Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to Mario (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello my soul!
My life!!! I am grateful to destiny that she has allowed us to find each other!!!
The god has specified to us a way and we go on this way.
I am glad to read your mail, your letters do me more happily.
I very quickly get used to people and you for me already much more than simply familiar!
Tell little bit more in detail about itself, about the parents, friends.
Tell to me about the interests how you like to spend time?
I am happy to acquaintance to you and I am interested with your life and your interests!
Forgive that I set to you these questions, I like you! I want to find out you well.
You also can ask me any questions and I shall necessarily answer you.
I in my life have devoted the long period to the education and now my ideas are devoted to my future! My private life!
I now dream of a small and cosy small house behind city, or even in city, but the small house should be necessarily cosy.
I want children!!! I many times imagined as perfectly to have children, Cheerful and cheerful!!!
My girlfriend from which I now write you this letter have given birth to three and she speaks me that I did not hurry up.
But I disagree with it. In fact we are given birth to give a life to to children!
I live to make only this world better!!!
You want children? I very much want! But I want to provide completely children and I want that they never had lack of!!!
When I the child my mum could not provide me with necessary things.
I wish children of happier and safe life.
Now I rent this room almost two years and very much I hope to replace a residence.
My parents live nearby in a small small town, but there I could not find work and consequently I live a room in Kazan My parents live in Savino. It is small small town on our surburb republic.
My mum has worked all life at school the teacher of the literature, And I have decided to go on its stops.
Now my mum on pension, but continues to teach the literature.
The given letter can turn out very long and about myself I shall write more in detail in the subsequent letters.
I would like to speak with you by means of Yahoo or any other programs, but PC my girlfriend does not allow it.
She uses PC for work and allows me to check my mail only.
If I would have the PC I have tried to do Yahoo,- but I have no PC.
I like to receive from you long and substantial letters.
I would like to talk about our attitudes I want to learn you better!!!
I feel that you true the man, you to me very much, very much like.
In the letters I am very frank and I wait for reciprocity...
I hope We are waited with very long friendship!!!
If you have desire that we can see each other...
I love spring!!! Spring my most favourite season!
I want that these photos always were near to you!!!
I hope for your prompt reply.
I shall wait with impatience for the your letter,
and the 1000 Usd that i have asked you for the trip, so we could live together finally for the whole life.
Love forever your Tatyana.
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