Scam letter(s) from Irina Rassadnikov to Nick (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my LOVE Nick!
I am very glad that you have written to me! But please trust me!
My full name Irina! And a name of my cousin IRINA!
I use its box but with the surname! I am not able to create a box and she has made it for me!
I have simply got used that everyone name me Svetlana! If you want you can name my Irina!
Choice for you!
I very much love you!
I really wait for a meeting!
And in yahoo I talked to the girlfriend she lives in Moskow!
I shall be very glad to see you at 18:00 in yahoo!
Yours Svetlana!
Letter 2

Hello my LOVE!
I very much am very glad that we with you shall soon!
It is very good!
I understand that it will be not so easy but I am sure that it necessarily happen!
I wait for your letter with MTCN today!
Do not overlook to write to me the First name and Last name which you has specified while translating money!
I love you!
Yours Svetlana!
Letter 3

You have sent me 100 $?
Letter 4

Hello my LOVE!
I very much love you!
I was today in a passport office!
To me have told that my passport will be ready 19 numbers!
Also I have learned that I can go to Moscow in embassy of 21 or 22 numbers!
To have the reference behind the visa!
But I shall tell to you at once that I do not have money for this purpose!
I do not want you to deceive!
I should buy the ticket up to Moscow and back by train and hotel for 2 days!
I want to be with you!
I love you!
Yours IRINA!
Letter 5

Hello my LOVE!
I am glad that I can to write to you today!
I'm fine!
I have good news to both of us!
Today I have met the girlfriend we with it studied for a long time!
She already flied in Usa and too under the invitation!
I have learned all from it!
She has told that as soon as I will have passport at me 2 variants!
Or to conclude the contract with agency at me in city and they will send documents to Moscow!
Or itself to go to Moscow to hand over all documents!
She has told that itself went to Moscow and all did!
Anything complex!
So as soon as I will have passport! I have 2 variants or to give 250 $ to agency!
Or to go to Moscow itself! It will be approximately 200 $!
I think itself it will be easier!
And the more so is cheaper!
She has given me a sample of the letter which you should send! I I shall send you it later today!
So on March, 21 or 22 I shall go to Moscow!
I love you and I wait for your letter!
Yours ????? IRINA!!!
Letter 6

Hello my Dear Nick!
I am glad to receive your letter!
On consideration of all documents in embassy will borrow about 2 weeks!
I to Moscow to me will be necessary to go to give documents!
But I was in agency today and all have learned from them!
I think that it will be better to give 250 $ and they will make everyone!
They gave me the list of all documents which it is necessary!
I think that I can collect all documents till Monday!
I have asked them they have told that all services will cost 250 $ and will borrow about 3 weeks!
It is good!
They have told that it is necessary to begin with the beginning of the next week!
I want to ask you!
You will send me 250 $ by Monday that I began to collect all documents and to Monday have given all documents??
I wait for your letter!
I wait for our meeting!
I love you!
Yours IRINA!
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