Scam letter(s) from Sandra Clark to Jim (England)

Letter 1
Hello How are you doing today? thanks so much for your response on the dating site, i am totally new to the dating scene, i have never done this before, but i will really love to explore this with you, anyway I am Kayla Flynn, i am female 30 from Malmo, I was born in Havana in Cuba where i spent 8 years there when my father was then working with the Military in Cuba, I have Aussie parents, My dad from Adelaide in South Australia and mum from Launceston in Tasmania, i study Business Administration at La Trobe University in Victoria, i have traveled out of Europe many times, mainly to China, USA, Greece, Canada and South Africa. I am the second child of two kids, i am also the only daughter of my parents, i lost both parents in 2007 during a Melbourne fire tunnel inferno on Friday, 23 March, 2007, 4 years later, i lost my only brother in December 18, 2009 to a cancer at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Melbourne, My late brother was a contractor working overseas with one of the major contracting firm in Africa and Middle east, so presently i am alone, i stay alone in Malmo. Presently, i am on a business trip in Africa, i will be back to Europe within the next few days, i have been here for over 10 days, but i will be back to Europe within few days like i said earlier. I am a business oriented lady with high goal, i was working in Greece before, but i have stopped working with them since 2013 because i have plans of establishing my own business in Make-up and event managements, i am a business oriented lady and ready to learn new things in Life. I am looking for a serious minded person for a serious relationship, i am not ready for joke or drama in my life again. If you have anything to know about me, you can ask and i will reply back to you immediately, Attached are some of my pictures for you to be able to see who you are chatting with. Waiting to hear from you now.
Letter 2
Thanks so much for your response to my last email, i am highly impressed, because i taught maybe i might have scared you off and you might not want to talk to me again, anyway i am a strong, well educated, **** and street smart, I am one man's woman with high sense of humor. I love swimming, movies, cooking and meeting people, I love pets, i have cat and i love dog as well, but i don't have any dog, i do not smoke, i only drink occasionally, but i don't care of smoking and drinking, I am born to please, i do not tease, when we get to know much of ourself and be able to meet in person, you might not even want me to leave you for once, because i am fun to be with. I love warm weather and i like romantic evening, i want to explore the world with Mr Right, I am willing to relocate to a secure foundation, i am not after money when it comes to love, i want a man that will love, cherish me and be mine alone. i am a jealous type and i hate cheating. I need a male companion to please me and be my Brother, Father and my perfect man. A man who is open minded to have a perfect correspondence with, share my personal moments with, one to hold on to and enjoy my life with long lasting and undying happiness. I want a man i can build a relationship with, a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding, a relationship that can lead to something great in future, I want a man with whom i can spend the rest of my life with, one that will love me for me and respect me as his woman, irrespective of his age, age does not count, age is just a number to me, i want a man i can trust and he can have the greatest trust in me too, i really do emphasis on trust because of what i encountered in my last relationship, I don't want to talk about that at all, but i think i should just let you know. After i lost my parents and my brother, all my parents and my late brother's money was invested on my ex-boyfriend's business, he was staying in Perth that time and after i lost my brother in 2009 December, he left me without nothing in March 2010, I was told by his friends that he is presently in Auckland now doing business, i tried to talk to him since that 2010, he blocked his facebook, emails and all thing about him that i might be able to use to contact him, but i Thank God, i am still alive today, he went away with thousands of dollars i inherited from my parents and my late brother, I was left heart broken and shattered by my ex, but now that i have healed, I have decided to pick up my pieces to move on and give myself a chance to love again, I really want to take my time and learn more of my new man before jumping into the hands of just any man. I don't want to be a fool again. I would really like to meet you, because seeing and meeting is believing to me, So i will like you to tell me all what you might love me to know about you as i have told you mine. Waiting to hear from you now
Letter 3
you seems to be a perfect match for me and i dont see any problem in meeting, i do believe in meeting and seeing is believing, i can change my flight to you if you wish to meet, i dont see any problem changing my flight to you, tell me how you think we can meet, meeting and seeing is believing to me and i dont care of age and location, what is the name of your closest airport, i can call the airline now to ask for flight changing possibility
Letter 4

this is pictures of me as i was calling the airline and also as i am typing to you on the computer now, anyway i will really love to meet you because i prefer talking face to face than this chat, anyway i just called the airline now and they said i can change my flight to any airport in [AIRPORT NAME REMOVED FOR MY PRIVACY] without any problem, they said i will have to come to the airline office with my return ticket to UK before they can change the flight, they said that i will need full name and address with phone number of my contact person in [PLACE REMOVED FOR MY PRIVACY] before they can change the flight as well, they said that is what they will put on the airline database when changing international flight
Letter 5
all this seems to me like a dream, i have never done this before and this seems to me like a dream, i will really love to get to know much of you and see how you will treat me if i change my flight to you, also tell me more of your family and your internet dating experiences if you see my profile on that dating site, you will see that i just joined and you are my first ever contact on this internet dating, that was why im asking much question, im so sorry if i ask too much, i just wish to know much of you before meeting, so tell me more of your life in UK and traveling experiences as well as what you are looking for in a lady i am new to all this internet dating and you are my first ever contact and im so excited for having someone like you to chat with, anyway do you live alone? if i come down, will it be possible to meet any of your family member, just to feel secure with you baby and while you are off to work, where will i stay?
Letter 6
You are like a dream I never thought would ever come true for me. You are so special to me; I pray that we will finally know if we are meant to be with one another. I haven't ever talked to anyone so like you before. You make me feel special like never before. So far, the things that you are doing shows me that you are such a caring person who would love me forever till the end of time. I just want to be loved and have someone to love back the way I've always wanted. I want to find my best friend, my soul mate, my lover and my Prince Charming. I feel as if you may just be the one I am looking for and have been searching for all my life. These are the feelings I am having for you as of this moment. I will go and get the flight done when the airline open in the morning on Monday, its Sunday afternoon here now 13.21 and when the flight is done on Monday, i will scan the copy of the flight ticket to you, so that you can be able to know that i am a woman of my words and also you can be able to know the day and time of my arrival, just don't let me down for all this i am doing for you sweetheart. This is pics of me on the computer now, waiting to hear from you now
Letter 7
Honey Thanks so much for the feelings you for me baby. i am having the believe that my mum sent you to me from heaven. I am writing you this letter to tell you how much you mean to me for this little time we just met and to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and I don't regret being with you. I have been through many relationships, but didn't really take them seriously. I was used and played by a guy who I really loved. So I decided to play guys the same way that guy once played me. I wasn't born a *****, it's just a guy made me this way. Since then I have not taken chances with a guy. But you happened, you came into my life and stole my heart from the day I saw you. At first I was confused, didn't really know what I wanted, I didn't know if I would want to take a chance again and actually take you seriously. So, I decided to come close to you as a friend and find out who you truly were and what you were like. You seemed cool, nice and funny some things I really liked in a guy. So I took a chance and got with you. In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my doubts about you. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously. But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you since the day I met you and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too soon. I tried so hard to have you, I wasn't going to let you go so easily! Well, this little time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me. You have truly changed me. Still, in a way, I'm scared 'cause I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cant explain, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it. I truly don't know what your feelings are but I don't want to force you in telling me what you don't feel towards me. I would want to receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. All I ask from you is to show me you care and not hide anything, to also have trust in me the way I do in you. Waiting to hear more of how you feel about me now? i am off to bed now, i will email you immediately when i wake up before i go to the airline office.
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