Scam letter(s) from Oksana Tolstikova to Peter (Austria)

Letter 1
Thank you responded to my letter! I am very pleased!
Before, in my last letter I wrote you from my friend.
In the truth, I do not even know how to begin my letter!
If you do not mind, I'll tell you a little about yourself!
My name is Oksana!
The idea of online dating came to me unexpectedly.
My friend and I were sitting in a cafe and drinking tea.
She said that now the acquaintance on the Internet more and more popular among the people, and she met her husband on a dating site, her husband is from UK. Now they are happy!
For me, they are an example of what you can find happiness in the Internet!
In truth, I was very shy, and I do not even know what to write in the letter.
I am not registered in the social networks, i've never interested in it!
My friend suggested that I took advantage of dating agency.
We went to the agency and I took up several profiles, but I decided to write to you alone.
I do not know how and where they get the information!
For me it is the first experience of making friendship on the Internet!
I have never been decided on this step, if my friend had not told me to do it! But now we can have a chat!
I am a long time did not know how to write to you, but I decided to do this step!
Of course I was a bit confused and I do not even know what to write in the letter.
I wish to tell you right away that I'm looking for in a man.
I look forward to your integrity and respect, because I'm looking for love and a sincere attitude.
It is important for me that the man should be kind, attentive and responsive.
I will tell you about myself, so we can get to know each other!
I live in Russia, and later I will tell you about my city which called Blagoveshchensk.
I never been married and do not have kids!
I hope you understand me well and my English.
I learn English from an early age! If you do not understand me, you can use a translator!
If you only speak on your own language, I will try to translate your letter and we can have a chat!
Now the problem of language is not big and I think it will not be an obstacle for us!
You can look at my photo to see my physique.
My height is 164 cm, weight 62 kg.
I have many interests.
I love books and reading! I read a lot of books of the great classics of the world!
I also really like the works of poets of the twentieth century.
Also, I like to listen to music. I prefer classical music, as well as some jazz and blues.
In general, I love art and everything connected with it.
But I also try to keep up with modern trends in art!
I like everything new!
I have a good sense of humor.
I think in the future you will be able to see this.
I was born on February 26th, 1986! I am 30.
My zodiac sign Pisces.
Which zodiac sign you?
I'll be glad to answer any questions that you are interested in.
I am very interested to know more about you, about your life, and the interests of the country in which you live.
If you are interested in our acquaintance, I am waiting for your letters and photos :-) Best wishes, Oksana!
Letter 2
Hi my friend!
Perhaps you did not expect to receive my letter today :)
Or maybe the other way around waiting as much as possible of my letters.
I want to tell you that today in my city Blagoveshchensk beautiful.
Soon ends my time, and I want to wish you a good day and evening!
My mood is very dependent on the temperature and the presence of the sun.
If the sun outdoors - that my life is beautiful. If it's rain and wind, but my mood on zero ...
Soon Blagoveshchensk burst cold winter.
I ask you to forgive me. You expect me to new mail! I can not answer your letter today.
Today I did not have time for breakfast and lunch. A lot of work. A lot of important documents.
On Sunday, we have agreed with her sister and nephew to go to the skating rink in the evening in the indoor ice rink.
Oh very much want to skate.
You know how to ride a skate?
Autumn always brings to life new colors and a positive mood!
Unfortunately I have so little free time that I can not write a long letter, and to share their impressions of our acquaintance.
I want to develop our acquaintance, and I will wait on you more and more letters. I do not want to lose you! I want to continue our acquaintance.
I want you filled my world with light, warmed my heart !!!!!!
Everyone in my life met a special person that attracts like a magnet, he did not suspecting !!!!!!
With the advent of you, my life will sparkle with new bright colors!
Tomorrow come to work, I will re-check your e-mail, hoping to see your letter!
If I have to write tomorrow, I'll try to write again. I'll be waiting for your letter!
Letter 3
How are you?
It's again me, Oksana!
I was waiting for your message today!
I had the certainty that you will write me a letter.
Last night, I wished to look the letter from you, but my laptop of the house has broken!
My niece has not specially spilt juice on my laptop when she looked cartoon films!
She was frightened also of anything to me has not told! My laptop not from last models, but all suited me!
In service consultant have told to me, that it is not subject to repair, I plan to buy the new laptop when I will receive the salary on my work.
Now I'm at work, I prefer to write letters home from work.
I hope it's not a problem to chat with you, and we will find a way to continue the acquaintance!
Now I will tell you about my work!
I work every day except on Sundays, it is only one day off a week, but I am a hardworking woman, and it's not hard for me!
On Sunday, I can not see your letter, unfortunately...
I begin work at 09:00 in the morning.
And I finish work at 19:00 in the evening. Sometimes when I have a lot of work I have to stay at work.
I work for a private construction company.
My accountant.
My responsibilities include delivery of reporting, calculation and remittance of wages, taking into account the costs and revenue of the company, as well as payment of taxes!
I like my job.
I work at a computer.
I have a college degree.
I graduated at the Faculty of Economics.
I live in Blagoveshchensk.In my last letter I wrote to you about it.
You can see my city in the Internet.
Moscow is the capital of Russia.
Moscow is about 1200 kilometers from my own town.
Have you ever been in Russia?
When I decided to get acquainted with a man in the agency of acquaintances, I considered the many profiles of men.
But I wrote to you alone.
It is difficult to me to explain my choice, because I get acquainted for the first time thus!
Probably it prompted my heart that I should write a letter to you exactly.
It's important to me that the man should be kind, sympathetic, and that he knew how to treat a woman right.
After all, age is just numbers, it's important soul of man, his attitude and his feelings!
I want to ask you about the sincerity and respect.
I want to make our communication with you was based on trust.
I hope that over time the trust will be between us.
In the future, I can give you my cell phone, but now I want to know you better, because the calls will be very expensive.
Now I want to know a little bit about you and your life!
I am interested in your life.
Please do not forget to answer my questions.
What do you do in your spare time?
Do you like to cook meals?
Today I send you my photo and I'll be glad to see your photos in your next letter.
I must continue to work now.
Thank you for your attention!
If you have a Skype, write to me soon, I plan to buy a new laptop and make a Skype, I have never used this program, but I know that many people used and it is very convenient that would talk and see each other in real-time .
I hope that my letter was not boring for you and you enjoyed it!
I wish you a nice and good day!
Letter 4

I'm very glad you write me!
How are things?
I want to be sure and ask you to write to me, what name do I call you?
Tell me, how would you comfortable, so I called you?
I waited impatiently your letter.
I'm sorry that I could not write you a letter so quickly, now I'm at work and I have a little time to write to you.
I will continue to tell you about my life.Please tell me about your life too, as I'm interested to know you, and all what's going on in your life.
What season do you like?
I love summer! But the summer has long been over!
In my city flows the river Belaya, and there are also a lot of ponds and lakes.
In summer, many residents of our city have a rest on the beach. Do you love a beach holiday?
It is a pity that in Russia the summer lasts only three months.
I like outdoor activities and sports. You know that I am engaged in fitness!
I love to swim, and in my spare time i always go to the pool and gym.
What type of vacation do you prefer?
I am pleased to read your letter.
When I write a letter to you, I want to tell you everything that happens in my life.
But I am very humble and I do not know what else to ask you, tell me more about yourself.
I want to know you better! I am interested to know more about your life.
It is a pity that the distance between us.
I can not even suggest how far we are.
In which city do you live?
I can learn it on the Internet.
If we lived nearby, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly.
I sincerely hope that you maintain my dreams.
I hope that one day our dreams will come true with you.
Do you have a dream?
I have hobbies, I enjoy cooking!
I really like to cook various dishes from it and I enjoy.
I also have a collection of recipes from different countries.
Since childhood, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother.
You had possibility to visit Russian restaurants or ate national dishes of Russia ??
I would be happy to introduce you to Russian cuisine in the future.
I'm sure you will not refuse from my delicious dishes :-)
I try to check my email every day, when I work.
Sometimes, I do not have time to check email.
Be assured that I always answer your letter as soon as possible.
I hope you enjoy photos, so I'm looking forward to your photos!
I look will be waiting to read your new letter.
I wish you good mood!!!
Your friend,
Letter 5
Hello, Peter, you have a very nice name!
How are you? What's new?
Do you have a good mood today?
I like our communication with you.
In the morning I usually drink green tea, juice or coffee and going to work.
I can not always answer you immediately, because my house was broken laptop and I have not had time to buy a new one soon, I'll buy a new laptop and I can make Skype and we can have real-time communication.
I write and read your emails at my work.
I hope, that you understand me, that on work I can not use Skype and social networks as my chief very strict women.
I often think of you and wait for your letters.
I'm wondering what you're doing at this moment.
It is a pity that among us a great distance.
If you do not mind, I will continue to talk about my lives and ask about your life.
I want to tell you about my family.
My mother 57 years old, she is already retired.
I have a sister. My sister has her own family, her husband and a charming daughter.
My father died 6 years ago.
It was a difficult time for our family, but we have tried to provide support for each other.
I love my family.
We often meet our family at a table.
Do you like to watch movies?
What movies do you like?
I can not forget the wonderful movie Ghost, PS: I love you, The Notebook, Titanic.
I like different genres, but most of all I like to romance about love, a good end of the film.
I like romantic and classical music, sometimes i like to listen jazz.
I like cooking.
What is the most popular dish in your country?
Russia is a huge country. There are many kinds of national dishes ..
I think that the national dishes in Russia, it is burgers, pancakes and many soups.
In Russia, it is very popular soups.
I'm sure you will enjoy dishes of Russian cuisine.
As to my preferences in food. I like different food and I often cook different dishes.
The main thing that the food was prepared from natural products. I like salads, vegetables and fish dishes.
Peter, do you have a phone number at which you can make international calls?
I have a mobile, my number is +798952430271, but I can not make and receive international calls.
My phone was given to my work and I do not have service calls abroad.
This is a normal phone, it's not a smartphone ... I've never had a need for an expensive phone, I was happy when I got the phone for free at work.
I want to buy another phone and connect a personal mobile number, I hope I'll buy it soon, we could possibly have a chat with you on the phone in the future.
When I'm planning to call you, I'll let you know.
I know that you are a good man and I like it a lot.
Our countries have a different mentality. Do you agree with me?
Please tell me as much about your life. I am very interested in your life.
We are all people, and I understand you, but you and I belong to different cultures.
Some things I probably do not know.
I will be very glad to hear it from you.
Your letters help me to better understand your world.
Write me soon!
Please send your photos if you can. I will be waiting for your letter!
I try to check email every day.
Sometimes, because of the work I do not have time to check an email, I hope you understand me.
I will always respond to your letters.
Today I wrote a long letter to you, I now have to go back to work.
Letter 6
I am fine!
Today I have a good mood :-)
Last night we were at the cafe karaoke with my sister!
We ate and talked.
The name of my sister is Irina.
My sister said that she recently began to notice the change in me.
Just my mother noticed that I have become a fun and cheerful.
Peter, I told my mom and sister that I communicate with you.
I thought about it and realized that really, my life has changed since I started to communicate with you.
Recently, my longing was completed and now I often smile :-) My mom's name Daria, she approves of our relationship, and she is very happy to see my good mood.
Sometimes I read the letter that you wrote to me earlier.
I'm glad to meet you, I like our communication.
Now I want to look into your eyes and see your mood.
Do you like my writing and what I tell them?
You know, that look can say more.
My eyes shine with joy when I check E-mail and see your letter.
Thank you for the happiness that you bring me !!!
Today I send you my new photos and photos of my sister and my mom! I hope you enjoy it!
In one of the last letters, I told you that my mobile phone does not support international communication!
Today I learned that I need to activate the service "international calls".
Since I got my phone at work, I need to write an application addressed to the boss, asking her to activate this service! I'll try to do it soon!
I hope the boss will allow me to connect the service "international calls".
Once I do that, I'll let you know immediately about this, I really want to hear your voice and I hope that soon we will be able to talk to you by phone.
I have a dream.I dream of a romantic dinner with a beloved man.
But I have no beloved man, I would love to meet the love.
Peter, are you romantic?
Do you like to surprise a girl?
I like romance ...
I love looking at the stars. I like a light dinner by candlelight.
I would prefer to prepare dinner herself.
I like to dance a slow dance when the music sounds romantic.
I did not have for a long time anything similar!
But still, I really want to, that would be my dream come true.
I look forward to your next letter.
Oksana :-)
Letter 7
Hello !!!
How are you, Peter?
Today I woke up this morning and thought about you.
I had breakfast and continued to think that we could have breakfast together.
What kind of food do you prefer in the morning?
In the morning I prepare a breakfast porridge with fruit and drink green tea or coffee.
I could not check e-mail at home, as I have already said that I had broken laptop.
Now I'm back at work.
I am writing the letter in my spare time from my work. I try to write to you more often,but sometimes I have no time!
Peter, I have a bit of work today.
In my spare time at work, I read your every letter that you sent.
Sometimes I think what you're doing at this moment.
I have an important question for you.
Do you write letters to other girls?
I am writing a letter only to you and i'm not interested in other men, all the free time I have I try to write to you.
Peter, you know that I'm serious about acquaintance with you, and so I am interested.
Do you prefer long-term relationship?
What do not you like in a woman?
What do you like in a woman?
Does she should have an education?
I think that between a man and a woman should be understood to be the confidence and physical attraction!
Men and women should be first and foremost friends.
Love begins with friendship.
I really want to love a man!
I want to be happy!
I want to give my love, my smile to my beloved man!
And I want my man was the sun that shines for all, and only warms me !!!
I want my man was a reliable support for us.
I want to rely on my man!
I want my joy was his joy too.
My sadness was his sadness.
This is my idea of my future man.
I love the comfort and cleanliness of the house. I keep my apartment clean and tidy.
You're often doing household chores?
Peter, do you have flowers at home?
I like many kinds of flowers, but most of all I like daisies, roses and dahlias.
I like animals. I have a small pet. My dog name is Duke! It's very affectionate and active dog!
Now we do not have the ability to communicate via skype, but soon I will buy a new laptop and we can talk on skype.
I've never tried to use this program, but I think it will be easy. I immediately will inform you about it.
I'm waiting for your new letter and your photos.
Please do not hold back my letter and write me soon.
Oksana! =)
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