Scam letter(s) from Anna James to Terry (England)

Letter 1
Hi, how are you? I hope that you're fine and just enjoy reading my message and looking at my photos :) I was surfing the net, and found you there :) I was a little bit bold and asked for your e-mail address, and luckily you gave it to me :)
Isn't it wonderful!!!! I just want to get to know you better, do you mind it? Actually I've never done any first steps of such kind before but unexpectedly you caught my eye - and I didn't want to miss any chances :) So, let me remind me who I am, my name is Vladlena, 31 years old. I'm from east of Ukraine, from Volodarsk village, although I'm not sure you've ever heard about it :) But I think it's always great to learn more about new people and places, so I hope this message won't be the last :) I've never been married, don't have any children. Sport active, sociable, and easy going. I think it isn't wise to bury you under loads of information about myself now, but I'll tell you more if you are interested and want to know me better :) Don't hesitate to ask questions :) Also, I'll be glad to get some details about you, your life and see your photos. If you think that we don't have any chances, well, thank you for reading my message and good luck in your search of a perfect partner.
But I'll cross my fingers and wait for your answer :) Have a nice day! With best regards, Vladlena
Letter 2
Terry, good day, I am so glad to get your reply! Thank you for finding time and writing me back. I am especially pleased to read your compliments - it made me happy to know how you feel. I am really excited to receive your letter because a man like you usually has a crowd of women following him. I feel extremely lucky to catch your attention :) It's important for me to know you better. We live in different countries and our communication will help us to learn more about each other :) Your photos are great. I like them a lot. I wish my man to be just as attractive and charismatic as you are :) It's true when they say a picture is worth thousands of words, and I hope that you'll send me more of your awesome images :) I hope that I don't ask for much :) I am so eager to learn more about you :) Terry, it was a real pleasure to know that you are from England. It's a nice place with an hospitable people and beautiful sights. Is that true? I hope that I can visit it one day and meet you in person. What do you think of it?
Would you like it to happen? You are a very interesting man who knows a lot and can do bunch of different things - and it's great!!! I think I won't feel any boredom in your company :) And of course, I hope we'll have much to share with each other. You know, Terry, I am delighted that there are many hobbies and interests in your life and we can do plenty of things together :) Terry, it's awfully sad to know that your relationships didn't work out. I understand that it was pretty awful for you then. But everything has turned for better :) You're looking for a new love, and it's amazing!!!! Because I have found you :) It's nice to learn you have children. I am sure they are just like you - kind, attentive and good looking! I'll be happy to meet them in person one day :) Do you think they won't mind us getting together? I see your a very open hearted person, and I suppose that it's because you have such a family. I even envy you a little bit :) I'd be so happy if I have so many relatives and a possibility to gather all together :) You are a very lucky man! I am very serious about getting a man to be with - I don't want play any games too. Terry, I am not a joker and I don't find anything funny in hurting people's feelings, and it's fantastic that you're just like that too :) We could be a nice match :) A little bit about me, if you don't mind :) I am Vladlena. I suppose that it's quite an unusual name for you, but it is very easy to explain. My mother's big love was Vlad by his name (just like Dracula), and her name was Lena, so she combined them into one as a symbol of her love :) Sounds pretty romantic :) I'm 31, was born on May 17, which makes me Taurus :) And just like Taurus I am reliable, devoted, generous and stubborn sometimes :) I adore gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes and making some nice or tasty things (especially when it goes about cooking different berry jams or pickles, Terry, I'd love you to taste them one day). I like to pamper people I love and take care of them :)
Hope that you don't mind it :) I live in Volodarsk village, it's in Lugansk region in so called LPR (I suppose that you've heard about military conflict in Ukraine - the situation is quite difficult here, but I hope that sooner or later everything will be OK). It's a small mining settlement with a small population where everyone knows each other, and it's nice in some way - you shouldn't turn on the TV to learn all the news :) I am very serious to find my man, and my intentions are to create a family with him. Terry, are you interested in it as well? I am a hopeless romantic, and truly believe in "till death do part us". I want to have my man next to me. To love and be loved, to cherish and adore. I have so much love inside of me and so much tenderness... will you be the one to win all that? I am attaching the photos just to remind you who I am and also with a hope to get some of pictures from you :) It will help me to understand you better - I just want to see your eyes and your smile :) With best regards, Vladlena
Letter 3
Hi Terry, Thank you so much for your letter, it was so enchanting to read it - I must confess it is very exciting to learn more about you :) With each word you wrote me you seem to be closer - the details of your life are very important to me, and I'd like to get to know you even better :) I hope that one day we can meet in person, and find out if we truly match :) What do you think about such a possibility? Terry, I can't still believe that I am writing you now – the men like you are in the most hidden dreams of women here. The photos you sent are incredible :) I love them a lot. You're so manly, so imposing, so ****, so charming, so everything in them, that I want to see more of your photos. Will you send any new ones? Those photos of your daughter Natalie and wonderful landscapes you sent are amazing. How did you guess I'd adore them??? I really appreciate all the efforts you're making to pleasantly surprise me.
You know, I should confess I've never had any man in my life who is so caring and attentive, and who is doing whatever he can to make me happy. I am very lucky to have met you, Terry! How was your day? I hope that everything was OK, and you enjoyed it :)
Mine was fine too. A colleague asked me to bring a jar of my best homemade raspberry jam (she wants to give it as a present to her new neighbors). So, Terry, you see that I like to cook, and people like the things I make :) I've attached a couple of photos of me cooking and picking up the berries - I adore my little garden :) Are there things you are very passionate about? And the ones people ask you to do over and over again? Making jams and pickling vegetables is the way for me to enjoy the things I love to do and to earn little money as well. My village Volodarsk is getting more and more deserted from day to day, and with the separatists ruling in our region the life is hardly bearable here.
I had to spend a lot of time to get out my village and find some work at a ****** town nearby, and I feel really lucky about it even it takes quite a huge amount of time to get there. I work as a beautician's assistant (see me in a white coat!) I was always attracted by beauty, I like to see how people turn better after meeting with our personnel. Unfortunately I didn't complete my studies, and have a right just to assist :( I dream to get a diploma and open a beauty parlor of my own... Oh dreams, sweet dreams!!!
Terry, do you have any dreams of your own? Do you think a woman should take a great care of her look and her body? What are your thoughts? Also I am a substitute guard at the trade center, but I work just on the weekends - the salary is quite small, but I have a rare opportunity to buy some food or clothes with a personnel's discount, which is important for me now and is a big plus :) You know, Terry, once in the trade center I heard a girl excitedly telling her mother about a love note she had got from her classmate, and I smiled recalling a story from my young years :) His name was Pavel and we were both about 8 when he asked me to marry him. I told my grandma and she (as a wise woman) wanted to know how Pavel was going to support me, so I asked him about it the very next day. His mum seeing him off to school said that I could go and live with them as she had always wanted a little girl of her own :) I rushed home to pack and was awfully disappointed when my mum didn't let me go. It's so funny to think about it now :) And I haven't heard from Pavel and his family for more than 20 years, they left Volodarsk so long ago. Do you remember your first love? But in spite of all the difference between little me and adult me, I am still looking for love and for creating a family. It can sound rather trivial, but I need changes in my private life. It's very difficult to find a good man in my village, a man wanting to have serious relations especially now with all that war around. Terry, do you believe in finding a spouse in the Internet? I've never thought that it can help me to find such an amazing man as you are. And I'm very glad it has happened. Let's see if we succeed to get more in our relationship. Do you want it? Well, it's quite late and I can miss the last bus to Volodarsk (we have it once in three hours - no one wants to deal with my village now). I wish I could write you more, or even speak to you in person. I hope I'll have an opportunity arrange that someday. But for now, emails are the only thing I can do :( Have a nice Thursday!!! Looking forward to your response, Terry. Please, do take care and keep me in your thoughts as I keep you in mine. Kisses and hugs, Vladlena
Letter 4

Hello my dear Terry, Thank you for writing me back! Your reply means a lot to me :) It's great that you answered all the questions I had asked. It made me feel so much closer to you. And I like and agree with all your words. I'm very happy to see, what a great man you are, Terry! I enjoy the way you think, I like your way to see things or life. I love your photos a lot. You know, looking at you I do feel that you are attracting me more and more. You seem to be very kissable, can I kiss you? :) Thank you for sharing your new images with me, they are awesome! Dear Terry, how is your Tuesday? I hope that everything is OK with you :) You know every time, when I read your letter, the butterflies start flying in my stomach and I feel warmth in my heart, and it's so wonderful, thank you for doing it to me :) What do your family and friends think about you looking for love in the Internet? I hope that they don't laugh at you like some of my colleagues :( Their opinion doesn't really matter to me, and I am glad that my mother approves my searches :) She wants me to be happy, and I am so grateful for her understanding :) As I told you before my mother's name is Lena. Unfortunately her love story with Vlad didn't bring her any marital happiness but me. I haven't ever seen my father - he was a guest from Latvia and came here to help with some special mining equipment. He saw my mother, she always was a beauty (even now she is very attractive - look at the photo I've attached for you), and wanted her for himself... When she found out she was pregnant, he told her that he had a wife and children in Latvia and wasn't going to leave them at all... A fairy-tale of big love was over :( My mother had several suitors, but didn't seriously consider marrying any of them. I suppose that she still loves Vlad :( Like a lot of women in our family she's a one-man woman... Terry, aren't you scared that I can be the same? My mother is taking care of my granny now. My grandmother suffers from dementia, and we had to put her to the hospice, but when the war started my mother lost her job, and my salary wasn't enough for us to pay for it, so she begged its manager to let her live and work there as an invalid tender (nurse) to take care of granny and other patients :( It was a miracle he agreed... But now I understood that a lot of medical personnel fled when heard the first sounds of cannons... I didn't see them often - I need to earn money for my living and for the medicines for my grandmother, and that's why I have to work so hard. Also such places, full of terminally ill, scare me a lot :( Are there things you afraid of? Terry, do you want to tell me about it? I hope that your family and close friends are OK, and no one suffers from anything :) By the way, can you send me your childhood photo? I promise to do the same :) Will you be eager to see me? I am not sure whether it's good or not for me to attach so many photos to my letters. On the one hand you'll know and see more of me, on the other you can decide that you've already known me enough and I'll have no mystery left :( My time in the cyber cafe is over (don't have any Internet in Volodarsk, and that's why I write you from the town I work), so, Terry, it's time for me to finish my letter. It's always great to come here and find a nice letter from you! So I hope to hear from you soon again! Kisses and hugs to you, Vladlena
Letter 5
Hello my dear Terry, It was nice to hear from you again :) But my heart is saying "Oh, Vladlena, stop pretending - you're ecstatic to read the words HE sent to you!!!" I think that my heart is right and I'm underestimating the feelings I have now :) Aren't you scared? There is a big distance between us, and our life schedule isn't the same, but I'm sure that there are several moments during the day when my thinking of you is at the same time your is :) I hope that when these moments match, we can feel a wonder of our hearts beating together as one :) I'm happy I've met you. Your words and your feelings give me hopes you're there for me and you can mean my eternal happiness. I've been waiting for you for so many years - finally my prayers have been answered. Never hoped that you, my darling Terry, were out there just waiting for us to meet. Let's speak about your photos :) I can't wait to see you next to me, I'm sure people's gazes will follow us all the time because we'll look fantastic together :) And I hope your dog will like me as well :)
Please, please, send me more of your pictures because they are the source of me learning all the details about your appearance and your body... Terry, I wish I could touch your lips like I am touching your lips in these photos... I love the feelings and passions I see in your eyes, they are so true!! Help me to believe that everything will work out between us :) The situation at work became clearer by itself. The beautician noticed my questionable looks and invited me for a "talk". As I found out, they were speaking about me and my work for a long time. From one hand, the beautician and the owner didn't want to lose me because I was a good employee, on the other hand they didn't have any means to pay out my salary because the lack of a clientele :( So they offered me two choices possible of how they were seeing the whole situation with my employment - either I should leave till the better times, or I should complete some professional courses of make-up and ****** massage, and stay at the beauty parlor as a solo specialist and no one's assistant. They gave me several days to think everything over. Terry, I am confused now - I supposed something like this had occurred to their minds, and even look through the job offers, but they are mostly for men (army, police etc) or dealing with sales (but the request to live nearby the shop because of the curfew time we have here), and there are no offers for beautician's assistants. I wish I could be able to work as a guard in a trade center full time, but there's no vacancy for me there - even being a substitute guard is a true wonder :( When our region was transferred into a Russian ruble zone, we lost about 30 per cent of our salaries, because some of our local officials decided to set a "special" exchange rate, profitable for them. So we have high prices for goods (higher than in Russia because have to import them), and the salaries much lower than in Ukraine :( I can't afford paying for the professional courses and I can't afford losing my job and leaving my mother and granny without any support :(
I am not even sure if I can earn my own living, working only 4-5 days per month at the trade center... I can sell my jams and pickles, but it'll be wise to do in a town (the prices are higher there), and also I don't have a factory-size supply of my home-made goods :( Terry, what do you think I should do? I can't pull myself together... Sorry, for throwing out all my problems at you, but I feel that your words and your care will encourage me :) It's so nice to have you, my dear Terry, in my life. I'm sending you my sweetest kisses and warmest hugs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year :) Your Vladlena
Letter 6
Hello my beloved Terry, Thank you for replying me. Your words brought warmth and happiness to my heart, endless tenderness and care to my soul, and bright smile to my face! How can you be so sweet!!! Have I told you lately how lucky I am to meet you? I think you are the best man I've ever known and I am completely captivated by you!!! I long to hear your **** voice, hold you in my arms, smell your scent and kiss your lips - I can't wait till we are together to show how loving and passionate I can be with a man I want with my whole soul and body :) Do you want the same? Please, my darling Terry, tell our dreams and wishes are mutual!!! I adore the hot photos you sent me! I can't take my eyes off you. How I wish I could touch you through the screen. I also dream of the day when we are finally together. I think when it happens, I'll never let you go. I can die with happiness in your arms and I won't mind :) It was very important for me to see that you aren't only attracted to my appearance but are interested in my daily life as well. I haven't had any reason to smile but all changed with your words - Terry, you gave me hope that everything would be fine. Yes, the whole situation isn't happy and bright, finding a new job now isn't an easy thing to do. So I've checked the info about the professional make up and ****** massage courses the beautician and the owner of a beauty parlor mentioned to me. The courses themselves seem to be highly praised by the customers, especially when it goes about the diplomas - they are recognized by several beauty associations and give a permission to work in other countries :) Don't you think it's a huge opportunity for us??? I can find a job when we are together and help you in everything! But there's one negative moment - the price :( It's 300 USD for both courses, and I need to make a 150 USD deposit. The rest of the amount should be paid out in a month (after the courses will end). I think I'll find some clientele for make-up and ****** massage, and I hope I'll be able to pay the second 150 USD then... But now I can get about 45 USD, and I need 105 USD more.... I cannot afford such expenses. Can you help me with it? At such sad moment I need to know what place I take in your heart, my Terry? If there are some restrains in your soul and mind, please tell me everything. Without attending these courses I'll be completely penniless - they won't let me continue working at the beauty parlor, and I won't be able to pay for my bus trips to Sverdlovsk and for cyber cafe to write to you from there :( I am collapsed ad frustrated, my honey Terry. You can save our communication, our dreams for future together, and our flame of desire. And I'll try to do everything in my power to change this situation for better. My dear Terry, I don't want to lose our connection and our feelings because of this drastic situation. It's important for me to know that not only I am fighting for our future, my sweetheart, but you're as well. I do not want to think that you were just playing with me here! Please, be sincere with me and show your true attitude... I'll be waiting impatiently for your reply and I do sincerely hope that you will not leave me like that, my darling Terry :( Please, think over everything I told you... think if you are truly interested in me or not, and let me know, deal? Just remember I'm very serious about you and our future. French kisses and hot hugs to you, Vladlena
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