a single mother with 4 kids, i am honest person who likes surprises and helping in others need as long as i can gave it, specially to my family, i am the oldest from my brother and sister, my i have 2 girls and 2 boys the older one is 12 years old, and the youngest is 1 year and 3 months, i am single for almost 2 years, i like cooking and listening music, i like also beaches , i am working as a waitress in a restaurant , i am here at this site to try find someone special, a special one the real one who can accept of being me, you know i don't care about the age and whoever they are as long as whe happy in each other then we understand each other's life then why not because i believe that the two person being destined whatever the distance is it doesn't matter ....age is a number, and we are not young anymore, were getting old, i am sweet and loving and caring person, usually i am funny sometimes ...what about you?Anyway my real name is melinda,i am here to make you happy until our last breath....have a good day to you..
Letter 3
My pleasure you know about me...what about you tell me something?Can I do that by gmail?Yes sure my pleasure my king...hehehe lolkkkkk you are funny, yes. going to write you a gmail now, I already sent one during the night
Letter 4

I sent you some pictures of me with my kids...till now still sending hehehe the signal of internet here is too slow, if you would like to come here you will live a life cheaper expenses more than from brazil..
Letter 5
Hahaha my 2 beautiful girls are not living with me, they're live with my grandmom, and my 2 boys are with me the youngest one and the older do you think you can come here and visit us so you can meet also my family as wellI would love to, I really would if I knew where you areI am living now here in manila, but my hometown is in province of dipolog city, lots of nice places here more on is nature..Caloocan City,Metro manila philippinesLovely, out of interest what language do you speak there because when we started talking I looked up Philippines and there are 168 different ones
Letter 6
Our language here is tagalog, my province is really don't knoa about languages here in philippines, ?
Letter 7
What? Ohhhh no i do not have boyfriend ?In my profile it written there that i am seeing god read it carefully hahahahaIniibig kita.It says that yes, want me to copy it and send it to youIt says seeing someone, has dogs, has kids, exact wordsSee, i know you know that...i think you have a girlfriend before filipina.? Is it?
Letter 8
Hello thank you so much..i am flattered to have you and i appreciate your email....
Letter 9
Thanks for the essay..hahaha lol....anyway all i can see is you living a good life and whatever you have is i don't care, if i like a person whoever he is and whatever he is, anyway sometimes sorry for my wrong grammar but i hope you understand what i mean and you can come and visit me here or i will be the one who visit you and stay with you forever if you give me a chance...i had been work from 3 different countries being a waitress like dubai,qatar, and abu dhabi...i never been in your place or in some asian places, but i like to go anywhere, and i hope someday we can meet in person and i am faithful woman , specially now i wish we could talk soon also in video calling, i have skype ...please keep in touch, i will take care of you...
Letter 10
Yes i already have, what do you think i am lying....i will send you the pic of my 4kids,
Letter 11
Wow, you have a nice place to live and you look good and nice, we have same thing we like keep in touch and please do not hesitate to ask me what you want,
Letter 12
I am 32 years old today, this is 32nd birthday, my 1st is james kevin, 2nd is jhilaine aira, 3rd is babyjhim,4rth is aaron angelo...i am happy with them yes and i will be more happy if i have my special one with me to complete me...
Letter 13
Sorry for now i don't have a picture wearing bikini in my mobile, hahaha on my computer i have a lot from there because i like taking pictures of my self, i will send you more pictures when i get my computer from repair shop...maybe next week hahaha need to work to paid it from shop...hehehe
Letter 14
Hahahaha ok get my computer back tomorrow so i can give a lot of my pictures me to get it faster, ...hahaha
Letter 15
Hey how do you know this languages...who teach you? hahaha i am just wondering if who teach you?and you ignore some of my message here...hmmmmppppp
Letter 16
Sorry i fall asleep, ahh okay, now i know...hahahaha, it's getting 2 am here now, please keep in touch i will message you tomorrow . ..have a good night and i am glad that i make you happy...i like you a lot....have a good day to you...i am still ****...hahahaha kisses and hugs...
Letter 17
Hello just came home from tired and feel sleepy...thank you for the message..i miss you...kisses and hug
Letter 18
Hello i have to put some credit for my internet,please can we chat tomorrow....because now i have it is almost 2 hours left, i have to find someone i could borrow to reload again my pocket wifi....for now we can talk within 1 hour...hehehe miss you kiss
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