Scam letter(s) from Christiana to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
This is Christiana from okcupid.
Hope all is well with you.
Letter 2
Hello John,
I'm so happy to hear from you,
Pls don't be surprise,there are much better surprise that will our ways as we get along.
Hope you are doing well.
Pls do send me some pictures of yourself.
Letter 3
Hello John,
How are you doing.
I'm more than happy to hear from you.
It's a pleasure meeting you,you are very handsome and attractive but I will like you to know one secret about me,
Handsomeness and beauty are not my priorities but what is within the heart,I'm much interested in the love you will have for me.
All I hope from you is love and attention but you still look cute,I think,I'm beginning to love,I want to see more pics of yourself.
I'm sorry for the late reply.
Letter 4

Hello John,

Thank you for sharing about your self with me in such a wonderful way, It's certainly very nice of you and I greatly appreciate your efforts. I can only say that we are both people of integrity and I accept your willingness to be friends and build a meaningful long term relationship leading to much greater love. I'm honored you did accept my invitation to become friends and look to the future of us, I am happy to meet you and I do look forward to our continued communication as we seek to develop a lifetime relationship of friendship, love and much more. I truly hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful journey of friendship and love which will bring us together as we hold hands to fulfill our wishes. As we Look ahead to the future,and with the intent to share every essence of our lives and the trust we place in each other, let us realize deep in our hearts that believing in another starts with the honesty, faith and trust we place in ourselves, and to be able to give and receive the same. I must admit it's the best things to happen to find a man who is looking for real love and older man is a big plus for me I was getting too many messages on okcupid site and most of them were very young,and I am not interested since I am looking for only one man to share and spend the rest of my life with. Thanks once again for your sweet and kind compliments,you just made me felt special,you really look great and amazing,I love your pictures.
.I am looking forward to hearing from you soon, cheers and blessing. Hope to hear from you back soon.
Letter 5
Hi John,
Thank you much for your mail,I do agree with your thoughts as I do the same.I am certain that if we give our new friendship time to develop, it will grow and produce fruits of it own.
Yes,I would like to take this opportunity to travel to Brazil,
Sorry about my late response as I traveled to visit my sick mom in the village and it was very hard for me to connect over there.
You always have a special way of making me feel special,"only time knows the true value of love" I will ask one thing of you,no matter what comes from this,we will and must remain friends for a lifetime but love is what my heart desires from you,please do that for me. You have already got me thinking about Brazil and and yes I did look up Gramada on the internet,but I'm not self sufficient enough to travel abroad,That's my only problem.
I have also attached few pictures for you as you requested.
Let me hear from you back ASAP.
Letter 6
Thanks for the compliments and the wishes for my mom.
You make feel special and I can't do without that special feelings of yours,John,I can never forget about you and I will always start my day with you on my mind and end my day with you in my dreams because you're worth every moment of my day.
You are beginning to be everything to me,I believe,now that I'm back from the village we can hear from each other everyday that way we can develop strong feelings for ourselves.
Chris.*:-* kiss
Letter 7
I'm always impressed and happy when ever I see your mail.
I really appreciate your look and your age,what matters to me most is,if you will have enough love for me.
All I need from you is happiness as we get along,I'm never bothered about your age or how you look,beside I have seen your pictures and if those pictures are truly you then I'm in love with the person in the pictures,Please stop worrying about your age and let's get on.
I was searching for a man between the ages of 40 to 75 from okcupid if you really read my profile at okcupid site and I have found one, and I'm so happy to found you,since I found you,I'm no more active at that site.
Letter 8
Hello John,
You have a great place,the view is beautiful
I can't wait to walk the beach hand in hand with you.
It's amazing place,John, I will be very much happy to be with you at such a beautiful place,I can't wait any more.
Letter 9
How are you doing?
I hope you are having a great holidays as we celebrate Christmas.
Sorry I couldn't write you, I had to travel to my mum's place for the holidays,I'm all what my mum have.
Hope you are not angry with me, I miss you so much.
Kisses and hugs...
Letter 10
Thank you so much John, for your understanding.
you are truely the man I wish for.
After the Christmas holidays, I will be very happy to work on my plans to come and meet you, I hope you will be happy to welcome me into your arms,
Letter 11
I will do that ****,
It has been my great dream to meet you.
Letter 12

The beautiful morning dew and the lovely morning hue are symbolic of my love for you.
Good morning, John.
How do you do.
Sorry I couldn't get a clear picture of my mum, but she's the one standing in the mirror.
She's a beautician too.
Letter 13
Hello John,
How are you ?
I feel So good thinking about you.
How is everything going?
God Bless
Letter 14
How are you doing dear?
I miss you and I want to see you, please do send me some new pictures to keep me thinking about you.
The holidays are over and I will like to plan my visit to your side .
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