Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Danilova to Terry (England)

Letter 1
Hi! I have never been a fan of writing the letters (or even essays at school), but you are far and I have nothing to do, but to try my best:) My name is Alina and I am from Ukraine. I still believe I am from Ukraine though really I live in Novoazovsk that is in so called Donetsk republic. Ooops:) What else - I even don't know:) To describe myself in a few words I can say I am open minded. About everything - life, my own self, activities or people around me. I like honesty and hate dishonesty. I can be best described as optimistic, high spirited and broadminded. I love romance, freedom and I am very much future oriented. I am a physical person who believes in reality. So, I hope that "the happy end" of this communication will be warm embrace and tender kiss in real life. I immensely value friendship. I feel that family is the most important support in life; I know true love exists and because of this I am here. I don't want to write millions of words like I am romantic, sensitive etc and I don't think they are needed.
Look at my photos, read the lines above and write to me back with more info about you. I think it will be the best way to start the communication that probably - don't forget I am future oriented:) - will lead us to a very pleasant reality. Oh, please, don't forget to answer what are your reasons for writing to me! I really need to know!!! Waiting for your reply and more information about you.
Sincerely, Alina.
Letter 2
It's nice to hear from you and to get your message, Terry! It is also nice that my previous message caught a bit of your attention and here we go! Thanks for the pictures! I like all of them:) I like you as well as the dog, horse and your house. I will try to give you brief information about myself, so you know better whom you are writing to, but you are free to ask me the questions. So, my name is Alina, I am 31 born on the 7th of July, 1985 in the city on Azov coast named Novoazovsk in Ukraine. But as you probably know now it is zone of anti-terrorist war, unfortunately.
Thanks for telling me about your job, I work as a press secretary for a local food and flavoring factory. Luckily it started working little by little as during active war its activity was stopped. I deal with different reports, advertisement etc - nothing interesting really:)
But thanks to my job I can write and express myself in words well:)
So, hope you like my letters! I was married and I am divorced. So, dear Terry, I am single for 3 years and if you are interested in the story of my marriage I will share it through it isn't pleasant and usually I avoid this topic, but I'd like to be honest with you. What else? - Oh, yes, of course, I like reading, dances and sports - I am really fond of fitness as it helps me to sty fit and to get my thoughts in order when it is necessary. Maybe you are curious what I am doing here as I am not ****, I have big bust and I can be a dream for any man. But you are mistaken. I am tired of hearing - "oh, look, wow! what ***** she has!" Or "Hey baby, come with me, your bust is great!" But I am not bust only. I have my name, I have my heart and soul. Maybe these words are nonsense, but no one wants to look into my eyes, to see what I have inside and to discover my personality. And would YOU like, Terry? Will you be different? I want you to know that if you want - you will discover a great person - oh modest me:) - and I will cover you with the avalanche of my feelings, passion and yeah - of course, my sexuality! I'd better stop here, so you won't hate me for so many written words:) I wait for your reply! Terry, I wish you to have a nice day! Bye for now,
Letter 3
I am glad that my letter didn't leave you indifferent, Terry! It made my day as - I don't know even why - I was waiting for your reply!!!
And I am glad to get it! It is interesting to know more about you and so we continue our communication! The day today is sunny as well as my mood:) Thank you very much for the photos! I like you! Frankly speaking, I hate talking about myself, because I really don't know what to write - I am just afraid that everything won't be interesting for you, Terry! Thanks for telling me about yourself and your feelings! I think maybe it is necessary to tell you about my family, but it is a pity - there isn't much to talk about. My parents passed away in car accident when I was 12 and I was raised by my grandparents. Now I have my Grandpa only. I am sending you the old picture with him, I don't have any newer one as he doesn't want to make them:) He cared about me and even being the teenager - when you think you are the best already and don't need anything - he proved me I need to study and thanks to him I finished the university, so I speak English well and now I am really happy of that - I can communicate with you easily though I don't have my own computer. In summer 2014 when it was awful war and nothing worked I sold my laptop and smartphone to buy food and medicines for my Grandpa. He refused to leave the war region saying that here there are the graves of his daughter (my mother) and wife and his place is here. He told me to leave, but as you guess I couldn't leave him alone in this ****. Dear Terry, I have already told you that I am looking for family happiness and be sure - I know what I am talking about. I was hurt by my divorce, I didn't have full family and siblings in my childhood and now I know that meeting your beloved person at home with the hot dinner on the table and smile on your face, watching your kids playing around - nothing is more important in life. Do you agree? My ideal partner... I am not looking for an ideal man, but for the one with whom we can not only laugh, but also cry together, who will be next to me both in happy and hard moments of the life. Dear Terry, please, give me your thoughts about my words. Are you looking for the same? Do you agree with my words? I will wait for your reply and I hope that tomorrow or in the nearest future another your letter will make my day better:) With warm and naughty kiss;),
Letter 4

Greetings to you, Terry!! Cool! You wrote me a letter, so this day is getting better!:) Thanks for the photos! I like you! Thanks for telling me about yourself, about your marriage. Of course, we can't tell everything to each other in a couple of mails, but after every one we definitely become closer! I would like to receive your letters every hour, every minute, every second:) Does it sound crazy to you? - Well, maybe it is so, but I am really spoiling for real feelings, warmness and love. I like you just if I've been knowing you for many years! It's amazing, because with me it's for the first time - to have such pleasant emotions towards the person I have never seen in reality. I can only imagine my feelings when I meet you!! I am sorry as I will be short today - I am almost late to work:) But today I wanted to tell you that I am tired of liars, scammers and ****** men, who want only ***. There are also other interesting things in the life. What are they for you, my Knight Terry? For me they are love, family and nature. Yes, I'm fond of all things connected with the nature. I like walking in the forest, having barbecue, swimming in the rivers, lakes and sea, hiking, gardening and many-many other things. And what about you?:) But telling you think I don't want you to think I don't like ***. I do like it! I am passionate and sensitive and I definitely know how to please you! At the same time I hate being just object for ***. Sorry, sorry, sorry, my dear Terry! I have to leave, but I send you my mail, so you know I am waiting for another one already:) Hope you will like my pictures too. Yours will be greatly appreciated also! Your naughty, but so serious Alina;)
Letter 5
My darling Terry! It is the biggest pleasure for me to get your letter today! Thanks for your photos! I like you a lot! I also wish you Merry Christmas and everything the best! I hope you will have a good time! I have the feeling that we became one letter closer to each other and the distance between us became a little bit smaller. And do you have such a feeling? I really hope you do have it, Terry!!! Yeah! Everything is in our hands, WE are the creators of our happiness and if we both have the same feeling - it means that it is high time for making the steps towards the realization of our dreams! And we can choose those steps ourselves! Frankly speaking I don't like these words "realization", "dreams", "steps". They are trivial in my opinion and I have always thought they are for the prim young ladies:) But now I know that being attached to someone - you my Knight Terry - I discover new feelings in my own self and I am happy to have them! How are you today? I don't want to bother you with the "kilometer" long letter again:) I just wanted you to know that I feel I have known you for a long time already. I am not going to predict the future as no one can do this, but I like you a lot and I want you to know this!
Terry, you are a very dear person to me already and I sincerely want to let these feelings grow! We can't foresee our future, but I can say for sure that I am happy to know you! I hope you like my photos, because as every woman I need the confirmation of the dear man:) So, I awaiting for your reply, for your opinion and wishing you a nice day! With naughty kisses from Alina:)
Letter 6
Hello, my darling man Terry! I am so happy to hear from you, but I am very sad today. It started to be very difficult for me to pay for the communication... and I will explain you why. Maybe I am unlucky, but it seems that when I start feeling there is something nice in my life, the universe gives me another obstacle to overcome. You see, when it was summer 2014 and it was so active war here, there was no job, no salaries and of course, nothing worked as it was impossible to get out of the flat. When the situation improved and local "government" tried to make the life normal, they told us there was no need to pay for community facilities like gas, water, electricity during that period as they "understand" people didn't have such a possibility. But yesterday when I came back from work I found my grandpa almost crying and the reason was that a person from the community service came and told us we have the huge debt and if we don't pay it in the nearest time, they will cut everything... Can you imagine? And that debts is from summer 2014 that together with all the fines is really huge now!
I am in high dudgeon! How could they do that!? Terry and you know what is the worst - that I can't pay the debt in nearest time - I will get my salary in a couple of weeks (the best), I bought some food and medicines for my grandpa and I also pay for writing to you! I don't have any more money... I am depressed and because of this I want to ask you to help me... I know it sounds like crazy and I never used to ask people for money, but I really don't know what to do! I have never thought about such scenario and I wasn't ready for it! I don't have those $80... It is the emergency I have thought about, but it happened... Terry, darling, please, don't be mad or angry with me. I feel so much inconvenient myself. But I don't want to loose you! If they cut everything I will stop writing as I won't have such a possibility - I would have to save every cent for paying the debt. And I can't loose you! I really can't as you became such an important person to me, I feel attached to you! Please, help me to cope with the situation and let's make the plans for our happy future!
I wait for your reply. Your nervous and very sad Alina.
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