Scam letter(s) from Rita Asare to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
I am a simple woman, attractive, intelligent, honest who enjoys the simple pleasures in life as well as the special ones. I am kind, warm-heated, and appreciate my partner. I have a sense of humor and enjoy food, sport and the outdoors. I have a zest for life, and I am always ready to explore new worlds, people and cultures. I am a very passionate, tactile and affectionate person; I want the man I am with feel loved and appreciated. ....I am looking for a man who can be the love of my life. Someone who is happy and has a passion for life. Someone who can hug me so sweet that the rest of the world will disappear. I am looking for a true partner, someone with a strong independent personality. A friend of mine has found love of his life exactly here, on this site! I believe that I will be lucky, as well. I hope that here I will find a man, my man, with whom I will build a strong harmony of two souls - a woman's soul and a man's soul. Everything is my hands, in the hands of a caring woman. Do you agree with me
Letter 2
i only have watsap but i will try and get that App very soon whats your name there
Letter 3
hello how are you doing today can you pls send me some pic of you and send me your hangout name
Letter 4

Hello Dear thank you very much for the pic i will love to chat with you on skype so that you can see me on cam that is the only way you can see am for reall pls Get skype so that we can chat more
Letter 5
Hello Dear thanks for your mail i use HTC cellphone i have watsap maybe i can stil Get skype on but i will be very happy when we Get on skype or where we can see each other face i want is Reall man to be with not just chating with some one that you cant even see his or her face pls try very Heard to get the skype or watsap take care Dear have a nice Day
Letter 6
Oky Dear u just send me your cell phone number I will be calling you just to hear your voice hope you Good
Letter 7
okay thank you Dear am new to this online things so you need to leeme
know if am wrong some where? hope your Day is going on well with you
Letter 8
nop am not on oovoo but we can vidoe chat on skype
Letter 9
Hello Dear how do you do i hope you Good hope Sunday can you pls send me your cellphone number i will call you when am on hangout
Letter 10
How do you do long time i now have the cellphone maybe we can chat on hangout tonite my time am now going to download the Apps hope you have eating by now i just wanna know how you Doing no work for you today or is not Yet time
Letter 11
wow you didnt tell me thatt what do you do in Life
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