Scam letter(s) from Julia to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Salut! Im Yuliya and I am a 30 years lady. First I want to congratulate you on the past Christmas and coming Happy New Year. You are probably wondering who I am, I add u at site of date & would like to find out more about you. I for the 1st time try to find friend in such way so I decided to try. I am a single lady and I would very much like to learn more about you. I would like to meet a good man 4 serious relations,a man who older then I am. Dont answer me if you are in a relationship or you got letter by mistake. I am looking for the right soul mate for me. Friendship striving to something serious. At first just a friendship, then we'll see where this goes, perhaps. Long term relationship.Im from Russia, look for the man from USA. Yulusha
Letter 2
Hello Jim! First of all, I want to apologize for my slow response. I wanted to answer at once to not keep you waiting for my answer, but I got access to a computer only now. I am very glad that you have answered to my letter.I really appreciate your interest. Thank you for your picture. It is a fine picture. You are a strong and handsome man. I very much like this picture. It is wonderful, when a man combines force and charm. It happens so seldom. Forgive me for my frank words. But I always speak what I think. I think there is nothing bad in it. You have pleasant appearance and it is wonderful. A little about myself. Hmmm… I really do not know how to start this, but I try to tell a little about yourself. ok! I've never smoked or drank alcohol, and I try to eat healthy. First of all, the most important thing. I hope you are not very much afflicted that I live not in your country. It is hard to have a long distance relationship but maybe we can start off as friends and see where this goes? That will be very wonderful experience for both of us. What do you think? I much hope that it does not frighten you, because I am the same lady like many other ladies living in the different countries. I am the same person with heart and soul. I sincerely hope that nationality and distinction of cultures for you is not the most important things in a lady. And we can tell a lot each other about our countryes, I hope to learn your country from you, so to speak, "first-hand." My country is Russia. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Now I live in settlement of Ikryanoe. It's a small settlement, where live a few thousands inhabitants. Probably if you want to have the best understanding about where I live, I should tell you that my settlement is located close to the big city - Astrakhan. It is a city located in Astrakhan area - in a southern part of the European Russia, near to Caspian sea. In the childhood I dreamed to be a translator of the English language. What else?.. I am the children's doctor (pediatrist, pediatrician). I work in a small public hospital. I began to get education the Medical University. I already said that my name is Yulia. I don't know as correctly to write my name in English, I think I wasn't mistaken. Heyyyyyy, don't fall asleep reading this letter (smile) I'd told you it is was a long letter and I'm only half way so far lol... My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 120 pounds. I made a picture that you have seen what I look like. And of course you should know that I am 30 years old.
My birthday is May 16. I understand that all people have various tastes and interests, but I sincerely hope that my picture and my appearance will be pleasant for you. But if my appearance doesn't conform to your tastes and interests, I will understand you, of course.
I the optimist at heart and it's often help me in my life. I already adult woman; and I look at the life with a philosophical shade. I have job and my apartment. But there are things without which people cannot be happy. And for me it's not material things. I have written to you the first and it means that I am ready to share with you my thoughts. I think that things worked it is necessary to make some effort even if it is simple acquaintance how you think? Taking a chance can be a hard thing to do.
But some of the best things in life has come from chances. I am very glad and grateful to you for that that you have answered me. Anyhow, I hope that you, just as I, have interest in our dialogue, now before I bore you to death I'll bid you goodbye. Hope to hear from you soon. I think you need to start with simple questions. I have a couple questions for you:
What kind of music and movies do you like?
You age?
Do you like your job?
Had you ever had experience in correspondence with a friend from other country?
Maybe you are more skilled in this than I am?
I don't want to bore you, so I will stop for now. I hope to hear from you again soon.
Feel free to ask me anything. If you have the time to answer a few questions and a little more about yourself.
With the best regards. Yulia
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