Scam letter(s) from Rachel Ann Topley to Annie (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jim merry Christmas and happy New year in advance,it so painful for me not to rise the money but I try all my best to rise the money but there is nothing I could do cause my husband have not been paid too . But I promise as soon as I have the money I Will send it to Rachel
Letter 2
Complement of the season Jim have sent the money to Rachel this morning so I made it $100 for her but I don't know when I will be able to come up with the hospital balance
Letter 3
I know Jim the longer she stay there the more bills she pays. May God bless you so you can rise the balance and send to her. Cause the loan I take from the banks I have to pay it back before February
Letter 4

Sir is this real or fake cause I have maintained the levels between us and I made a deal with the hospital to release your wife and I still talk to the consulate for you asking me to provide you some documents I can change my words again don't teach me my jobs
Letter 5
You don't have to tell everyone your own private matters not for any reason will someone will need to know how you spend your money I am a lawyer and I know how human right work okay I don't think your wife could get all you ask her cause she not a citizen and she as already over stay in out country which she is not a good results
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