Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Vagizova to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Good evening, It is Ksenia twenty eight y.o. Im from Czech. I add u and decided know better u. I for the 1st time try to find friend in such way and I do not know what to tell right now. I want to find a serious man for relations or friendship. It is is not a joke for me and I don`t want play in games. I hope that you are also serious. May be we away from each other but I hope its not a problem? Do not answer me if you not single or message was delivered to you wrongly. If u like me too, write me asap
Letter 2
Jim I open the mail and I receive your letter. I'am sooo happy. For me this new feeling. I never thought, that so I shall communicate with someone. I have come right after works, and I hoped, that you will write to me. I would like to tell more about myself.My name is Ksenia.I from city Orlov. This small city in the Kirov area. I have left school, then medical college and now I nurse in the city. We in city have not enough men and I have not found that with whom would like to be. Jim. But recently at us have opened the Internet of cafe and I have learned that so it is possible will get acquainted. And I have decided to try. Jim I ask you, that you to correct me, if I what to speak incorrectly. Because I study English at school and in college. But speak that at me badly with spelling. But to speak I it is better. I shall tell more about myself. To me of 28 years and I live with my mum. The father now lives in other city and with other woman, and I never saw him. He has thrown us when I was very little.
Only on old photos. I Think it interesting to you, why I have decided to communicate with you? I like you, and I do not know how precisely to tell. I have seen you and I have decided to learn more about you.
Your profile differs from others, therefore I have decided to write to you. Tell to me, what you search in women? How she should look? What to be able to do? How you represent your life together? I shall wait for your sincere answer tomorrow. Jim, I send you a photos, I hope that you like my pictures! Already I miss and I hope, that you will answer me at once as will receive the letter.
Letter 3
Jim I like you again with your letter. I very much missed and waited when the working day that receive your letter would will end. I very much hoped, that you will write to me. And you write me. I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more. Jim I would like to tell to you about the family more. My mum Elena, works in an agriculture. She looks after birds. I do not remember the father, he have left for a long time and did not come it is more. Mum does not recollect about him, and I do not wish to remind her because she becomes sad. I have two best girlfriends, Olga and Irina. They sisters, also work at school. She teaches Russian at our school, other mathematics in another city. Olga has left on the North already several years ago and works there. She has met there men, and they have got married. Jim tell to me about the family? What would you wish to tell to me about her? About the friends? About the father? Mothers?
To that were you learned by your parents? My mum with the grandmother have learned me to prepare for fine and tasty dishes, and I am assured, that it is pleasant to you. And what is pleasant to you in general? From what you become happy? What to give a smile to yours face? Jim tell me.Jim tell to me more what you want in a life? To what you aspire? Tell to me more about the friends. What do you do together? Where go? Than be engaged? How you like to have a rest? Than you are engaged every evening? What you dream? Also what you dream? Or you do not have dreams? Jim I very much would want that we could know all one about other before we shall meet. I told to you about the two girlfriends. Now with me only one. But I am assured of her. I know that she the true girlfriend. You to have such friends? Tell to me. You were deceived by your friends? I send you the photo. Jim if you will not like that tell to me. Well? Or it is pleasant to you? I hope what yes. Jim tomorrow I shall talk to the girlfriend that we communicate about you. She yet does not know, but when we today with her have met. She has told, that at me an kind happy and why. I have told that I shall inform in the evening. Jim you represent to change my life already! I so am glad, that you remember me and an idea that who thinks of you warms me. And you that feel? You Wait for my letters? I miss your letter.
Letter 4

Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I talked to the girlfriend yesterday. It has been surprised that I have decided to get acquainted so. She has asked that I know about you and I have told that yet all.
Jim I hope that you not against that I tell about you with girlfriend?? I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more. Jim I wish to learn from you as you have a rest?
Where you go with friends? You have told about me to the friends? I like to go to cinema and on dances. But I to go there is rare and not frequent. Because it is necessary to go to the big next city. Jim that you like to eat? What your favourite dishes? Would you like to try what I to prepare for you? I am able to prepare is very tasty. I lived in the childhood with the grandmother. She learned me to prepare and many speak, that at me fine it turns out. Tell to me about itself? My favourite dish is a pizza. And yours? What drinks you like? I love pineapple juice. I today send you a photo, and I hope, that you like it. I hope, that you will answer me soon, and I receive your letter. I wait you Jim.
Your girlfriend Ksenia
Letter 5
What drives me crazy these problems with e-mail. I do not understand why I have always not possible to talk with you !!!! I'm tired of the fact that I just can not write to you as I am pleased to communicate with you. Again, because of the problems with e-mail, I could not write to you for a long time. In the Internet cafe I asked for help and I helped set up another email account, I hope that now we will not have problems in communication. And I hope you did not forget and remember. I am attaching a special video for you and the photo that you know me.
Letter 6
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I am very glad, that we with you it is love to one another. How your mood? What you doing today? I am very pleased that you have shared with me their past events and it is very important for me, I am very pleased that you are frank with me.
Now I know I can trust you the most secret Secret of his life and his thoughts. I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive them more. I am glad to learn more about you. I very much like your sincerity and I appreciate it in people. You very much like me and I seem to me that to test to you the big trust. I know that I can trust you the same secrets as girlfriends. And we can have secrets. How you think? Jim today I talked to the grandmother. She came in a drugstore to buy medicines for pressure. And come to me for work. My mum has told to Her about you. And she has decided to talk to me about you, she speaks, that she glad, that I communicate with you. And she wishes for us of good luck in our acquaintance and she hopes, that once, she can will get acquainted with you personally! I so am glad, that you today have answered me. Today in the street there were clouds. And I thought why??? Thought, you cannot write today. There was that it simply bad weather. And I was happy when to see your letter. Jim you would like to try grandma a dish? She perfectly prepares. I spoke you, that she learn me. The grandmother has told, that would like, what you to estimate her dishes. Do you try to pickle mushrooms? Or pies from berries? Jim I today buy foam for a bath. Do you heard about it?
Speak, that it well weakens. I wish to try. Never don't tried. And you? Tell to me about you self. What you doing today? What new in your life? You are glad, what I have appeared in it? I wait for your answer tomorrow. Jim I wished to ask you.
Your gentle and tender Ksenia
Letter 7
Hi Jim!!!
I apologize that this has not been able to write you and I hope you have not forgotten me, all this time I was at home and could not go to the internet cafe, I received a leg injury, was a sharp change of weather, and I slipped on the ice when returning home, thank God it's not broken and I was able to quickly restore. I beg you not to take offense at me as I very much value our association, I hope that for you as well as for me it is important that we have each other in your life.
Your Ksenia.
Letter 8
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I today have woken up with good mood. The fine dream dreams me. How I was on coast. And you were with me. You know, what we did? We simply lay and talk. Then you to take a cream for sunburn and have made to me fine massage. Then I have made it to you, Jim and what you see in the dreams? You would like, what I to make to you massage? I think, it would be pleasant to you, as I to do it. I studied in college and us trained massage. Medical massage.I really liked your photos, you have so many partners, I hope that you are all good friends. Landscape that I will see in the picture is very similar to the nature of Russia. I am very pleased that you are so much concerned my state of health, but I hasten to tell you that this is not a serious ankle injury, I quickly restores and now I am very happy about the fact that I can continue our dialogue with you. I am very worried that you will lose both the desire and the more strength you gave me to write as soon as possible to restore itself. Jim I think of you much. About our relationship. After I have got acquainted with you, I have noticed, that the life has changed, and not only I to notice it. I already speak to you about it. Do you remember? I feel, that in my life there was, that that good, that does me happy. Do you notice such at yourself? Or not? Jim I very much wish to tell to you that nobody told. Even to the girlfriend and mum. You know, about what I wish to tell? You guess? I do not know, that to me occurs, me well, well when I receive your letters, it is pleasant to me, when you to answer my questions. I love, when you to ask me. I so would like to appear now about you. Easier to see, look in your eyes, to feel your heat. And you? Do you want it? Jim tell me. Jim I do not know that this such. But I guess, that with me. But I wish to hear your opinion all over again. Today I when went to the Internet of cafe that the man and the woman which saw went and to hold one another, for hands. I would like as to walk with you, for example in park. And you? How your day? What do you do? Tell to me. Today I send you a photo. I hope, you like my pic? Or not? I wait for your answer, Your gentle Ksenia
Letter 9
Jim I am happy, to see your letter. I very much waited for it. I today thought that such love at night, and I seem, I start to understand that this such. Jim you know that such love? I think, that it when you think constantly about the person, wish to be with it. You would like to belong to it, to feel it. To see pleasure in its eyes. To nestle and does not depart, Jim how you think, I am right? I do not know, why, but I start understand it now after dialogue with you. It is pleasant to me, that you to not forget about me. And I think of you every day, Jim that you think? I really liked your photos, very beautiful place, and you're a very handsome man. I promise you that I will make a special photo for you, but I hope that it will be only for you and no one except you will not see in the near future, I ask you to promise me that. You would like to come from work, what I to meet you. We could have supper, do massage to one another, laugh, have fun?
How you think? You would like it? What would you like? Today there came the grandmother. It was houses when I have come from work. And then I have gone to the Internet of cafe. They asked to transfer you "Hello". They have told, that would like will get acquainted with you very much. Jim you do not represent that I saw today at night when have fallen asleep. I to float on water and did not see coast, and I did not have forces, but I to float. And I have seen ahead of myself a boat. And I had forces, and I have started to float to this boat.
There there was a man. I think, you? I do not know precisely because my alarm clock to wake me from a dream. You see dreams, where we with you together? What do we do? I send you a photo. I hope, that the today's photo very much is pleasant to you. Or not? Tell me.
Your gentle and thinking of you Ksenia
Letter 10
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad to learn more that you think. I am glad to receive your photos you have a very nice house, judging what I saw in the photographs. I can tell you that both of you dreamers and I like it very much .... It is pleasant to me, that you to hide nothing from me and all sincere tell me. I feel, how my heart aspires to you. Jim I spoke you, that my girlfriend, mum, the grandmother know about you. And they are glad for us. They for me the most close people. And now I to you to test such feelings, you for me as native. You understand me, we communicate also for me it very much pleasant. Jim yesterday the girlfriends has on a visit come and when we together drank tea they have started to discuss our acquaintance.
They have noticed that I have very strongly changed, they have been strongly surprised that I have decided to get acquainted with you.
Then, they have understood why I look became more better to look. Jim I so wanted, that you would be with me and to help me answer all of them questions. But I have consulted. They transfer you greetings, and have told, what you to not offend me. I have told, that you never to make so. I so would like to descend today with you at cinema. Do you go with me? On what film we would go? What would we do after film?
Than would be engaged evening? Jim if you could present that we for a long time are familiar. As you represent that for usual day together?
Tell me. It is very important for me. I send you a photo, that you would be easier to present me.
I miss and I wait, your gentle Ksenia
Letter 11
Jim I am happy, to receive your letter. I knew, that you write to me today. I have woken up in good mood and today saw a fine dream in which we with you not only have got acquainted, but also walk in park and even to have supper in restaurant. And you have told, that you to write to me soon, and I have woken up. I did not understand, why you have told, will write, when we together? Jim also has woken up and has understood that you likely only have sent me the letter? I all day on work was and waited when I can come to the Internet of cafe and receive your letter. I am very pleased to receive your photos, as I understand it you are on a fishing trip, I beg you to write to me who is with you, and who is trying to funny eating a fish on the first photo ???? I hoped that you tell me how you represent our day together. Why you didn't tell it? I miss you. I think of you, Jim I at all do not know, what occurs. But I am happy. I never was so is happy as after will get acquainted with you. Jim what you would want that I cooking for you? Tell me. I shall try to make it. If I know about this dish I mean can make it. If I don't known, we shall make it together.
Okay? I yesterday thought of how you to surprise? What surprise make to you, that you all over again would be surprised. And it is then shocked, and it is then happy? And I can not think up nothing. What you very much would like? Tell to me about the main dream. I send you a photo, I hope, that you love my pic, and you to keep it? I already miss, and I do not wish to leave from the Internet of cafe, it would be good, if you can answer at once. But likely it is impossible?
I wait you Jim !
Yours and only your missing Ksenia
Letter 12
Jim I am happy, to see your letter. I am very glad, I as would like to see your happy face and a smile. I think, that it will be probably fast. I apologize for not writing to you a few days those days that I was at home because of a leg I had to work extra hours at work. I was very busy again ask you for forgiveness. I am very pleased to see on the photo that you spend enough time together and that all the moments of joy and happiness are trying to betray me, I felt as if I was standing next to on your right hand and helping with the fish .... I liked your thoughts about what you wrote to me, I am very pleased that I excite your mind and you cover such hot feelings. I am glad to learn what make you happy. I never shall forget about it and I shall remember and when at me an opportunity I will make it. Jim when I receive your letters, I feel that for me to grow wings. I as an angel.
But I cannot fly. I cannot fly up in air and to be with you now. Also it becomes sad. But the grief leaves, when I read your letter up to the end. I am happy, when I go home. I did not see dreams many years.
In general any. And after acquaintance to you I see them also, I'm sleep as the baby. I would not like to wake up. I would be happy, to wake up only in one case. If I have woken up in your embraces, would you like this Jim?? Jim mine mum, girlfriends and the grandmother to transfer you the "Hello". I have told, that you too to transfer them "Hello" always. They are pleased. Speak that you very careful because to not forget about them too. Jim you have made my life filled sense, and I am happy. I know, that you write to me, I know, that you think of me and I am happy. To not describe that feeling. I never feel such.
Jim Soon I think, that I can pleasantly surprise you. And it will be very pleasant. Only do not ask me that. I shall soon tell. When I shall be precisely assured. Okay? I at once shall inform you. I wait for your letter in the Internet of cafe. If you will receive its that to answer at once. Can, probably, what we could so to communicate at once? Also is unnecessary to wait long for time? I shall wait for your answer of 20 minutes. I hope, that you receive it at once. Yours and only your loving Ksenia
Letter 13
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I have very much become I miss already. I yesterday waited your message but have not received the answer. But I hoped that today to receive your message and I receive it. I think I will spend your day off with her mother since last week we have very little videalis was a lot of work, and to walk in the street does not have the desire, and very cold as outside. Whenever I see photos of you, I am glad and I start to smile today, I laughed at the little dog that wanted to take away the fish is almost more of her .... I wish to learn from you as we shall spend our first evening and night together. You will tell me? How you imagine the very first night. For me it is very interesting. I at all do not know as it can be, but will be perfectly assured that it. Jim I think that all over again we shall be in embraces of one another, we shall enjoy our embraces and kisses. We can take pleasure in our passion and tenderness. Then we make to me together an easy supper, or we descend, where that to attempt. And then we shall be at home. Also there will be a good music. I shall dress very beautiful dress. I am assured, that it is pleasant to you. I to dress it only once. To the girlfriend per birthday. It was pleasant for all, Jim as you think, it is pleasant for you, if I shall be in an easy dress. Which densely fits me. And it not long, hardly below a knee and big cut out on a ******.
You will embrace me, we shall dance, and to move aside bedrooms. Jim in your city to sell a petal a rose? We cover with them a bed, to light candles, we pass in a bedroom and we will have a fine and long night of love. How you think? Jim would you like that it was so? And how you imagine it? Tell me. I ask you. I send you a photo, do you like it? I hope that yes, Would you like to be near to me on this a photo? I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope, that it It warms you Jim, your heart and gives for you new forces. Jim I very much wish to kiss you on the real. I am assured, that you are fine to kiss. I wait for your answer, and your desire about our the first evening and night.
Your loving and gentle Ksenia
Letter 14
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I very much waited for your letter. I have long laughed when I read what happened to ******, when I look at his picture I want to smile, he drives me crazy from what he is cute. Your letters make me breathe, every word is like a breath of fresh air. I now know, how I can surprise you. I thought of that much what and how to make. And I think, that we enough good know about each other and already necessary for us will meet. Do you agree with me?
Jim I shall go tomorrow and learn when I can arrive to you. I think, that already tomorrow I can inform you date when I can arrive to you.
I thought in the evening much and I cannot live what any more not feel your kisses, your embraces, the most gentle and sweet in this world. I wish to feel you, I wish to enjoy our passion, I wish to wake up in your embraces, I want, that our happiness was with us for ever. I love you Jim!!!!!!!!!!! I wish to be with you!!!!!!!!!! I want, that all our dreams would become a reality for ever. I want, that we with you would be happy. And it becomes a reality. We shall be the happiest together. I search for you all life and tomorrow I can tell to you when we shall meet. I am assured, what it is good news for you, isn't it? Jim you will meet me? I know that yes. I do not know when, but I shall learn how all to make and when I can be with you, and already tomorrow, represent, tomorrow we shall know what and how to do. I do not know how to describe that I feel now. I am happy!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be with you Jim!!!!!!!!!! And not describe words ours with you of feeling. I give you the heart, and I know, that with you my heart will be good. Remember I spoke you that we float to each other. And here already soon we will meet. And then for us will begin the new and fine life. Do you agree with me Jim????
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ksenia
Letter 15
Hi my dear Jim! Im glad your message. I hope that you have Good day? My dear my favorite my tender prince, I am sorry that all this time to tell you my full name ... My full name Vagizova Ksenia, I hope you did not think that I have any Secret from you my love Jim! !!! I also inform you my address as you requested 612270 Kirov area, Orlov, Kotelnicheskaya Str 21-25. I remember when I got some pictures of your house, as you say it was a bedroom. Now I can see your house in full volume , you're a very good host, and as your cleaner it seems to me that after my arrival, it is more you do not need. So I think that under my force to keep your house in order. But the most important thing that I want to tell you something that I'm not what I want our meeting, I dream about this day as the happiest day of my life, my crazy idea that soon we will be together, and I consider myself very lucky to the whole wide world. For me, not basic moment we meet Will you come to me or I'll go to you, I just started to prepare my arrival, and I think that it would be more convenient for you. I had intense day and I've greater Weariness in my body now. Today I reached office of travel company and discussed with them My travel.They will prepare for me necessary Documents for travel and ticket on plane. Some information for development of a route is required to my manager about plane. Inform me dear address of the most nearest airport to you which I should arrive. This information is required Tomorrow that we could establish cost of travel. Today I have paid to them only for preparation of visa and some necessary Papers.
It was in sometimes more than I planned because of Difficulties in reception visa. Dear your help for payment another will be probably required Parts of cost for travel if cost of tickets the plane will be Very big. I certainly have some sum still and as I ll be To take some money from my mum. But its possible will not suffice For payment of tickets and insurance. I will be known after development Route of travel. I shall inform you Jim, if your help required to me. I hope that it will not be a problem for you. I have informed you the information on promotion our meeting and now I send to have a rest. Im very tired today. my favourite I hope that I can soon embrace you! I wait your messages, dear!
My kisses and embraces for you.
Your Ksenia. P.S. Do not forget to inform address and airport.
Letter 16
Hello My Lovely Man and My Fine Jim!!!!!!
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you have not left me one and I very much love you and I could not live if you have not answered me. I every day dream of you and I wish to be with you.
It is very difficult, very much hard to live and know that I can not to be with the favourite person. Today I have reached agencies of travel and have given the information concerning the airport. My agent has informed me that the trip will cost to 1280$ dollars. In this sum to enter registration of the passport, the visa, a trip to Embassy, sending of documents into Moscow and residing in Moscow before interview and after as my cost includes the return ticket. I has paid 350$ and now I need to pay 930$ more that I could arrive to you. My agent has told to me that this money will it is necessary to pay to me within several days. These are very big money but I think that you will help me with this problem and I at last that can to arrive to you that we were together. I LOVE YOU Jim!!!!!! I wish to be with you, your love is necessary for me only. I am ready to give a life what we with you were happy, that our love never would die, that it would be with us, that we could feel our passion, tenderness and caress. I WISH TO BE ONLY WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! You my life, my love my happiness. In this world there is nothing more perfectly than our love. And I shall make all, all that in my forces that we would meet. But love which in ours hearts which warms and gives us fine dreams will help us. We shall be happy. At us in the country to have the saying. If very to want it is possible to depart to the sky. I do not want in the sky. I want to you. Jim only you, only you the man of my dream and I shall give a life for our love. For our happiness. Jim I will be assured of that that our life is fine.
All that would be necessary for us that it happens, it to be together.
And I hope that we can make it. If we shall make all together if the God will help us that we we shall meet. LET'S MEET AND SHALL BE HAPPY!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU Jim!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MORE THAN THE LIFE!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ksenia P.S And I'm asking you to kiss ****** and say sweet little dog that soon I will be able to hug him, too.
Letter 17
My love, my sweet prince Jim !!!!
What happened did not you write to me so much I was waiting for your letter, I am hoping that all is well with you !!!! I am very worried for our happiness Jim is my favorite !!!! I hope that you will write to me as soon as possible as soon as you get my letter !!!! Jim I look forward to your letter!!!
Your and only your good Ksenia
Letter 18
my dear Jim!
How you today the darling? What was your night? Whether you recollected me? This night I thought of you dear! Ideas on you give me a lot of pleasure, but also they give me some fears. I with some fear represent for myself the moment when at the airport we for the first time shall see each other. I hope, that during this our moment, you the first will show the initiative. I feel huge confusion from such events, when I in an unfamiliar place and around set of strangers.
Today I asked the manager to whom by you can transfer money for payment. Jim, my agent has informed me, that for moving money it is better to you to use system "MoneyGram". These systems have offices practically in all cities. In my city some such offices. The agent has told, that it is very reliable and fast systems for moving money.
Favourite, I reached today in office "MoneyGram" and have received there the detailed information. For moving you will need to specify my full name and the address. For reliability you will receive from them confidential number. And I will need to be shown the passport and to name this confidential number(MTCN), to receive funds. As do not forget to inform me the your home address that I could receive your money. The office will take small percent for payment of moving of money. Moving will demand all some hours. Dear, here my information, My full name: Vagizova Ksenia
My address:
Country: Russia
City: Orlov
ZIP: 612270
Street: Kotelnicheskaya Str 21-25 I hope that today you send money and will inform me on it. For reception yours the help to me will need to know your full name, your full home address, and control number reception of money (MTCN). As soon as I will have this information I at once will go to bank to receive it. After that I will go to agency and I will pay it to my agent. It will book to my the ticket of the plane and will give me the information on my departure. I will inform at once to you it. My kisses and embraces for you, my favourite Jim. I wait for your messages dear.
Yours Ksenia P.S When I see a photo ******, I always want to smile and I feel warm at heart. I'm starting to miss you if I do not get the letter, I'm starting to miss the ****** when you do not see his photos.
Letter 19

Hello my dear Jim!!!!
My favorite I am happy that you care about our happiness, I knew that we would be together and I can hug and kiss you. for me it is so important to be with you. I can not imagine life you devil. My dear and gentle Jim I wrote to you in what way you can quickly and safely send money to me. In our country, I can not use another person's card I can have problems with the police. In order that I paid for the contract I need cash, my dear Jim, I hope you understand that I do not want problems with the police. I ask you to write to me as soon as you can, I look forward to your letter.
Your and only your forever Ksenia
Letter 20
Hello Jim!!!
I dream and I think of you, I wait when you will write to me, I wait your photos, I wait your kisses which warm me and I hope that I shall receive them soon.
I believe that all will be good also you will find time to write to me.
Yours Ksenia
Letter 21
My love my gentle Prince Jim !!!
What happened ???? I do not find a place .... You just stopped writing to me, are you okay ??? Jim I pray to God that you were okay !!!!! I do not know what to do ???? God, I'm so much afraid that you might something happen !!! My love, my prince, I ask you to write to me as soon as you receive this letter, I understand that you can be busy and you might have important things to do, I'm just very worried about you, and every day coming to the internet cafe and see a blank e-mail account hurt me .... I once again ask you to write to me as soon as possible is very important for me !!!!
Your and only your forever
Letter 22
Hi my most dear person on light Jim!!!!!!!!
I am happy to read your letter to me again. I did not know as to think when you have ceased to write to me. But I have calmed down now Lovely, I am already valid I can not without you and without your letters. Hello my lovely Jim!!! I have not received your card, and not at all sure that I get it, because the mail in Russia is working badly. But even if I did I would get would not be able to use it, I wrote to you before, if I try to pay it, or withdraw cash I would have problems with the law because it is not mine, Jim, I wrote to you as easy as possible to pay for my contract and how you can send me the money, I ask you to cancel the card that you sent me, so I will not be able to use it, and I can not pay for the contract to come to you favorite I so much want to see you hurt me from the fact that you are far from Jim me ..... I ask you to carefully read my letter and understand that I am writing to you about the card that you sent me .... I hope you understand what I am writing to you, and you answer me as soon as you get my letter. At me tears with happiness drip when I read your letters. I thank the god For that that he has sent me of such person as you, such gentle, quick-witted, And the most important loving me. And I am very glad to that that on light there is a love.
Such fine and I her test this feeling to you, my honey!!!! Yes, I shall not cease To speak you, that I very much love you. I think, that the equation of love very simple As 1 + 1, but at the same time very complex because together with pleasure the love may To bring and tears and sufferings. And these my sufferings from that that we not together, my love, That we may not touch each other look each other in eyes still more many many desires which I and you may not execute the friend for the friend. I understand my honey, that for our meeting it is required It is a lot of time, but I sometimes at night reflect, that we can not be Together and I all life shall suffer from love to you. But I do not want to think About it because it not and all of us equally shall meet you. Honey, we shall be Together also we shall be happy together. I so want it, my love!!!!!!!! Mine baby, you for me became the most desired person. You are necessary for me as heart. I can not live without you. Now my days pass monotonously, because my head It is hammered by ideas on you, my body wants a touch of yours ia?ieo fingers, my lips Want passionate kisses with you. Yes, my dear, I can not hide the dreams from You because they concern only you. My sweet, I want to be your second half in life. I want to be your princess, Lady, I want to be your adviser to be your partner in life, and the most important I want To begin your wife and I want that you became my husband! I to give birth To you beautiful children also I want that they were similar to you. We shall bring up together them And to love them. You agree with me, my soul? Road, we may grant our desires and make our dreams yau?. At us all life ahead. I know, that with you at me other life full of happiness and love to you will begin absolutely. I believe In it, my honey and very much I hope. My love, I shall be very patient and I shall wait very much for our meeting even if it is necessary to me To wait for it all my life. My heart now on always belongs to you and only you of him The master. In your authority and I know all my body and all my bodies, that you will be cautious. Honey, I shall wait for our first meeting as the schoolgirl expecting for the first appointment in life. My dear, I completely trust you because I believe you. Honey, I yet do not want to write a detail about the body, because I very constraining, but I of you I assure, that all bodies of my body normal and all of them belong only to you. Lovely, I need in you as the lock in a key. I want you as the ground water at a drought. I am very strong you I adore and very much I grieve on you. Please, trust me, my desires and feelings Are fair also are pure as a drop of tears on my eyes at melancholy on you. But you do not think, that these tears from Burning, these tears of happiness. I am too strong you I like. My mum approves you and transfers you the greetings long as life. She is very glad, that we Have found each other and are happy. She sincerely experiences for us and too wants that we were together. My love, I very much want to be with you together faster. I very much need in you. My prince, I send you one million hot kisses. Let these kisses accompany You all the day. My body wants you, my heart is beaten more strongly from your letters. It is a pity to me that we not now with you Together. I shall wait from you for the letter today and very to miss on you. Remember.
That I very much love you, my future husband!!!!!!!!
Your future wife Ksenia
Letter 23
Hello Jim!!!!
Where you were gone my unique the man? I today waited for your letter!
But unfortunately I have not waited it! Probably you today could not write to me!!!! But I shall wait tomorrow for your letter! I hope that you can write to me!
Yours Ksenia
Letter 24
Hello my dear and beloved Jim !!!
I do not understand what is going on ????? ...... Where are you gone ????? !!!! You just ceased to write to me and I can not understand for what reason ???? Jim You're just having fun with me ????? It pains me to realize what you just played with my feelings and now just ignoring me ???? !!!! Why ???? What have I done you wrong ????? Jim Why are you doing this to me ????? I ask you to write to me as soon as you can, I'm really looking forward to the responses to their questions, and for me it is very important to know why it happened ????
Your and only your good Ksenia
Letter 25
Hello, my darling Jim!!!
I have not received your letter and I am very upset ... I was hurt by the fact that you can not find the time to just write that you're okay and you're okay !! I hope that having come tomorrow to the Internet cafe I receive your letter .... Each of your letter is important to me, I ask you to understand this, and to write to me as soon as you receive this letter !!
Your Ksenia
Letter 26
Hello, my darling Jim!!!!
I did not get your letter , something happened ???? Are you okay??? I hope you're okay because I'm very worried about you !!! I always worry when you do not get your letter !!!!I am looking forward to your letters and I look forward to a response from you, I very much hope that you write to me as soon as read my letter.
your Ksenia
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