Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Bezdenezhnykh to Peter (Austria)

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Letter 1

Good evening, Unfortunately i don't know exactly how your name. And in what country do you live, but i hope that is civilized country. Read my letter attentively,it will not take long. My real name is Maria. I Live in Russia I hope, that you not to frighten my message,that i live RU. At once i will tell,i got your e-mail in a site of dating, I can not remember the name of this site, it was a long time. I wanted to write for a long time to you, but i had a lot things to do. As my girlfriend has made in the past. also she advised to me. Now i do not have with her contact, i don't know what happened with her. She is found happiness and now lives with very good man from your country. I too have decided to try the happiness and to find the love and more in the Internet. New Year soon, and i would like to find my love this New Year - serious, careful, passionate man. The best. I hope it is you? I would like to find decent, Real Man. I ask you to write to me only in english. I love sex, well, as everybody i think,so let's be straight. So, i want to make a proposition to change a couple of pictures. perhaps even an intimate photos? I have many nice erotic pictures, and even it is more) I'm a student, and sometimes i to be engaged a striptease, but i'm not the prostitute. So please, send me a message and also write me your REAL NAME! I ask you write me only on english, and i want you to know, I don't play game, i serious, trustful and kind lady. I'll wait your letter with big impatience. Sweet kisses for you. Sincere, Mrusya.

Letter 2

Hello Peter!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very glad, that you have answered my small letter.
I can dialogue only on English language, so write to me only in ENGLISH.
Very much I regret, that has not answered earlier, I did not see your letter.
I hope you to not forget me?)
Your letter was in spam box, and I just have found out your letter and at once answer.
So use any electronic translator, for example GOOGLE TRANSLATOR or any another translator.
I ask to read very attentively my letter, it is important for me to know your opinion about that that I write.
Because under your answers I shall look has whether sense to continue to us dialogue is farther or not.
Simply I do not love when me ignore. Simply it happens so, i tell to the person about myself, it is possible
To tell i open the soul, but me simply ignore. Send simply callous letters form and even sometimes
Overlook to change a name in the letter. It is very insulting and I was hurt also it I do not want.
Only I ask be not frightened, I not malicious. Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end and already then draw conclusions. I actually good and tender, simply the life forces to be cautious and rough so it is a lot
Of deceit and evil. You really very much have liked me I see also I to you you are interesting time to me has written.
Who knows to what our correspondence will result, but I hope, that we with you at least shall be friends.
I the student and I to study at university as the economist. But about it in the following letter.
Before to begin dialogue, I want to tell at once, that money for a life I earn dancing a striptease.
And I not how many do not think it shameful. If it contradicts yours morally to ethical principles and you think Below the advantage dialogue with me you can save time And further to not read my letter.
I love people who is not afraid, that about him will badly think also who is not afraid of open expression of the desires.
I am sorry, if my English is not so good. I was good to speak English language but poorly to write in English.
I hope to you all clearly, what I write If not everything, you of me ask.
I very much like to have fun, I love jokes, draws and I at me very cheerful character. With me it does not happen boringly.
I very much love people who to me is close. I very much hope, that we with you become very close, because you to me Has very much liked. It is rare with me it happens, that at once somebody would like me. I am very legible in people.
But in you of me at once, something has involved. I do not know that. Simply you have liked me at a subconscious level.
You know as it happens, one person It is pleasant, another is unpleasant. All at a subconscious level. I very well understand in people.
I do not want to brag of it, but it so. Though to me it is not a lot of years, but I had difficult life and I had to mature early.
Simply should from whom wait for protection and hope only on itself. But it has learnt me to be pleased to each instant of a life
And to not despond and to not complain on destiny. In fact we creators of the destiny. You agree with me?
I want also to discuss one problem at once, in the Internet am a lot of a deceit, I already communicated with the people.
Lie also much deceit and in general it appears sometimes that dialogue not with the man and with the computer program.
I want to be convinced that you the real man, I want to call to you, I want to hear your vote and to be convinced that you the real man. Write to me the telephone number I to you to call.
I very much want to hear your vote, but now I no have the own telephone, it is broken.
But as soon as I to buy the new telephone I to you at once to call. It will be speed.
And still want to tell at once, that if my intimate photos are necessary for you only and I at all do not interest You as the person. It is not necessary for me to write that more. Many tried to receive a deceit my photos.
Spoke, that love me, did any compliments, promised many money, But if to not like me the person I shall not do such photos.
And as soon as they understood it they at once disappeared. It was hurt me and it is insulting. I not against such photos, I even very much would want to do them. To me to like, when Me admire, it raises me. But I would not want that forced me.
When I shall want I shall make such photos and I shall send them to you if you will want it.
I wait your photos too, only I ask you to reduce your photos, that they were not too large, trimmed it. Simply at me the Internet not so good and I can not recieve the large photos which have much Mb.
I hope to see your letter as soon as possible. It would be very interesting to me to hear more to hear about you!!!!!
Tell more about itself, about the country, about the city where you live. It is very interesting to me.
And at me to you the big request to answer all my questions and In general to know,
That you think of all that I have written. It is very important for me.
Do not forget me, write as soon as possible.
The best regards to you!!!!!

Letter 3

Hi my friend Peter!
I can name you my friend?
I do not know why, but you again were in mine spam box and I did not see your letter.
I am pleased to receive the letter from you, and I am glad that you want to continue our dialogue.
Please read this letter very attentively, this very important letter, I want to know your opinion.
I am glad that you do not condemn me that I work as the dancer of a striptease.
Dances and striptease - it absolutely another. I no how many am not ashamed, that I do it.
I doubted to write to you about it in the first letter or in general about it to not speak.
But I for honesty in relations and always speak the truth and I hate liars.
It is not a shame to me with my work. I like to dance and I love good music. And at me a beautiful body.
Would be a crime to hide it under clothes. I am happy that someone looked at me and was pleased and had trousers tent)))))
It very much flattered my vanity, to feel like necessary and desired. I hope I do not shock you I not have complexes and I think it well.
Complexes do a life boring. Only do not think, that I dissolute. I very vulnerable and gentle and I very true.
I the one-woman man and if whom I love for me not whom does not exist more on light.
I simply very much love a life and I am glad to each moment. But I try to live adequately, that would not be a shame.
In fact the god sees all. So I consider that I do not do there is nothing bad with my employment by a striptease.
Once I would like to do for you striptease show, only for you, you would like it?
By the way, my name on a scene the RED DEVIL. To you to it like?
My photos were done by my girlfriend, I have lost the majority of a photo when my computer has been broken,
And now at me not so it is a lot of photo. And I once again to ask you to send me the photos reduced and trimmed, At me the bad Internet, I cannot to receive the big photos. At me Usb Flash Adsl modem. This new to Russia and Still is all expensively. So now to me to have a payment for everyone Mb the traffic and for me it it is expensive.
So I ask trimmed your foto please. To use the Internet for me is expensive, and I can not use therefore skype or facebook and yahoo mesenger. Simple exchange email it for me the most acceptable variant.
I send you the new photos I hope to you my photos have liked.
I hope they to you to like and me it is important to know what it makes impression.
Also I want to see more your photos, and I hope you will make it.
I know you, so my photos not so frank more few. But with each following letter my photos all will be more frank.
You very much to be pleasant to me, to me with you it is very good, I spoke that I understand in people.
I was not mistaken in you. I want to continue our relations, I want more you to learn, to me with you it is good. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
Well, I will tell now about myself. To me 25 years, all other you can see on my photos. I the orphan. I no have what relatives.
I from infancy grew in a shelter. It were very difficult years, very much it was not easy for me.
But it was mostly my life. I now with horror recollect my life in a shelter. Poverty, famine, constant insults. It is hurt to me
To recollect these years. But I do not want to speak more about it, all this is very hurt for me and Is sick and please do not Ask me about it. I shall tell to you about it later when we shall be better familiar.
I now want to tell where and as I live. I live in Russia in sity Samara.
It is capital Samarskaya Oblast. When I have finished a shelter the state have given me an apartment.
And I am good to study in a shelter and I now can as the orphan free-of-charge to study university and I have apartment.
I study in Samara state economic university.
At you likely a question why I have written to you? I already finish university at me a last year and an practice, And I literally arrive one of these days in your country on practice. All documents are ready and there is already a ticket.
I yet do not know, where I shall be exact in yours the country I, in the beginning I need to be in your capital 2 weeks.
But me have said that then, I can choose for practice any city by yours the country. Me will give habitation both meal and all necessary.
All this payment the Hungarian government, I am in participation in the governmental program on the help.
I think you has not understood. I shall tell about it in detail in the following letter. All is ready.
So I soon will In your country. And I wanted to find the friend in your country, have found you and is very glad.
I will be in your country of 6 months. I think it wonderfully, we can dialogue in a reality.
We can many dialogue and more. I love sex! It would be desirable to learn you in more intimate conditions!
Dialogue by years is possible, but whether never will understand yours person or not, yet do not try sex.
I do not force you you to what, at dialogue it will occur by itself. After practice i will leave to Russia, To finish study. But in the future I want to leave Russia, to sell apartment and to leave the country. So I think. My apartment very small, but nevertheless it only my and I is very glad to this. I have made
All apartment to the taste and desires. It has turned out very cosy the apartment and it very much to like all.
I to study at university and earn additionally I workin a night club as the dancer and show a striptease.
But I do not want that You thought, that I what be the prostitute. I not such. I am not engaged in sex for money.
Also I despise such girls. I not when have not agreed to it. Study and job, I have of very poorly free time, At home I be a little. But me to like.
Free time, i love easy run on mornings, but in winter I go on stadium, to be rolled on skates.
On mornings I always do gymnastics. I try almost each day to visit pool. I very much like to float. During float all groups of muscles work and it is very useful for health. You like to float?
Only I do not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi)))))
I hope you understand about I. In general that it is cheerful, Only a smell not so pleasant. I hope you now have not dinner, I am afraid has spoilt to you appetite)
In general I for a healthy image of life. How you treat to sports?
Hey wake up)!!!!! Figured you fell a sleep reading this letter)
I think the letter it has turned out too big and you are tired it to read. I to finish the letter.
Please write to me that you think of all it, I very much would want to know your opinion.
I hope that this letter has found you in excellent mood.
I hope to receive the answer from you soon.
Your Maria. Your RED DEVIL

Letter 4

Hi my dear Peter!!!!!

I to see very glad again your letter and it is valid so.
I have been very upset by it. I hope you not to forget me and we will continue dialogue.
To me very much with you dialogue is easy. Easily and simply and I see in you that With whom I would like the person dialogue much and to continue to learn each other.
You likely have bad understood in the last letter, about my fast a trip. And why to me the help In it the governmental program Hungary, you see I live Russia. I now am better to explain to you.
It is difficult, a problem of languages, but I hope you all will understand, you will understand all, I know it I will begin from it is far, but without it you not to understand, that I have in view of. My nationality not the Russian.
I NOT RUSSIAN. My nationality is named Mari or Maris, I do not know as it is correctly written On English language. Russian name us Cheremis or Cheremsha or Cherepa. But we of name yourself Mari.
Ours nationality not so numerous, approximately about 600 thousand persons and all are scattered on all Russia And in other countries. The most known representative of ours nationality which you likely know, It Vyacheslav Bykov, the extrainer national team Russia on hockey. He too Mari. People Mari are a part Finno-Ugric Group nationality. It are Hungarians, Finns, Saami, Estonian, Mari, Komi and many other nationality.
I think you can learn more about Finno-Ugric Group nationality on the Internet.
The information in wikipedia is a lot of about us. If you want look, it is very interesting.
And that is why I about it tell. Our nationalities help each other, and in Hungary exists The government program on the help to citizens Russia who has Finno-Ugric an origin.
And I have got to this the program, I by means of the Internet with the representative of this program, and they have Considered my application. And then they have contacted my university and have told that they want the help to me With mine of practice, I the orphan and as I perfectly to study and at me the big prospects.
That it was better. I to receive the grant from it the help program!
Under this program, I to receive the help with the visa and the ticket and all expenses on arrival your country.
And besides, when I will arrive to your country to me is Is given 12 000 Euro for my needs.
I can spend it as I will consider necessary, but it is all I to receive when to arrive your country.
I will need to arrive in capital of yours the country and to receive this money in embassy Hungary.
All expenses, residing and livelihood both some clothes and all the rest, that to me can To be necessary for 6 months of stay in your country also I to receive from this the help program. But in capital of yours the country I will be only 2 week, when all formalities and when I to receive Money, I can go to any sity in your country and there take place my practice and I want in yours sity.
And again all it will be paid by with this program. All expenses with flight, with all expenses Travel and residing at yours the country and a food and in general all that can be necessary.
So to me very much luck. I cannot simply believe to my happiness.
Ok I hope that you will be glad for me, but I likely have bothered you with this my explanation?
And you do not consider me tiresome simply I wanted to explain all.
I hope that I have not disappointed you, and you do not vanish now.
It would be desirable to hear your opinion on it that I have written, that you think.
With this letter I to send you a card of that where basic nationalities Finno-Ugric are located.
In there live different nationalities, but the most part in these regions Finno-Ugric.
I think you waited my new photo, I hope that you not frustration that will not see With this letter a new photo, also I hope that my frank photos are not necessary to you only, I simply wanted to explain all, but in the following letter there will be new photos, promise.
I will look forward your letter and hope that I will soon see your answer.
I want to continue our dialogue, hope it will be more than friendship?)
I will wait your letter.
Your Maria

Letter 5

Hello my lovely Peter!!!!!
I am very glad to see your letter, is very glad.
I feel that I very much miss about your letters. I very much miss And when I do not see your new letters I open old and to re-read it again.
Very pleasantly your attention and me is a pity to me that you not so quickly answer.
So if you can, write to me so often as you will have a possibility. I the truth itself to sin It, that not too a prompt reply. But I ask me to understand, I now have not enough time, I very much to get tired, but I to write to you at once as I have a possibility. Now I am very occupied, Study at university, and then work, I after all should exist on any money, and except It it is a lot of efforts with all affairs with a trip. So I have not enough free time.
But I write to you at once as I have a possibility. I hope you not to take offence at me?
I would think phone the help to dialogue, but I now at present do not have phone.
It is broken, and I likely at all do not want to buy now it, soon my trip to your country Also I hope that I can buy phone from you in the country. I know phones in yours the country much more More cheaply. Would be remarkable to hear well your voice and I could explain all more well About a trip. But now there is no phone. I can not give now to you number at all that you called to me.
Now there is no possibility, and another's numbers too cannot give, I not always can answer on them.
Now for me the most simple way is dialogue email, I hope for your understanding.
At me now so it is a lot of cares that I absolutely do not have forces to deal with phone problem.
As soon as I will solve possibility phone problem, I promise.
Remarkably that you have understood all, about we wash the last letter, I have been assured that you to understand all.
It is very difficult to me to explain precisely all, a problem of languages. I cannot explain all small details.
I now do not know concrete date, still many details, still in process and I am engaged in it.
As soon as I will know precisely all the information I to you to inform. The main thing I soon will your country, And all to you to explain at our meeting. And I with impatience to wait our meeting!!!!! mmmmmmm
I hope you too my lovely? I so dream of it, you cannot simply present.
Sorry, likely I to finish this letter. I am very tired, I want to have some dream.
I want to see you in my dream! It would be wonderful, me often to dream our meeting, it is excitement.
By the way, not at once now, I to go on of birthday my the girlfriend, her name is Lena. I not so want to go.
I think that to me there it will be a little boring. There there will be one pairs and many of them are already married.
And some have children. I have got tired to be one, I want the man during my life and I am glad to our acquaintance.
I do not think that tomorrow to me it will be cheerful, after all there there will no be you!!!
But I could not give up to the girlfriend. She very much is close to me also dear!
It she did my photos. I will tell ours with her a small secret, When we only began study university, it about 5 years ago, we with her were lovers!
We were young and we would like caress and tenderness. But it proceeded not for long, about one month.
We have understood that we not lesbians. We have understood that we like men more.
But we good friends. More I there is nobody from women did not want such relations, No girl can replace the man! Likely you would like to see her photo,
But she would tell that I did not send her photo. I respect her request so do not ask.
But I can tell that she very beautiful, but now we only friends and I very much love her, as the girlfriend.
Likely it was not necessary to tell it, this secret. It would not be pleasant to my girlfriend That I tell it. So I will be about it more. It is ours with her a secret and let it will be secret.
It is glad that there was time to write to you, I very much miss and it is pleasure to write to you.
I will wait for your answer. I hope that the letter not seemed to you sad or boring.
I not boring and not tiresome, I am simply tired today. I hope you to forgive me.
Also what to deserve a pardon I to send you new my photos, you will forgive me)))
I hope, that you will like my new photos, and you will look at them again and again)))
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for you
Your Maria

Letter 6

My dearest Peter
My sexy friend, is very pleasant to hear from you again.
How are you? I'm fine. And even it is remarkable, all my documents and all is ready to a trip And already tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I leave in Moscow, for the further distribution of my practice.
I only have learned it and at once to write to you. And too has sat down for the computer in hope that I will see your letter and so it is happy that you have written to me. I feel that already I miss about you.
By and large when I read your letters my heart is to beat in the other rhythm and me from it pleasantly.
To me to become more warmly and me it is really pleasant with you to continue communicate.
Because I feel that you very good kind person with which to me very easily and pleasantly to write letters!
Birthday of the girlfriend has passed well, but it was boring, it was a pity that you not nearby.
Now at me not who is not present. And it is very difficult. I young also have Very big sexual appetite. And to have to be content toys, dildos and masturbating.
I hesitate about it a little to write, but I hope you it does not confuse.
I do not think, that I do, something unnatural. I simply want also to me it it is necessary.
I think it naturally and I should not hesitate of it. That is natural, is not ugly.
Also say to me what you would like to see my new photos.
With mine toys would like to see???
I see that our relations develop very well and we can find out about each other all.
And I want to tell you that I the very sexual girl and me a lot of sex will be necessary.
Is very not modest)))))))))))))
When I shall come in your country and we meet, you can deliver to me
It is a lot of pleasure in bed I want that you knew that a lot of sex will be necessary to me.
I am not simple so I ask. The matter is that I have no here boyfriend for many reasons.
In the first, I all the same am going to leave from Russia so not whom here not to search.
In the second, men in our country very conservative and diffident.
I very much love sex, I like all new to try, I love new poses and games and new places for sex.
I love oral sex how to take and give, I very much love oral sex, I consider that it is most best Kind of sex and the most intimate. I would like to receive cum on my face, I not when did not try it, But very much I want to try with you!!! I very much want all it with you. Here I of it have no all.
Psychology of our men very conservative, it is not admissible for them, I do not want only such sex.
It is very monotonous, I want new, at me it is a lot of ideas and I love experiments.
I want to try all poses Kamasutra, I hope you to me will help to study it, to be necessary for me partner)))???
Also I want you to ask, how you the attitudes to oral sex? We shall be engaged in it?
Only please do not think, that I such dissolute.
Simply not that I can not with myself to make, you excitation
In me such strong desire. With me it for the first time!!!!! I can not myself supervise simply!!!!!!!!!!
I count sex in the relations very important.
And I hope that is possible we we will understand that are created for each other and we will unite on a life.
I want, meet the man which is worthy my clean and sincere love.
I to send you with this letter my rather frank photo.
I have even more frank photos and you I shall send it, But only patience. I hesitate a little. If you will want it certainly. I hope you like my photos I only hope, what these photos are not seen by anybody, except for you It only for you, I would not want that my photos who or saw another.
I hope to you my photos will like, I very much want to know your opinion.
I also hopes not confusion you by my photos and you do not consider me dissolute,
If you that confuses, you only say also I any more I shall not be.
It would be glad to see a photo of yours cum on my photo, I think it to me very much it was excitation.
It only thought. It would be glad to see yours cum on my body and face!
I very much love sex, and I will tell fairly, I very much want you!!!!!
I to finish the letter now, I feel that I excitation, I should find my toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and brings heat to your heart.
Also I very much hope to see your letter already soon.
Many Hot Kiss and Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Maria

Letter 7

Hey my sexy Peter!!!!!
I am very happy to see your letter.
You very hot and the sexual man, it is visible from your letters.
I now collect things for my trip, my train in Moscow in 3 hours, and it is necessary to think and all to collect, all those things that will be necessary for me.
After all I leave not for some days, I leave for 6 months. So it is necessary to forget nothing.
It is so much many thoughts in a head and emotions, I so am glad that we soon will meet!!!
I will be in Moscow some days it is necessary to settle all formalities,and then I fly for your country, I with you will contact from Moscow. I to write to you email from Moscow from the cafe Internet, It is much cheaper than a call. At me now not so good situation with cash so I will write.
I so excitement now, I not when was not outside of Russia and I do not know as at you all It is arranged. What traditions at you, traditions as all is accepted, what prices at you.
It is much 12 000 Euro in yours the country, in Russia it is the big money, I do not know as at you.
I think this money we could spend together, these are money for my personal expenses.
All the rest payment the governmental program. So it is good money?
But about it early, this money I will have when to arrive only in your capital.
I spoke to you, I need to be in yours capital of 2 weeks and there in embassy Hungary I to receive this money. And to receive all instructions and distribution of an practice and then I to fly your city. So I want to specify all. That there were no errors and problems.
Write me precisely name your city and the closest airport to you, Simply I want to specify all that there were no errors.
Now only the thought has appeared, perhaps I can earn also additional money Dancing a striptease in your city. How you think much I can earn? I hope at you there are places Where I can earn it a striptease? But if you against I will not do it.
I would like to do for you a striptease of show and more, I am able to do private show, It is called pip show, dance in a lap, it seems at you is named.
And I assure you that I to finish you to orgazm at all without touching with you.
I do not know there will be at you an opportunity whether or not, but very much
Would be want to see you in the airport as soon as I to arrive in your capital.
I so would like to see you as soon as possible. I so am excitation by thoughts About all it, it is so much thoughts. You as represent our meeting?
I think we could have dinner a little somewhere, then take a walk a little and dialogue, And then I would want to learn you more close! I hope you understand that I have in view of?) Ready I already closely, you waits hot hard wild sex, such sex what you had no never earlier!!!
And please have no masturbating while I have not arrived, I want to have all yours cum!
Well, my girlfriend has come, I to finish the letter, she will help me to collect things.
I to contact you with all the information about we wash flight as soon as I will arrive in Moscow.
I to finish the letter you how to read this letter at once answer me and wish good luck.
It is a good sign even if I will not see your letter of the house I will see It when to arrive in Moscow and it will be very pleasant. Your attention.
And to see too it would be want your answers to this my letter.
I kisses you on all your body!!!!!!!!!!
Your Maria

Letter 8

To me so sorry Peter
I am very glad to see your letter and your kind words, thanks!!!
I think we should stop dialogue, this difficult and painful decision for me.
I do not want you to lost, you to me became very dear, but I simply do not see
Other decision. I now in Moscow to write to you from the cafe Internet, I to reach to Moscow well. But I have problem, a problem small, however if I not to solve it I cannot arrive to you.
It concerns a small amount of money and it is a shame to me To ask money from you and I of it I will not do, and consequently has solved To stop our dialogue because you can think of me incorrectly.
I tried to solve it independently, but I can not.
I think you to me will not help.
For this reason I think we should stop dialogue.
You will not be to me the help, and at all you will not listen to My explanations and you will speak about me bad words and to Accuse and to it to do to me by pain your mistrust.
I do not want to hear shout and bad words from the person to whom at me There are feelings and who to me very much dear, my heart will be broken to hear it.
I in confusion now, I very much am afraid of you to lost, to me so it is bad now.
I do not know that to me to do, but I think you not the help to me and at all you will Not listen to my explanations, I do not want that you did to me by painfully bad words.
I will look forward to hearing that you think, I nevertheless am afraid of you to lost, But as I do not want a pain from bad words. I so am upset, I so am unfortunate, You the fine kind person, we so dreamt much about that as we are happy our meeting, I think that I feel to you love, I think that between all of us could turn out.
During our correspondence I so strongly to get used to you And I so insistently would like to see you in a reality Possibly our meeting will give us a new every prospect in relations.
I want hot hard wild sex, I so strongly you I want!!!
Now all this under threat of, I so am upset, very much I likely such silly, that thought that I such happy.
I will wait for your answer.
Your silly Maria

Letter 9

Peter my lovely
I so am glad to see your letter, I am simply happy!!!
It is such happy for me that you the help to me and I to solve this problem And I am fast to arrive to you. I to return you money when I to arrive to you.
I very want you!!! Very I want as soon as possible in you embraces.
Ideas on ours sex does me wet!!!!!!!!!! Im need 180 Euro.
Here my data for western union or moneygram:

street Kirova 84 apt 15
zip code 443013
city Samara

Send it as soon as possible, than faster by that better.
Peter do not forget to write me information necessary for reception of money.
Name and surname, control number and full info, well I think you know.
I should go now, but I to wait for your letter.
I to arrive and we meeting and I so is happy.
You know, my darling, on my face tears.
But it is happiness tears, I am happy, you have made me happy.
Thanks you for it Peter
Your forever Maria



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