Scam letter(s) from Rebecca Daniels to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
It's alright John. the phone number was for texting . I thought you were in the US. nice pictures. since texting here is cool by you i have no problem with that .. hope to hear from you back John
Letter 2
these are my pictures.. So john what do you do for a living ?
Letter 3
Lol.. i'm an artist , i paint .. wish i could be a model . i see you are having fun over there at brazil.. i dont mind joining you in your fun if you would allow me ?
Letter 4

Actually i wasn't . But you must have a lot of women over there at brazil
Letter 5
To show you i'm serious we would split the fare both ways . i'll pay 40% and you would pay 60%
it's not a bad idea exploring the world.. i feel after eating Brazilian meals you would be strong below
Letter 6
no, I'll drop the kids at my aunts place in California . then i'll come meet you .
Letter 7
lets talk about how to meet .. how do you plan on sending your part of the fee?.. i need to know when to take my kids to California so i'll be free for you
Letter 8
You use money gram . it's easier and faster .. i'll give you the details needed and that's all
Letter 9
just go to any money gram store or bank and tell them you want to send money using money gram
Letter 10
lol. thanks john , you surely know how to make me smile, when do you plan on sending it ?
Letter 11
name : clarita espartero
city : anaheim
state : carlifornia
zip code : 92802
amount : between $900 to $1200
send it here , my aunt is going to pick it up before i'll drop my kids with her .. i'll tell her i have a business to do at Brazil. so she would believe me if the money comes
Letter 12
lol john, i like how naughty you are . please dont forget to send me the payment details so i can drop my kids with her quickly , so i'll be with you .
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