Scam letter(s) from Yagmur Tuna to Aron (UK)

Letter 1
Hello. I'm glad you chose me to write, and don't mind to talk to. My name is Yagmur. The most common Georgian name. I must say that I do not want to deceive the interlocutor, hiding behind false Internet nicknames. You know, many people want to look better than they really are, and to do this, choose something exotic, completely ridiculous names... I live country Georgia in a small town Borjomi. But do not think that we here backwoods. I like my city, there is a very beautiful old architecture, even a nature reserve nearby. I'm 28 years, however, many people say that I look younger. Don't know if this is true. Here you are, looking at my photo, what do you think about this? If interested, I can say that with the growth of 178 cm weigh 52 kg, with such indicators can be a model, but this prospect, to be honest, I should be sorry. Just in country Georgia this business is not very good reputation. Besides, I have a good work - I am a fitness instructor. Aerobics dealt with since childhood, I like to move under lively music. It's just great when work is a pleasure!
Boast is not in my rules, but I note that dance for me is life, not just a profession. Of course, this is hard work, and often, a clothes wet from sweat until the end of the lesson, but what a thrill to see that people learn from your example, master movement, first, then more complex, build composition. The main thing is that the work is rewarding, and this is no problem. It is easy to guess that such a tight schedule requires all the time to be in shape. So I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and do not use drugs, I don't really need it.
Sometimes it happens that during a vacation in the company of friends I allow myself a little light cocktails, and more for girls. Married never been, no children. Perhaps, will tell you later why. What I'm all about myself yeah! Please, tell us all what you think: how you live, where they work, what are fond of. I will gladly send you my photo! I hope that you will enjoy. And look forward to your letter, and your photo! I really want to look at them! Looking forward to your letter! Your new girlfriend Yagmur!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Aron! How are you? Thank you for such interesting and warm letter. You ask me why I did not of personal life here in Grusia. I wrote to you that I had no luck with guys. My story is as old as the world, this is a story of love deceived. When a man is recognized in love naive girl, but actually loves another. I thought we fit together, but how bitter I was wrong! He secretly met with my school friend, can you imagine? I used to think that this story is only possible in the novels about love or women's magazines, but, alas, this happens all the time. Of course, what has happened has made me more cautious. Now I am very selective about the people and not rush to the neck of the first comer. We have a saying: "we are All smart in hindsight", but what to do? But now I'm not trusting as before. Of course, everything must be accepted with gratitude, because it is certain experience, which, perhaps, we need to move on. I have heard about this topic, but hesitated to try something similar. And finally I went to the Internet cafe, the blessing it is close to my house. I only know how to use their e-mail, and read the news online.
I am not on social networks, because the time in the Internet cafe I have limited. Speaking frankly, I did not expect that it would be, but I really-really like. Aron, I get a lot of emotions from our fellowship, as it is unusual! I also want to ask you a number, I could try to call to you with the negotiation clause. As I don't have my mobile phone, as the use of its Grusia is dear and it is not necessary to me. With you is easy and interesting to communicate. Want to know why you decided to get acquainted through the Internet? Indeed, there are many good girls, which can be found in reality. And why you wrote it for me, because I'm not even from our country? Perhaps it for today. Write, I will answer you. Your sweet girl Yagmur.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Aron! I am pleased to call you that way: my dear. I hope you like it? I think the development of our relations allows you to do this. Today, the girls gathered to celebrate the birthday of one friend, drank some cocktails, all the fun chirped, and I thought how great it would be to see you. I really wonder what you really are.
Tell us, please, what do you imagine me? How often think about me?
Aron, I must confess that often before going to sleep I scroll in memory with you our virtual conversation in the letters. I really want to learn about you more. What was your family? What is the biggest dream of your life? Perhaps now I would like to start a serious relationship with a worthy man with whom we could have a full understanding. I think I can judge you by your letters are so much interesting information, warmth and kindness! You may smile, but I feel it, me and is very difficult to deceive. Aron, wanted you to be that person? What a pity that we are so far from each other! I sometimes think that might be a good wife to a man who cares about me and loves me. Every woman need a man, who respects and loves it.
Without it is impossible happiness. I want to meet someone who will be a good father for our children, who will take care of them. Tell me, do you like children? Would you like to start a family? How happy the woman that is confident in her life partner! The head of the family should take care of his wife and in happiness and in sorrow, something like that, as they say in the wedding vow. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then she will be able to support her husband always, especially when he needs it. And what is your family happiness? Aron, what do you think about love? I think it is very important for harmonious relations between man and woman. I want to love and to be loved. I wonder what are your views on this? My dear, unfortunately I do not have your mobile phone! I really want to talk to you on the phone, as this will be the next stage in our relations.
So I can call you from any post office, if you leave me your mobile phone number with country code. You know, I don't live in the best country and I want my children to have a better life than I have. I hope that our relations will continue, and think that you are the person I need. Waiting for your letters, dear. Sincerely yours. Yagmur
Letter 4

Hello my dear and loved Aron! Thank you very much for your kind words to me. You are very dear person to me. I am ready to give to you all my life! You cannot even imagine how happy I am that our hearts found each other. My thoughts are only about you and about our future life together. I'll give you all my heart. I want to be just with you. I love you! My dear, you know, today I decided to visit a travel Agency, in order to learn all about our meeting. I went in the beautiful tourist firm, which is respected by many people in our city. I spoke to the Manager of the company and described the whole situation. I found out what documents do I need so that I officially managed to fly to you. The Manager said that for the flight you will need a passport, tourist visa, insurance and medical examination tickets. The most important thing for me at this stage, to make a passport and a visa. Tickets I will buy only after registration of these documents. Tickets for me is to make the company where I order a passport and a visa. Preparation of the passport takes about 1.5 - 2 weeks. The cost of a passport is 170 euro. But visa are all a bit more complicated. Visa is issued about, as well as passport - 1.5-2 weeks. This is the most important document, without which I wouldn't be able to fly to you. Visa fees are listed in euro. Its price is 230 euro Also a medical examination is 75 euro. And compulsory accident insurance 65 euro. When I learned that I need 540 euro, I wanted to cry. All my dreams about our meeting immediately collapsed. I have no such big money, my love.
Aron I don't know what to do. Because my salary is 100 - 120 euro a month. As we started communication with you, I started to save money for our meeting, and now I have 450 euro. As you know that I miss 450 euro to begin the process of registration of my documents. I very much want to be with you! You are the most dear and beloved man for me!
You're all my life. You're the air that I breathe every day. I was walking down the street and thought only of you. I wanted faster to write you a letter. Now I sit, and from my eyes are full of tears.
Tears of sadness and grief. I don't want to live without you. Because without your presence in my life right now there is no sense! Aron I have only one hope is your help, my love . I believe that money is quite nonprincipal in our lives. The most important thing that we have found each other and we are happy. We love each other and there is nothing more important in this life! But now to meet, we need this amount of money. My love , you are ready to help in our meeting, this sum of money? Our future depends on it. I'm fully confident in you. I know that you will help in any situation. You'll never leave me! You are my guardian angel, which I was sent by God. You are my life.
Without you no reason to live! I want to feel the warmth of your lips, to hold you and feel your strong hands. I know that you're the kind and honest man. I see how you are going through, I see you really want to be with me and it is very important to me. I found her only love in you . Now to me, a day without you is ****.
And your letters for me, it's the sun that comes to see me every day.
I love you my dear ! I thank God for the fact that it allowed us to meet. Aron please, answer me as soon as you will have the possibility.
Million kisses for you. Your favorite!!!! I'm sure there will barrier these 450 euro - 500 usd, and you will be able to help our meeting.
Hide original message Yagmur!!!!!
Letter 5
I will never forget. If I had the opportunity I would pay for my trip to you. Probably, with you when I come in search of me a little that I can give you to help me. Also today I went on a journey agent to learn about the money transfers. The travel agent said who does not accept payment, Bank transfer of money to the account from violence. They accept payments only from the travel organization in groups. Thus, money to pay documents wash me, and you want cash. He said, in our city there is the company western union, which is engaged in remittances from other countries. Today I also joined Bank to find out information about the payment companies. The company said that they have been engaged for many years in the form of remittances, and to do it safely and quickly. This is necessary to fall western union office holdings in the city, to send money. Also, the data will be You need to get: my name and surname, as well as the country where I live.
These data: First Name - YAGMUR,
Last Name - TUNA,
my country - GEORGIA.
my city - BORJOMI.
My address is : BORJOMI Address: ul. Kostava house 31 flats 18 But all the data that will be necessary for You in the company western union. After the transfer, the company will give you confidential the code that you should tell me. Here all information that I have informed western union, I never still used by the company, but I I think the best option to use the services of this The company , as it is very easy, fast and safe. For the company , and may learn more detailed information on their official the web site, the site can be found office at the place of residence. I am very a lot of desire to be with you in the near future in the present time and in full Sure, and that nothing can separate us. I want you know that in this huge world there is a girl, she likes and heart belongs to you. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. With love, your Yagmur. P.S My dear , please let me know how soon you will be able to visit the company western union to send money??? It would be necessary for Dear to me that I could release this day with everything and travel agencies visit in order to pay for the visa. My dear, please answer me howl question, it is very it is important for me. I hope you understand me. I am very very much love you!!!
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