Scam letter(s) from Maria Clarke to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
How are you doing and hope you're eager to read my email since at last you got it. I want to tell you more about my life.I Can’t say everything about me but most, i told you i was born and raise in El Paso,TX. My father is a German but my mom born and rise in PA originally. That is why i know how to speak German, I m a woman that just want peace and seek for my real man like you but i just have to tell you what my past is as i want a man to love me for who i am and not what i am.....My parents and my sister Jane died in an auto crash in 1998 and then forever in my life 27.06.98 remains a memorable but sad day to me in my life.... That was the day i lost them. The news was shattering to me and for months i couldn't believe that i no longer have relatives... I know you would be saying that does my parent not have family members? The story was that their various families did not approve their marriage and they said that they are no longer interested in their issues, my parents and their families parted ways because of the love that they have for each other... i was told this by my dads best friend, Benjamin Fisher... he is a Canadian and he worked in the same place.. Equity Works (my late dad was a technician... he works on faulty pipes and sometimes wires) He told me to forget the incident and that he will make sure i live a new life... I was so glad to leave TX and we moved to one of the small city in Germany. i could start a new life but the problem i had then was that I couldn't speak much German that time and most people living there are German but it was fun for me attending language classes and finally i was able to move on with my life after the tragic incident just to let the accident go on my mind and get back to El paso. Since then i m living my life alone i went to (School of Medicine) University of TX Health Science Center-San Antonio TX. When i done there i did my working experience in Oncology at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine......2009 after i done with my IT i move back to TX and employed by Methodist hospital. I’m Oncologist. That’s my profession. Hope you know what Oncology is? An oncologist is a doctor who is qualified in the treatment of cancer. She will know which tests must be conducted in order to make an accurate diagnosis. She will then be able to advise the best treatment for each type of cancer, the oncologist may advise an individual treatment, or there may be a combination of different treatments available to the cancer sufferer. Due to the amount of research undertaken on the causes and treatments of cancer, new information is produced frequently. An oncologist must be fully aware of all new research and findings in the field of cancer....I told you about my ex who i loved with all my life but he was an heart breaker... he cheated on me... and it was like the whole world was against me but again i moved on and i remained without a man for years but now, i know its time for me to settle down and raise a very lovely family with a responsible man i have faith that you will make me happy for the rest of my life. Well this are something’s about me you need to know I like having fun, such as listening to music, dancing, basketball, biking and other kind of sports. My favorite music is R&B, bobby Valentino is my best man, and I like other kind of music too, such as hip hop, rock, and country. I'm a touchy-freely type of girl...I like to kiss and hug, and cuddle, but I won't smother you. I'm an honest, thoughtful, caring, clean, independent, fun, full of energy I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theater, traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, or just working around the house. I enjoy spending time with the man of my life but also allow him free time for himself. I'm in a position to go anywhere, so distance is no problem. So reel me in so I don't get away. You'll have a good catch if you do. The key to my heart will be the man who wants to be close to me, holding hands, hugging, spending OUR time together doing the thing. Honey as you know so far i lost the only family i have left is Jesus Christ and you. i will wait to read back from you soon
Letter 2
Oh okay it's nice to read back from you but if I may ask you what do you really want From me as am here looking for serious relationship I mean long term relationship that will lead to marriage
Letter 3
Why sound like that as you Know only God know what it's good for every once as you know and age it's just a number when there is true love
Letter 4

its nice to read back from you and i told you i live alone in my fathers house in TX and i lost the only sister i have in the auto accident with my parent. I wish you can see me as i m writing this letter as you will know i m not happy, feeling like to cry but it’s you requested for more about me and i have nothing to do then to tell you more about me there is nothing that I would not do for the man of my heart, I would want to share my life with only one man, Just ONE man. What do you like doing for fun and tell me what is your favorite food, drink, color, music, sport, and how you usually dress causal or what? Mine is fried chicken, pink, chocolate, dress casual i like soccer, r &b gospel and hip up and like going to beach as I told you early on this letter. I feel we have many things in common but we are going to have a problem about me and my work. I said that because i m not in TX right now, i went for a special assignment in Osun state Nigeria as they are are facing some cancer hazardous that is why I was sent here to treat some people in lautech teaching hospital, I have spent 3weeks and have a week left to finish with the contract. I hope this do not bothering you? And let me know if you still like to continue talking with me till I get back to state in 2 weeksor what do you have in mind? Just let me know because I m an opening book nothing to hide no matter the condition may be. I m a good catholic and I believe in God. I understand if you decided to stop talking I know some day God will surely sent me a good man to complete my matrimony status, I know this may bothering you but i need to tell you before we go too far. i know we have something good in common but i don't know if you can wait on me or not . But if you can't wait i understand, I write this long letter because I want to know my fate in you and it took me more than an hour to get this done. Let me know when you through with this
Letter 5
It's nice to read from you and you really sound good to me as I have never meet a man like you and I thought you such a wonderful man to be happy with for the rest of my life but if I may ask you do you really wanna start good relationship that will lead to marriage with me ? As am not here for game and am just introduce to the site we met and you are the first man to talking to on the site and I want you to tell me the truth if you really wanna start good relationship with me as am afried of been in relationship because I don't want to be hurt anymore as I have been hurt so many ways. I will wait to read back from you soon
Letter 6
It's nice to read back from you am only have this week left before through with my assignment but if I may ask you can we make oath in other to build strung relationship and trust on each other till we be together and start our new life ? Am at work now as you can see honey
Letter 7
Oh okay so can we make the oath in other to build
Letter 8
Oh okay wait I will make my own oath now and can you chart me up on hangout also ?
Letter 9
Here i have my Bible with me and make my oath with my bible that I Maria Clarke which now turn to Mrs Maria John Philip made my oath to you John i will always love you,care,be sincere, faithful and open minded with you till death do us apart, i will never cheat or hurt and will forever be supportive with you in all ways, financially or any other things, no matter what assistance you need from me, i will surely do to make you happy and i will need the same in return from you...I make my oath for you today 2nd January 2017 if i there by fail to fulfill my promise i should be punish by the word of God, IN JESUS NAME I MADE MY OATH
Letter 10
Am waiting for your own oath now **** and I have text you on hangout also and waiting to chart you there sooner
Letter 11
Oh okay you can write it as soon you can **** I love you more
Letter 12
Yes I will never look for another man and I will be satisfied with everything and I fill fail to fulfill my promise I should be purnished with word of God I love you more
Letter 13
Oh sad to hear you have to be calm with me but I will do your wish but you will promise that you will never ask me anymore till I will be there with you as I will only send one pics ****
Letter 14
Am just back to my hotel room now from work so don't forget to write me your own oath also
Letter 15
Oh it's nice to read from you and am so happy for having you as my husband and I promise not to hurt you or cheat on you and love you forever
Letter 16
I have message you on hangout and waiting for your reply
Letter 17
Okay but **** something just came up now as am just receive a message that my phone bill and internet will be disconet tomorrow and we are not yet paid until we through with our assignment I don't know if you can help me out to pay for another internet and phone bill because I don't want to stop taking to you till I will be there with you soon
Letter 18
Oh okay my love it's just $175 and this is my information to send me the money via money gram Name :- Maria Clarke
City :- Osogbo
State :- Osun State
Country :- Nigeria
Zipcode :- 23435
Letter 19

Good morning honey am just wake up now and ready for work honey hope you are good I love you more
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